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Treating Hay Fever Successfully With Homeopathy

I asked him a bit about his health in general and he told me that he was someone who felt the cold. As a child he used to worry about trivial details. In his teens he had academic success, won math’s prizes. He got into debating and public speaking which helped his confidence; he became president of a debating society. He described himself as tidy and very well organized, steering into obsession, logical order. He cared deeply about everything that he did.

I prescribed the homeopathic remedy Silicea 10M for him.

Based on the following rubrics and materia medica similarity:





NOSE – DISCHARGE – dripping

GENERALS – COLD – applications – amel.

GENERALS – FOOD and DRINKS – alcoholic drinks – agg.

GENERALS – HEAT – lack of vital heat

MIND – MATHEMATICS – ability for

MIND – TIMIDITY – public; about appearing in

This case analysis is a combination of hay fever symptoms and constitutional symptoms taking into account his general allergic nature. I do not generally mix constitutional and acute symptoms in analysis. The chronic picture can be masked by the acute state, but sometimes acute and chronic are the same remedy as in this case. 10M was a high potency to start the case with, and caused some initial aggravation, followed by long term improvement.

Just nine days later he reported that he was ‘Doing well, great, less allergic than usual.’ He had initial detox reaction – on the first day he had a cold sweat, on the second day bad headache and nausea, ok on the third day. On the fourth day after taking the homeopathic remedy he went to the park at dusk, had alcohol, got chilly and there was pollen around; all things which usually made his hay fever worse. To his surprise he was fine until 10 pm and even then only sniffing a bit. He noticed that on the London Underground his nose was not affected. He just experienced a slightly itchy palate, usually a precursor to symptoms getting worse, but it did not develop in to anything more. He was sleeping more deeply and his nose was not feeling prickly.

Improvement continued over the rest of the year. He did so well that he did not experience any hay fever the following year and indeed only needed a repeat prescription three times over the next six years. He was able to move to the country which he thanked homeopathy for.

Case two

A telecommunications manager aged thirty five came to see me nine years ago.

He had hay fever with runny eyes, which felt sore and raw and very irritable. He had to wear sunglasses. He experienced sneezing that would not stop. There was not much discharge from the nose, although he did get nosebleeds sometimes.

Sucking ‘Tunes’ helped. He had had steroid injections in the past and used antihistamines. The hay fever was accompanied by increased irritability [the patient is a constitutional Nux vomica].

Rubrics used were:

NOSE – SNEEZING – coryza – without

NOSE – SNEEZING – hay asthma, with

NOSE – SNEEZING – paroxysmal


NOSE – CORYZA – accompanied by – photophobia


EYE – PAIN – sore

Remedy prescribed: Euphraisa was the remedy that came through most strongly.  At follow up two weeks later he reported that he had not needed to use any other medication. His sneezing was reduced by 70%. He was only getting two or three sneezes rather than continuous paroxysms of sneezing. His eyes had been very good, not running much at all.  I repeated the remedy with success six times over the next nine years and he experienced no symptoms at all in three seasons.

Case three

The forty six year old owner of a chain of shops came to see me in June 2008.

He was experiencing a headache as part of his hay fever. Itchy, red and watery eyes. They were sticky and could stick together. The lower lids were particularly itchy. His eyes were better for rubbing. His vision was blurred at times. His nose was itchy inside. Discharge from the nose could be either watery or thick mucus. He would sneeze three or four times in succession. His nose blocked at night, but not during day. The back of throat was itchy and would then burn afterwards. He had a cough with his hay fever. His symptoms were worse from 8-9pm onwards. His health was fine otherwise and his work was busy. He used throat sweets, Vicks and antihistamines to help his symptoms.

Select rubrics:




NOSE – OBSTRUCTION – accompanied by – hay fever

THROAT – PAIN – burning

EYE – RUBBING – amel.



HEAD – PAIN – coryza – during

EYE – ITCHING – Lids – Margin


Remedy: Causticum and Nux vomica had both helped the patient previously, but the best result was achieved from Ambrosia artemisifolia.

  • Characterized by intolerable itching of the eye lids
  • Eyes congested, smarting, watery
  • Nose stuffed sensation, nose red and swollen with watery coryza
  • Face dark red
  • Oppressive pain left side of chest, must sit up to breathe comfortably, may awaken suddenly with pertussis like cough
  • <evening until midnight
  • Vithoulkas (1995) states that the whole respiratory tract and head are stuffed up

Follow up three days later: cough 30% less, eyes not itchy. After two weeks the patient reported that the cough was 75% improved. He was no longer waking at night and he was experiencing no nasal symptoms. Over the next nine years the remedy was repeated six times and he experienced no hay fever symptoms at all in three years.


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Mike Andrews

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