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Toothache – III

Written by Elaine Lewis

Once again, attacked by dentistry!

With any luck, I’ll soon have enough toothache material for a Broadway show starring Joan Rivers and Miss Piggy!

Actually, we can thank Barb for this, because I believe it was Barb who said, “You idiot!  You’re still seeing the same dentist?!  Are you crazy?” and I sensed that Barb was trying to tell me something so I changed dentists and I went in to be X-rayed, and the very next morning, I woke up with a toothache!  

I kid you not!  It was an infection over my first premolar on the upper left side and I couldn’t bite down, and all I could think was, “Is every dental office in the city contaminated?!”

Obviously, the answer is YES!!!!

Well….What am I supposed to do now?  Don’t think that just because we’re homeopaths that we don’t get scared!  My confidence level drops to zero when I get a toothache!  I thought and I thought. What did I take the last time?  I remembered when Causticum saved me from another horrible infection that was on the Upper Left Side about 2 years ago, so I decided to try Causticum.


I couldn’t believe it!  I took one dose of Causticum 200C and three hours later I was eating breakfast with no sign of an infection at all, and I never needed to repeat it, there was never a recurrence, which suggests that it really was caused by the dental office–meaning, of recent origin–not a chronic state or the results would not have been so swift and final!  Amazing!  This inevitably would have been a case for antibiotics and all the suffering and expense that goes with it; such suffering that I can’t even take antibiotics anymore, they cause such digestive distress—the days of Penicillin are over, folks!  I tried to take Penicillin two years ago for an infection and it did nothing!  “No wonder it’s so cheap,” I thought.  “$4 a bottle!?  No way!!!!”  I then paid $100.00 a bottle for Amoxicillin, which immediately gave me a stomach ache, so that was the end of that, and luckily, after studying the Teeth and Mouth chapters in the Repertory, I came up with Nitric acid, which worked in 20 minutes, and that was the most serious dental infection I ever had, the whole left side of the roof of my mouth was swollen with an abscess, and the Repertory rubric I used, in case anybody’s wondering, was: Mouth, swelling, gums, gums between cheeks and teeth—nitricum acidum, the only remedy—that made it easy!  Of course, finding the rubric wasn’t easy.  I had probably already tried Mercurius, Silica, Hepar sulph., etc., to no avail.

But our story does not end here, ladies and gentlemen, because a week ago I was brushing my teeth, minding my own business as usual, and said, “Whoa!  Wait a minute, something’s wrong here!”  The upper right distal molar was in pain from tooth-brushing, and once again I was faced with the necessity of finding a remedy to nip this impending disaster in the bud!  But what could it be now?  I faintly recollected having used Pyrogen for the Upper Right Side the last time I had an infection there, so…Pyrogen it was, and, once again, unbelievably:



It was absolutely the right remedy; actually, I do remember having started with Hepar sulph. but, it didn’t work.

So once again, I’m back out on the street.  Look out world, here I come!


Elaine Lewis, DHom, CHom

https://Elaine Lewis.hpathy.com 

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Elaine Lewis

Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.
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