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Tidbits Part 9 — DIABETES

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Written by Elaine Lewis

With so many diabetics in the world now, it’s impossible to ignore this disease!

What Is It?

I won’t waste your time with a lot of fancy definitions.  Suffice it to say, it’s a junk food disease; meaning, it’s the inevitable result of eating foods most of us consider normal; and by that I mean processed foods and, in general, SWEETS and CARBS!  (Though I hasten to add that diabetes is a side effect of many drugs, chief among them the cholesterol-lowering drugs; so, be sure to check the side effects of all the drugs you’re on, which you can easily do by going to www.drugs.com; and P.S., even if you don’t see the word “diabetes” listed under the side-effects, you may see all the signs of diabetes listed such as increased thirst, increased appetite, weight-gain, unexplained weight loss, increased urination, etc.)

The staple food of the western world, believe it or not, is white flour–which isn’t even a food, as it exists nowhere in nature; and yet, we can’t seem to eat a single meal without it!  Some complain that even Whole Wheat flour isn’t ideal due to the processing needed to make it edible–grinding, baking, etc.; but, at least whole wheat actually exists.  White flour exists only in a chemistry lab.  All the nutrition and fiber have been removed from it for the sake of a long shelf-life in the stores–it can’t go bad because there’s nothing in it, and when you eat it, it turns to sugar as soon as it hits your stomach, spiking your blood sugar levels, causing your pancreas to flood your blood stream with insulin.  Think of it this way: a big plate of spaghetti, which we’re all accustomed to eating, is really a big plate of sugar!  Same for a plate of ravioli, macaroni and cheese, etc., UNLESS you’re buying whole grain pasta and making it yourself!  But how many of us are actually doing that?

Insulin is like the “escort” that sugar molecules use to get into your cells.  You remember when liquor was banned in the United States in the 1920’s?  They called it “Prohibition”.  Mobster, Al Capone, became famous for supplying liquor during Prohibition.

Al Capone

If you wanted to get into a “speakeasy” (a place that sold illegal liquor during Prohibition), you had to say, “Joe sent me.”

joe sent me 5

Insulin is like “Joe”, it gets you in, and since your cells need sugar for energy, it’s really important that “Joe” gets in!

The problem is, with our diet of mostly nothing but sweets and white flour products like white bread, pizza crust, cookie dough, pie crust, rolls, hamburger buns, biscuits and pasta, “Joe” is ringing the doorbell on our behalf constantly and becoming a pest!  Your cells are complaining, “It’s Joe again!  Why is he always here?”  

“Just don’t answer the bell,” they decide, “and maybe he’ll go away!”  And with that, your cells disconnect the doorbell!  This is the real cause of diabetes — “Insulin Resistance”!  The cells don’t hear “Joe” ringing anymore!  He’s worn out his welcome!  There’s no place now for the excess sugar molecules in your bloodstream to go, the blood sugar starts piling up, getting higher and higher, and then symptoms break out like the ones we’re all too familiar with– excessive thirst, excessive appetite, frequent urination, weight gain and ultimately, weight loss; but, before this stage sets in, there’s the first stage, the warning stage, called…

Low Blood Sugar

It goes like this: You eat the average American breakfast–coffee and a donut or a Danish pastry–either way, it’s nothing but sugar and white flour–and in short order, insulin is triggered and clears all the sugar out of the bloodstream, and now there’s an emergency!  What’s the emergency?  The emergency is that there HAS to be sugar in the bloodstream!!!!  Your blood sugar has to be at a constant, between 80 and 110 at all times, or else all kinds of horrifying symptoms break loose–migraines, dizziness, dullness, inability to focus, read or concentrate, depression, irregular heartbeat, insomnia, apathy, anxiety, phobias, mood disorders, panic attacks, even fainting; no one realizes it’s the food that’s causing this!

People start going to doctors saying, “I’m depressed,” or, “I have insomnia,” or “my heart is skipping beats” and wind up with prescriptions for things which are totally inappropriate and ultimately just compound the problem!  With the blood sugar now too low on a daily up and down basis, the person is compelled to “grab something fast”!  The easiest thing is some processed food that needs no preparation, like a candy bar or another donut, meaning MORE sugar is coming in!  More sugar, more insulin, and another drop in blood sugar!  The cycle continues until “insulin resistance” sets in, and now you’re diabetic!

Of course, it’s the liver’s job to keep this drop in blood sugar from happening!

The Role of the Liver

When your blood sugar drops, the liver activates a hormone called IGF which puts stored sugar, called glycogen, back into the blood stream.  Now, here’s a problem.  If you’re low on potassium, and most of us are (because you get potassium from eating fruit and VEGETABLES), you can’t store sugar!  You have no stored sugar for the liver to release!  Let me repeat that.  If you’re low in potassium, you can’t store sugar!  For every sugar molecule, you need a potassium molecule!  With low levels of potassium, the person starts craving food, he can’t control his appetite!  Why? Because he can’t store sugar!  I don’t know how many people have said to me, “I’m craving sweets!”  Maybe now we can understand why: no one is eating enough vegetables!  You need about 4,700 mg. a day of potassium!  A banana, which people falsely view as the very embodiment of potassium, contains only 400 mg.!  The high potassium foods include, first and foremost, Kale!  Then there’s collard greens, spinach, beets, Swiss chard, bananas, oranges, almonds, tomatoes, apricots, broccoli, avocados, mushrooms, blueberries, and more.

Note that our number-one food that we should be eating to stave-off diabetes is…..KALE!!!!! 


This is your main food for potassium, the highest potassium levels are in KALE!   I just had it for dinner tonight–along with chicken and brown rice.  Here’s how you cook the Kale.  You cut out the stems (you can simply pull the leaves away from the stems; the stems are very thick and I doubt that they would be enjoyable to eat).  I added some chopped garlic, two capfuls of olive oil and some sesame seeds.  You have to add something to it because just plain kale probably tastes bitter.  Well, it must have been good because even Shana ate it, and she hates everything!

Hi Shana!

If you don’t have the potassium to store sugar, it gets converted to fat!  So if you don’t eat enough vegetables, you gain weight!  (I can hear a lot of people now saying, “Oh!  So that’s what’s happening to me!”)

So, remember, when your potassium levels are adequate, you stop craving sugar!  Another thing that kale and other high-potassium vegetables do is increase growth hormone!  Why is that important?  Growth hormone supports the liver, it supports IGF which normalizes blood sugar levels; growth hormone burns fat, protects your protein from breaking down into sugar and used as fuel!  You don’t want your protein being used as fuel, we’re talking about your cartilage and collagen–the stuff that holds your body together and keeps your chin from sagging, your muscles from becoming flabby, etc.; so, it all comes back to potassium!  And where do we get potassium from again????  Vegetables!!!!  Fruit and vegetables!

So now you really have to put some thought into what you’re eating!  Let me give you an example.  For lunch, you might ordinarily have…God only knows what!  A ham and cheese sandwich, maybe; but, with knowing what you know now, you would probably substitute whole wheat bread, or multi-grain bread, for the white bread you usually use, and throw in a big handful of baby greens like the ones below!  Do you ever see these containers in your supermarket?

super greens


These are “super” greens–baby kale, baby spinach, chard, etc.  It’s so easy to grab a handful of these and make a salad, throw them in a stir-fry with mushrooms, onions and brown rice–yes, BROWN rice, white rice means just more sugar!


Throw them in your sandwich or in an omelet with raw-milk cheese and tomatoes…they’re so easy to work with!   You can even throw a handful into your smoothie or health milkshake in the morning.  For details on making the health milkshake (“smoothie”), see “Tidbits part-8, Convalescence”: https://hpathy.com/homeopathy-papers/tidbits-part-8-convalescence/.  Any chance you get to add greens to a meal or snack, do it!  And I’ll tell you what I’ve been doing lately:  Whatever I’m eating–and let’s say it’s a tuna fish sandwich–I’ll take a handful of greens and put them next to the sandwich.  For every bite of the sandwich I take, I pick up a few greens and stuff them in my mouth; and here’s the thing about baby greens, they have no taste!  This is why you can add them to just about anything, and imagine the potassium you’re getting!  

Food that you can easily get rid of because it’s just “fun food” like cookies and potato chips?  Get rid of it!!!!  For example, years ago, for a midnight snack, I might have had a piece of apple pie or a dish of ice cream.  Now I’ll have, like I had last night, a chicken salad with a handful of baby greens, some tomatoes with a slice of raw-milk cheese on the side–see below.

tuna salad 2

And it was really filling!  What these snacks have in common is–nothing processed and nothing made of flour!!!!  There is nothing here to spike your blood sugar levels but there is plenty of potassium!  

You simply MUST cut back on flour or you won’t be able to defeat diabetes!  Think for a minute of all the things that are made of flour, I’ll get you started: commercial cereal, cookies, crackers, pasta, bread, cake, rolls, biscuits, buns, donuts, pastry–all this stuff turns to sugar in your stomach, and what causes diabetes?  Sugar!

I know that some of you are already breathing a sigh of relief thinking that you will simply replace your precious white sugar with “sugar substitute” and all will be well!  Let me assure you that all will not be well!  Artificial sweetener is so toxic that the FDA — an agency that never met a chemical it didn’t like — actually voted down the artificial sweetener, Aspartame, because of how toxic it was!  When President Reagan got wind of this, he replaced the head of the FDA so that he could over-ride the FDA’s vote!  Right after that, the doctor resigned his post as head of the FDA and went to work for the processed food industry!  Corruption, anyone?  That’s why we have artificial sweeteners!

Be warned: stay away from anything that has the word “DIET” on the label!  “Diet Coke”, “Diet Pepsi”, and so on.

And of course, start reading the labels on food.  There is hidden sugar and salt in ALL processed food!  Get to know all the sugar “relatives”, like:  High Fructose Corn Syrup, honey, brown sugar, dextrose, corn syrup, fructose–all sugar!

Dr. Jay Wortman

Dr. Jay

Dr. Wortman was an ordinary doctor until one day he noticed symptoms he knew only too well because he had seen them many times in others–excessive thirst, frequent urination, etc.  He got checked and was shocked to find that he had diabetes!  He knew he had to start oral anti-diabetic drug therapy but he wanted to research which drugs were the best.  He decided to stop eating carbs (sugar, flour), hoping it would buy him some time while he did his research.  The surprise was that after just a few days of stopping carbs, all his symptoms went away!  He was shocked because he had never been taught in medical school that this could happen!  He continued eating in this way.  He never told his wife because she was a worrier; but she couldn’t help noticing at the dinner table that he was not eating his starchy food!  He told her he had been diagnosed with diabetes, and told her what he was eating!  “Oh, you’re doing the Atkins Diet!” she exclaimed.  “The what?” he said.

Dr. Wortman is now fine.  He continues to eat just protein, fat and vegetables and he no longer has diabetes.  Now, I know somebody’s going to say, “Isn’t fat bad for you?”  Maybe some fats are, especially the fake fats like margarine; but animal fat from non-factory-farm animals is not bad for you; in fact, fat makes you feel full.  If you don’t feel full after you eat, you’re going to binge on sweets and carbs, which are addictive and at the root of most of our health problems, not fat!  Dr. Wortman was afraid to see his blood test results after all the fat he had been eating; he knew it helped his diabetes, but, he was sure he’d be paying a price for it with his cholesterol.  He was wrong!  All his numbers were within the normal range!   Please watch his story below (“How to Cure Type 2 Diabetes”):

What do the oral anti-diabetic drugs do?  They combat insulin resistance by giving “Joe” a door-knocker!  The cells can no longer ignore “Joe”, even though he keeps knocking and continues to be a pest!

Diabetics aren’t told that the whole thing is easily corrected, they only have to stop all processed food and grains, cook from scratch, eat plenty of salads and greens, organic meat, fish and cheese; but no; instead, they’re told to eat whatever they want and either take their insulin shots or their Metformin and stay on it for the rest of their lives!  Indeed, they are told this is an incurable disease!

Totally irresponsibly, patients are misled about diabetes for the sake of drug sales and repeat office visits!  If you understand this, you understand virtually all medical prescriptions for almost every disease.  They bypass the real issue that has to be dealt with, usually diet!  Our bodies are not designed to consume 150 pounds of sugar a year.  But, the drug companies can’t make any money by telling you that, what’s the value in that to them?  And when the doctor tells you that diabetes is incurable, it means you have to come back to him repeatedly for your prescription to be renewed!  That’s a guaranteed income!  Wouldn’t you like to get in on this?

Here’s what they don’t tell you, or don’t know: most diseases are about what you’re eating or “taking”.

Oral Anti-Diabetes Drugs

Instead of telling you that you only need to change your diet, here’s what they want to put you on and subject you to.  Note that they’re warning you that this drug can kill you:

Metformin side effects –

This medication may cause lactic acidosis (a build-up of lactic acid in the body, which can be fatal). Lactic acidosis can start slowly and get worse over time. Get emergency medical help if you have even mild symptoms of lactic acidosis, such as:

  1. muscle pain or weakness;
  2. numb or cold feeling in your arms and legs;
  3. trouble breathing;
  4. feeling dizzy, light-headed, tired, or very weak;
  5. stomach pain, nausea with vomiting; or
  6. slow or uneven heart rate.

Call your doctor at once if you have any other serious side effect such as:

  1. feeling short of breath, even with mild exertion;
  2. swelling or rapid weight gain; or
  3. fever, chills, body aches, flu symptoms.

Less serious metformin side effects may include:

  1. headache or muscle pain;
  2. weakness; or
  3. mild nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, gas, stomach pain.  ___________

Raw For 30 Days

I have always said that raw food is the default cure for all disease–raw food and raw juices (buy a juicer!!!!)  Please watch this inspiring video about a group of diabetics–two of whom were Type-1– who went to Dr. Gabriel Cousens’ medical retreat in Arizona and cured themselves of diabetes in one month using raw food and raw juices only!  They were all in really bad shape when they arrived and all on medications!  The name of the video is:

“Simply Raw – Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days”, click below:

See you again next time!


Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.

Elaine takes online cases! Write to her at [email protected]

Visit her website: elaineLewis.hpathy.com

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Elaine Lewis

Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.
Elaine is a passionate homeopath, helping people offline as well as online. Contact her at [email protected]
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  • Well, you know, we have homeopathic potassium already! Kali carb, Kali phos, Kali mur, and so on, they’re all potassium remedies, all the Kali’s. But geez, can’t you just eat the kale? It’s very good for you…. I had kale for dinner tonight–again.

  • Elaine, of course, I eat around 1 Kg of low carb (leafy) vegetables per day, but I am still struggling with my Diabetes. 6X would be 6 times more powerful!

  • “Note that they’re warning you that this drug can actually kill you”
    So will homeopathic medicines! Lets be fair. Homeopathic aggravation can kill a person, and bring back old diseases. If the vital force of the patient is not strong enough, he could be killed. Of course you could argue that Hahnemann in his 6th Organon has developed the LM potencies, its much safer, etc. Granted, but this does not mean that even LM potencies cannot cause aggravations and are potentially lethal. Ok, you may argue that we have the aggravation zapper, etc, but so does modern medicine have its own ways to deal with side effects. Well you could argue that you have not seen even one person die due to homeopathic aggravation, but I am yet to see someone dies from lactic acidosis among the large number of metformin users I have seen! In all fairness, homeopathic medicines should also contain disclaimer that it may cause death. At least modern medicine acknowledges the side effects. We should reflect upon ourselves and honestly tell the public the truth of the potential dangers of Homeopathic remedies.

    • Anything that is abused and used carelessly or inappropriately can be harmful. But allopathic drugs are deadly when properly prescribed and properly taken. They are deadly under normal circumstances. A study reported some years ago in JAMA arrived at this conclusion and stated that allopathic drugs are the 3rd leading cause of death in America. Your statement comparing the safety of homeopathic remedies to allopathic drugs was uninformed.

      • Thanks. Alan, they have made such a study and are honest about it. Have we? Sweeping statements are all that we got?

  • I agree with Alan; plus, have you noticed that this is an article about food and not about homeopathic remedies? Diabetes is a disease that is caused by food and should be cured by food, not drugs with a long list of side-effects. You say you have yet to see someone die from lactic acidosis. I just heard from someone whose mother is currently suffering the side effects of Metformin, chief among them, muscle weakness; so, you don’t have to actually die of something before it becomes a big problem for you.

  • Elaine, I was responding to your statement of side effects of modern drugs. I know a person who still is suffering from a homeopathic aggravation after 20 years. He is controlling it by allopathic medicines. So we need also disclaimers on Homeopathic medicines. People should not think that they are safe to be taken as they please. One cannot 100% guarantee how the vital force will react.

  • Dadiyan, it’s like a car. Cars aren’t dangerous by themselves; the problem comes when the driver is unlicensed and uneducated about the rules of the road. Unfortunately, a lot of so-called homeopaths fall into this catagory. They haven’t graduated from an actual school of homeopathy, they haven’t read the Organon, they’re prescribing remedies the way allopaths prescribe drugs–Hahnemann calls these people “brash beginners”. And I don’t like it anymore than you do. But the remedies themselves are safe when prescribed correctly. What Alan was trying to tell you was, drugs cause harm, even when correctly prescribed! But yes, you’re right, people are in love with the high potencies and have no method of antidoting, and even think that aggravations are good and shouldn’t be antidoted! If you will read my Questions Patients Ask-12 in the next issue, you will see that I speak out forcefully against reckless prescribing.

  • My favourite way to eat Kale is to strip the leaves and spread them out on a baking tray and put in the oven for about 8 mins . You have to keep checking it hasn’t burnt!! Sprinkle with sea salt – delicious and crispy!!!

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