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Tidbits, part 7 – Natural Healing News in Bits and Pieces

A lot of what we think is normal, isn’t!

White Bread!

 Natrural News        

It’s pretty much all we’re eating nowadays so we might as well get to know it!  After World War II, bakeries started using chemicals, additives, bleaches and preservatives in bread-making. It was discovered that flour could be made soooo much whiter by bleaching it.  The bleaching agent currently used is Alloxan, which actually causes diabetes–I kid you not!  Oxidizers are added–nitrogen dioxide and azocarbonamide.  Germany banned these oxidizers 40 years ago!  Ya know…when you have to look to Germany for moral direction…you’ve really gone off the rails.  

Chemical dough conditioners are added to keep the bread soft and fresh for a long, long time!  To make the bread fluffy, mono-and diglycerides are added.  No one knows the effects that these chemicals have on people! 

Also added to bread dough are salt, sugar, skim milk powder, yeast, enzyme-activator, sulfate, chloride and bromate chemicals.  No scientific study has ever been done on the effects of these things on the human body! 

The average person eats 100 pounds of this “bread” a year.  You can probably include related items such as hamburger buns, hotdog buns, and all the myriad things made out of white flour which are too numerous to count–pasta, commercial cereal, cake, pie, biscuits, muffins, cookies, crackers, cream of wheat, donuts, pizza, etc. and I have to add white rice to this discussion too!  White rice has suffered the same fate.  Real rice is brown.  There is no fiber in these “foods”!  The “nutrition” that’s added after-the-fact is all out of balance and incomplete!

If you’re suffering with a chronic disease or condition of any sort, this “food” is most likely the reason why!  Stop eating it!  If your kids can’t concentrate in school and their behavior is off the wall, this “food” is probably the reason why!  Stop letting them have it!  Give them the real thing instead, it actually tastes better, see below:


lewis-sep13-image002  lewis-sep13-image003

lewis-sep13-image004  lewis-sep13-image005


The all-American sandwich has become a mainstay of most people’s lives!  Sandwiches tend to look something like this:


Really pathetic.  There is no fiber here and very little nutrition at all!  Here is the sandwich I made for myself last night:


Here are the ingredients:  pumpernickle bread freshly made at Whole Foods Market, mayonnaise (organic), onions, raw milk cheddar cheese, lettuce, baby greens and as you can see, a ton of cherry tomatoes!  Here is an easy way to add baby greens to sandwiches and other things like pizza, etc.: Buy baby greens which come prewashed in these containers:


You just have to grab a handful and throw it on your sandwich–it’s that easy!  In other words, when you grab a snack for yourself, try to make it count by adding stuff!  Ask yourself, “What can I add to this snack to make it more nutritious, more healthful?”  For instance, you can have a slice of pizza, or you can have a slice of pizza with a handful of baby greens on the side–it makes all the difference!  And you don’t even taste them, they have no taste at all!

Antibiotic Paradoxes

They kill bacteria but they also foster the growth of bad bacteria!

They’re used in times of inadequate immune response, yet they undermine the immune system!

They are frequently inappropriate, yet they are never discouraged!


Alexander Fleming, who discovered penicillin, warned about the over-use of antibiotics leading to antibiotic-resistant bacteria.  Bacteria multiply so rapidly, they evolve many generations in just hours!  Before you know it, they’ve adapted to the antibiotic and it no longer works!  Research money is poured into constantly upgrading antibiotics meaning less money is available for real alternatives that might involve boosting the immune system to better fight off invaders.  Let me give you an example of this which appropriately comes from this month’s editorial by Alan Schmukler:

“A 2004 study done in the Netherlands, treated this condition [bacterial C. difficile infection] with whey protein concentrate from the milk of cows that had been immunized with C. difficile. In all but one case, C. difficile toxins disappeared from the patients’ faeces after the treatment. During follow-ups for up to one year, none of the patients suffered any recurrence of C. difficile diarrhoea.  That was 9 years ago, yet doctors in the U.S. are still using antibiotics to treat C. difficile.”

Antibiotics kill off the natural enemies of harmful bacteria.  Most people don’t realize that not all bacteria are bad.  Most are friendly and do us the service of keeping bad bacteria in check.  Antibiotics upset this balance and the bad bacteria take over and have a holiday!

It is no accident that the most allergic generation in history has been raised on antibiotics!  I for one would like, for just once, to meet a child who is not allergic and doesn’t have asthma!  Antibiotics are also contributing to recurrent otitis media.  (https://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2008/01/02/ear-infection-part-two.aspx)

Pasteur, the father of microbiology, lamented at the time of his death, “The terrain is all, the germ is nothing!”  In other words, the health of the host is more important than the killing of the germ!  However, apparently no one heard him say that… because killing germs is all we do!  Ironically, the obsession with germs is causing more and more lethal germs to proliferate!  Look no further than what should be the safest place in the world–the hospital!  100,000 Americans die each year from hospital-acquired infections, according to CNN. (http://globalpublicsquare.blogs.cnn.com/2012/03/16/zakaria-every-year-100k-americans-die-from-hospital-acquired-infections/)  This means you went into the hospital for some reason, picked up an antibiotic-resistant infection there, and died.  Well great, that’s just great! 

Antibiotic Myths

1.  They are great for colds and flus.

Answer:  No they’re not!  Colds and flus are caused by viruses.  Antibiotics have no effect on viruses at all.

2.  It can’t hurt to take an antibiotic “just to be on the safe side”.

Answer:  There is nothing “safe” about antibiotics!  The side effects of the antibiotic Keflex alone include:  rashes, diarrhea, joint pains, dizziness, agitation, confusion, anemia, bleeding, bruising, nausea, vomiting, muscle pains, abdominal cramping…and to have your whole intestinal flora wiped out–just to be on the safe side????  No.  Not such a great idea.

3.  Antibiotics always work!

Answer:  No again.  In fact what I’ve seen is frequent relapsing and the never-ending need for repetitions and renewed prescriptions.  The truth is, antibiotics are losing their punch due to over-prescribing and the fostering of resistant bacteria.


According to CBS news, April 11, 2013, rates of antibiotic use are “skyrocketing”!  Four out of five Americans are prescribed antibiotics on a yearly basis!  The article says:  “There is no scientific consensus on an appropriate level of antibiotic prescribing. But some experts said the new study’s results are disturbing, and that rates are probably excessive….” )

Did you know that homeopathic remedies do the work of antibiotics?  That’s what acute prescribing is all about!  Get yourself an acute prescribing book, like this one


And an emergency kit, like this one


And stop poisoning yourself!

Fever Phobia


Would you people please stop giving your children (and yourselves) Tylenol and other drugs for fever?  You have no idea what harm you could be causing!  A fever is not a disease!  It’s your body’s RESPONSE to a disease, it is NOT the disease itself!  So when you bring a fever down artificially with drugs, you are actually doing NOTHING to treat what’s wrong with your child (or you)!  And on top of doing nothing, you are actually limiting your body’s capacity to fight off the illness because… that’s what the fever was doing!!!!! 

The increase in temperature causes the number of white blood cells to increase.  They flood the blood stream in pursuit of invaders.  Bacteria and viruses can’t reproduce in such an overheated, inhospitable environment.

Did you know that really healthy children get high fevers?  That’s because the higher the fever, the faster the illness is going to be over!  If your child is healthy, he can put out a really strong fever!  Simply stated: germs can’t survive in all that heat!  The lower the fever, the longer the recovery time.  You’re not doing anyone any favors by bringing down the fever!  But I know parents can’t bear to stand around doing nothing; so, do something useful and give the appropriate homeopathic remedy!  You would be surprised how many “homeopaths” are among the first ones rushing in with Children’s Tylenol! 

Post-viral syndrome should be more aptly called “Post-stopping-the-fever-with-drugs-Syndrome”!  It can consist of almost anything from minor annoying viral symptoms that hang on for weeks to some very weird and debilitating syndromes like chronic fatigue syndrome, muscle aches, headaches and even nervous system disorders.  It can be very dangerous to stop a fever.  Try to restrain yourselves!

Bye for now, see you again next time!!!


Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.


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Elaine Lewis

Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.
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  • Elaine, your article was an eye opener. Antibiotics kill the bacteria, good ones as well as the bad ones. I being from India, a great adorer of Mahatma Gandhi, who followed the path of Ahimsa( meaning not to harm anyone) . Homeopathy reinforces the fact of not harming anything in the world, do not increase your power by killing someone, but rather increase your inward power and you are the ruler.
    Also fever is a body’s regulatory system to drive away the bad bacteria from the body, just like we take boiled water when we are sick. Therefore, fevers should not be suppressed with antibiotics.
    Well said Elaine, I liked your article to the core.

  • i’m a homoeopath. but not doing any med. practice currently. the article about fever phobia is so true.even i fear when my baby suffers from fever. Reading this article i gain in confidence. and please discuss more on this subject, likely suggest homoeo remedies too.

  • Children often get Belladonna fevers. These are fevers that come on suddenly, very high, dry heat that you can feel from a distance, and often the parent feels the situation is urgent and he must act NOW! When you see this image, give Belladonna 30C. Also, often the heat is in the head and torso but the feet are cold. That’s another indication for Belladonna. The hands might be cold too. If the feet are hot, you can think more of Sulphur. Also, I would suggest buying an acute prescribing book for such times.

  • Antibiotics are ineffective against the micro-organizams who go to sleep i.e. who stop their metabolisam for a while!!! You must observe the fact that God is not just God to us but he is God to all these unicellular creatures also! He has given them powers to survive most lethal attack! The person dependant on antibiotics can be compared with somebody who appears in battle ground where innumerable swords and arrows are flying… by wearing just a thin silk overcoat; he shall find himself abolished in no time! You must rely on armour that is given to you by God and that is your own immune system.

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