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Two Day Seminar on Predictive Homeopathy in Advanced and Incurable Cases – A Review

The author presents a detailed account of Dr. Praful Vijayakar’s recent seminar, citing various cases and many lessons learned.

A two day seminar of Predictive Homeopathy in Advanced and Incurable Cases was organized under the aegis of Homeocare International at Hyderabad on 14th & 15th October, 2011. A brief review of this seminar is presented here.

From the time Dr. Vijayakar takes over the stage, it is one saga of symphony of music, one piece after the other more melodious and enchanting to the audience, who are glued to their seats, often guessing the remedies in vain because Dr. Vijayakar chooses the road less travelled – but in each and every case it is nothing short of a miracle that happens.

Dr. Praful Vijayakar, founder of Predictive Homeopathy, presented video clippings of some of the advanced and incurable cases to illustrate how we may cure even the most difficult cases of advanced pathology with the single remedy, single dose, by strictly following the tenets of the ORGANON. The secret lies in selecting the similimum based on the genetic constitution of the patient as analyzed and derived from the mental makeup, physical makeup and general makeup of the patient.

Nothing in this world happens without a cause and we need to pay attention to the underlying fundamental cause of the chronic disease in each and every case, to identify the miasm and then select the rubrics accordingly. Only that will lead us to find the Genetic Constitutional Similimum (GCS). The similimum given can be said to be the GCS of that patient, but only if the order of disappearance of the symptoms strictly follows Hering’s Laws of cure. Otherwise it can only be a partial similimum at best, and would do more harm than good in the long run.

Dr. Vijayakar has seen unimaginable things like lungs regrowing, tumors disappearing, cures of incurable diseases like schizophrenia, motor-neurone disease etc., whenever the GCS could be found and administered.


The greatest folly or mishap to which most homeopaths succumb is – prescribing a remedy without analyzing the follow-up and understanding the direction in which the case is developing after the first prescription. Even analysis of the lab reports, needs a thorough understanding of the working of the miasms, the myriad ways in which they mimic and deceive even the most accurate observer into believing the patient is worsening while actually it is otherwise. Thus, even the best prescribers amongst us, would intervene where it is unwarranted and undo the good work being done by the first given remedy. Dr. Vijayakar perfected not only the tools required to find the GCS, but also the techniques needed for successful case management. His Chart of Suppressions is one such landmark tool, that enables us to find our bearings at every step of case management. Likewise, understanding the miasms in the light of advances made in embryology and genetics is another of Dr. Vijayakar’s historic contributions to the science and art of homeopathy.

Implementing Hering’s Laws of direction of cure in each and every case is a contribution of immense proportion by Dr. Vijayakar, which stands unparalleled in the history of homeopathy. Treating a patient without a thorough understanding of the working of the miasms or of Vijayakar’s chart of suppressions, is like riding on a rudderless ship without a compass.


A thorough understanding of the miasms present in the case, is not only a must for arriving at the GCS, but also an essential tool in correctly assessing the follow-ups, says Dr.Vijayakar.

For example, the presence of pus cells in urine indicates psoric miasm, and the presence of albumin indicates that the miasm changed gears to sycotic miasm. If casts appear it indicates that the syphilitic miasm has taken over. Thus in a case of Nephrotic syndrome, if casts disappear, it shows that the syphilitic miasm is getting reversed. If such a case is under your treatment, you should not interfere, even if all other parameters are shooting up, including albumin in urine and serum creatinine. Disappearance of casts in urine is due to the syphilitic taint getting reversed, while the other parameters are a lesser evil. In such a case, the patient is bound to improve if the curative action of the remedy is left undisturbed (without repetition of the same remedy or prescribing a new remedy). Dr.Vijayakar has seen this invariably happen in all cases. To highlight this vital aspect in case management, Dr.Vijayakar added one more rule to the Hering’s Laws of cure – that is the reversal of miasm from Syphilis to Sycosis to Psora; or Syphilis to Psora, should take place if the remedy given is the GCS. In every follow-up this aspect is to be carefully checked, just like a ship captain or a flight engineer takes his bearings before deciding any course correction.

Thus, neutrophils are a sign of acute inflammation and therefore their increase indicates increase in the psoric miasm, while lymphocytes are a sign of chronic inflammation and a drop in their count indicates reduction of the sycotic miasm. So also in cases of rheumatoid arthritis, if the remedy given is the correct one, all the pains will disappear as per Hering’s Laws (from above downwards). After some time when the joint pains return again, the homeopath should understand that it is now due to psoric inflammation in the joints, and if this curative action of the remedy is allowed undisturbed without changing the remedy or even repetition of the same remedy, these joint pains (due to psoric inflammation) will also likewise disappear and the patient is restored to health permanently.

Similarly in a case of brain tumor, if the GCS is given and the tumor starts regressing, indicating reversal of the sycotic miasm, overall improvement of the patient follows. Then, as the case progresses further, psoric inflammation in the brain at the site of the tumor will take place and it is a welcome sign and should not be disturbed, just because the patient experiences seizures. All such psoric manifestations are transient and self-limiting and in no case life threatening. To sum up, as long as the case is proceeding from sycosis to psora, or syphilis to sycosis to psora or syphilis to psora, and the direction of disappearance of the symptoms is in accordance with Hering’s Laws of cure, be rest assured that your patient is on a path of cure. Otherwise it is only palliation or suppression taking place. This had been the refrain of Dr. Vijayakar throughout his two day presentation of video cases at this seminar.


A number of cases were presented with video clips showing the follow-ups, and Dr. Vijayakar amply interspersed the case commentaries with relevant aphorisms from Organon and explained the significance of in-depth understanding of the Organon. Organon is the User’s Manual without which no homeopath can use homeopathy as Hahnemann meant it to be used. Dr.Vijayakar emphasized again and again that we homeopaths have no limitations for cure, unlike in allopathy or other therapies, because the remedy given works in accordance with nature’s principles. Hering’s law finds close correspondences with the science of embryology and genetics. The remedy given has no medicinal power in it, but it only stimulates the immune system and normalizes its working – modulating it as necessary, which results in restoration of health permanently and in the shortest time possible. Since the remedy is making the vital force neutralize the root cause of the disease, the effects disappear by themselves and the cure remains permanent.


The very first video case shown was that of a child with congenital blindness, which was so confirmed at L.V. Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad which is a premier Institute of world-wide repute. When this child developed no inclination to see or touch anything kept in front of her, she was taken to this institute where extensive tests were conducted and finally the parents were counseled to come to terms with the permanent total blindness of their child. Both the eyes are fully milk-white with not even a speck of a black-spot in either of them. This indicated the child was in a syphilitic stage when born, and so the remedy selected must match the miasmatic stage.

After six months of treatment by Dr. Vijayakar, the baby was able to sense and feel for the pen kept stationary in front of her and extend her hand to catch it. After a few months of treatment the second follow-up shows that the child developed black pupils and was able to follow fast moving objects and could catch hold of them. A thunderous applause followed the screening of this second follow-up. But don’t jump to conclusions warned Dr. Vijayakar, for doctors are only repairers. We only treat and the stimulus given by the GCS at the genetic level. The organism does the rest and accomplishes these miracles. We should never forget, “I treat, he cures”.

Watching this case, I was left wondering if the above case in due course will not be dubbed as ‘technically blind’ by the allopaths (‘Blind Sight’). Such a case was described by Dr. V.S. Ramachandran in his book “Phantoms in the Brain”. An Italian lady whom he calls Diane, fell down unconscious in her bathroom due to poor ventilation and buildup of carbon monoxide. She was saved in the nick of time by her husband. In the process she lost her sight permanently. But the peculiarity of her blindness was, that if any object was kept in front of her, she could reach for it as if her vision was perfectly normal. But she emphatically denied seeing anything at all. If such a case comes to us, we would probably give Helleborus or treat it as hysterical blindness and end up giving her Veratrum-alb or Carboneum-sulph, considering the causative factor. But it would be of no use, as her blindness is not feigning illness, but real. Such patients are declared ‘technically blind’, even though they are able to follow the motion of the objects in their visual field and bodily react appropriately, catching objects thrown at them… but they themselves deny seeing anything. In this type of case it is their visual perception that is totally gone, and they lack a conscious appreciation of the contents present in the visual field.

HOPE for the HOPELESS and HELP for the HELPLESS.

Dr. Vijayakar has undertaken social service, by giving free treatment for the poorest of the poor children suffering from autism, mental retardation, blindness, deafness etc., and this program is running successfully in several cities spread across the length and breadth of India. Several short video clips (without dwelling much into their case histories) of the blind patients before and after gaining sight were shown, just to illustrate what GCS can do to restore sight for the blind. These cases confirmed again and again that failures, if any, are limitations of homeopaths and so far as homeopathy is concerned, the sky is the limit… if only you are able to find the GCS in the case. Following are just a few of those video cases shown at this seminar to illustrate the miraculous cures obtained using GCS.


Case : A child, highly myopic ( -13.75 & -12.00) was brought for treatment. Diagnosis was Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP). At seven and half months of pregnancy his mother had rupture of the membrane and no labour pains. So LSCS was done and the child was kept on ventilator support for ten days. After another fifteen days he developed fever and was kept on oxygen, which might have caused ROP in this child. At one and half years, this child was diagnosed as ROP and with rapidly worsening sight, the parents were distressed.

Dr.Vijayakar delineated how the journey of the disease took place miasmatically in this case – from trauma of the mother while carrying this child (therefore psora to start with) – to inability to suck milk, as he would become breathless (weakness of chest muscles due to elastin less and hence sycotic) – as also weakness of ciliary muscles (which is again elastin less and hence sycotic). The defense mounted by the organism to protect the retina by focusing less and less was countered by wearing spectacles, stronger and stronger, and so the defense mechanism in this case shifted to syco-syphilitic. Selecting the rubrics based on the genetic disposition of the child, the following remedies appeared high on the chart.

Choc, Hyos, Nux-v, Thuj – out of which Thuj 200 was selected and given as a single dose. The selection was based on the weakness of all muscles, golden yellow colour of the stools, non-stop crying every night from 2AM to 7AM with sleeping in daytime, weakness of lower limbs more than upper limbs etc. This child went on recovering as per Hering’s laws of cure. Nothing was prescribed for the intervening colds, cough, diarrhea etc., and the final follow-up shows this boy with perfect sight, without needing the spectacles anymore.

Case: A regrowth of brain tumor after operation is now causing this child to lose sight. Short video clips of the follow-ups at 8 days after GCS was given and three months later, showed how fast the GCS acts to reverse the tumor growth and restore normal sight. Long term follow-up of this case after 4 years, shows the girl dancing on stage and in full health. A girl given up to be dying due to regrowth of the brain tumor was thus retrieved literally from the jaws of death and restored to permanent health.

Case: First video clip shows a completely blind man with a walking stick. He suffered meningitis and recovered from 30 days in a coma. After giving the GCS, his sight was restored and in the follow-up video, this man was still seen carrying his walking stick. Dr. Vijayakar asked him why he is still kept the walking stick with him. He answered that without it, he cannot feel the undulations on the ground and so he is still compelled to use it.

This is a very curious case, because depth perception requires the conversion of 2-D images into 3-D images and depending upon the structural integrity compromised in different areas of the brain while in coma, depth agnosia may result. I was curious to know if this case was followed up in long term and depth agnosia got reversed, and whether the ability to locate the sources of sounds and their directions was preserved after this patient came out of the coma. Due to abridgement of the questions and answers session, many such questions remained unanswered.

Case: A case of a lady completely blind was shown. The second video clip showed the follow-up 8 months later in which her vision in the left eye became normal and the right eye started improving.

In fact a whole bunch of such cases of blindness cured by GCS in their ‘HOPE FOR HOPELESS’ camps were shown as the tremendous work being done by Dr.Vijayakar his dedicated group of disciples. It is high time that CCH takes note of this and starts a national level doctoral research program in Ophthalmology under the direct guidance and supervision of Dr.Vijayakar, to protect and preserve for posterity, the invaluable evidence based research already accumulated in this field.

Dr Vijayakar blazed a new trail on the path of cures of total blindness, without the side effects – psychological as well as physiological, normally attendant with cures of total blindness in allopathy. This is an achievement that stands unsurpassed in the medical history of mankind. For this seminal contribution alone, if not for his other discoveries. Dr. Vijayakar richly deserves the Noble prize in medicine.


Oliver Sacks, the neurologist, in his book ‘An Anthropologist on Mars’, chronicled several case histories of surgical cures of blindness, but with unwelcome consequences so overwhelming, that one wonders if those patients were not better off without sight. ‘To see or not to see’ – akin to the Macbeth’s dilemma, seems to plague their cured patients. In fact Oliver Sacks quotes Marius von Senden (page 138) who reviewed allopathic cures of blindness over a 300-year period and concluded in his book, ‘Space and Sight’ (1932), that every newly sighted adult sooner or later comes to a ‘motivation crisis’ – and that not every patient gets through it. He cites case after case of patients who after an operation and restoration of sight, prefer to “behave blind” or “refuse to see” and yet others who, fearful of what sight may entail, refuse the operation altogether. In all such cases of sight restored after surgery for total blindness, an initial period of euphoria and exhilaration soon gives way to a devastating and even lethal depression.

From the video clips of patients cured of blindness by Dr. Vijayakar, it is seen that these cures with GCS were at a holistic level, and the patients improved on all planes – emotional, intellectual and physical. No such depression followed these cures as is evident from the follow-ups shown. It is therefore surmised that the cures effected by GCS are mediated by neural pathways quite different from those effected by cures in allopathy. This is a research topic that needs to be investigated using the latest tools, like functional MRI, CAT, PET Scan etc, and analytical methods like Quantitative Electroencephlography, event related potentials etc. An organization like the Central Council of Research in Homeopathy should come forward and shoulder this responsibility.

Another great responsibility is to document and build a database of all such cures effected by GCS. That will eventually ascertain if there appears a pattern that establishes selective affinity of different remedies to specific functional (metabolic) aspects and structural areas in the brain, and whether a correlation exists between the genetic predisposition and the specific areas that are most likely to be affected. For example, Tonkonogy and Antonio cite bilateral lesions of occipital lobes involving area V1 and corresponding to Brodmann’s area 17 in both hemispheres, as the most likely site that may result in partial or total loss of vision. They found that lesions are often caused by bilateral infarctions in the posterior cerebral arteries or by basilar artery occlusions, glioblastomas, carbon monoxide poisoning, or mercury poisoning. (Page 31 of ‘Localization of Clinical Syndromes in Neuropsychology & Neuroscience.’) What is curious to note here is that poisoning by carbon monoxide or mercury causes identical damage in the brain areas and so the homeopathicity of our remedies derived from these groups, Carbon and Mercury,, may have the potential to reverse the damage in the brain areas causing blindness. This also needs to be investigated.

Herings Laws of Cure in Cases of Recovery From Blindness.

While watching video cases of cures of blindness presented by Dr.Vijayakar, I began wondering if Hering’s law hold true in these cases, and if so, how to apply it and compare our results with those obtained in allopathy. There are about 30 specific areas in the human brain, dedicated for processing different attributes like colour, shape, size, orientation etc. of the visual inputs. Any malfunctioning in a specific area compromises visual perception accordingly, specific to that area involved.

According to allopath Poetzl (1928), several main stages may be observed in the course of recovery from blindness: (1) sensation of darkness; (2) grayness of objects, similar to achromatopsia, in which objects may be seen as in a fog; (3) recovery of colour, beginning with red and ending with blue: and (4) visual fatigue, or asthenopia, with difficulties in fixation and in control of eye movements. During the final stage, as well as in previous stages of the condition, perception of objects may be quite difficult, simulating visual agnosia. (Quoted on Page 31 of ‘Localization of Clinical Syndromes in Neuropsychology & Neuroscience.’)

With such a huge number of cases cured by GCS, Dr. Vijayakar is the only authority who can enlighten us on this aspect of Hering’s laws as applicable to restoration of vision, whether from total blindness, color blindness, motion blindness, flight blindness etc. I urge Dr. Vijayakar to hold an International seminar exclusively dealing with the subject of ophthalmology – what homeopathy can do in advanced cases of pathology beginning from the eye, reaching up to the brain areas involved in processing and integration of visual inputs, to the final conscious appreciation of the contents in the visual field.


This question was answered by Dr. Vijayakar while presenting the case of a lady with (terminal stage?) ascites. The video clip shows what appears to be a huge inverted – pot – shaped – abdomen, to the mouth of which one side is attached to what seems to be a small head and on the opposite side, emaciated skeleton-like lower limbs. Any hope of cure in such a condition will simply evaporate if one sees the first video clip of this patient. I now understand why Dr. Vijayakar is often called the Lion of Homeopathy. He treated this case by phone because the patient was more than 500 kms from Bombay. The USS – abdomen report of this lady mentions multiple well defined cysts and hemangiomas, among a long list of other findings. While presenting this case at another seminar, Dr.Vijayakar asked a surgeon, specialized in doing remote robotic surgery, if they can do anything in such cases. The reply was negative.

Dr Vijayakar prescribed China for this case and the subsequent follow-ups showed how the lady went on recovering very fast, thus demonstrating the truth of Aphorism 2. The final follow-up shows a lean and smart lady walking stealthily into the clinic to offer her gratitude in person to Dr.Vijayakar. The only measure that allopathy offers in such cases is tapping, which as everyone knows will prove counterproductive in the long run, as they need to resort to it frequently and then a time comes when even that will be given up as happened in this case. Thus, allopathy resorts to removing the effects of disease, while in homeopathy the root cause itself is neutralized, so that the results of disease (ascites, cysts, hemangiomas in this case) spontaneously disappear by themselves and the cure is rapid, uneventful and permanent.

Dr. Vijayakar exhorted that all homeopaths should undertake such difficult and so-called incurable cases and demonstrate the superiority of homeopathy for the benefit of all. Every alternate year, Predictive Homeopathy in Mumbai conducts a competition, awarding three prizes for the best cases presented amongst all the entrants. Details are available on their website. Dr.Vijayakar introduced the three winners of last year to the audience, but due to paucity of time, only the first prize winner, Dr. Kamal Malik from Delhi, was given an opportunity to present his case. Everyone in the audience felt that the other two winners could have been given the opportunity to present their cases too, earlier in the morning session, while waiting for arrival of Dr. Vijayakar. Instead that precious time was given to an organizer to entertain the audience.

Bartter Syndrome – Award winning Case by Dr.Kamal Malik

Dr. Kamal Malik from Delhi, winner of the first prize at the last year competition, presented this case of a boy suffering from Bartter syndrome. This genetic disorder is due to a defect in active chloride reabsorption in the loop of Henle. It is characterized by primary juxtaglomerular cell hyperplasia with secondary hyperaldosteronism, hypokalemic alkalosis, hypercalciuria, elevated renin or angiotensin levels, normal or low blood pressure, and growth retardation; edema is absent. Autosomal recessive inheritance is caused by mutation in either the Na-K-2Cl cotransporter gene (SLC12A1) on chromosome 15q or the K(+) channel gene (KCNJ1) on 11q. (Stedman’s Medical dictionary).

The first video clip of this case shows a highly emaciated boy who looks more like a small baby monkey, gasping for breath, with no voice at all. Dr. Kamal Malik briefly explained this genetic disorder and how he arrived at the GCS (Ars-iod). He showed video clips of five subsequent follow-ups to demonstrate how the cure progressed strictly as per Hering’s Law, with miasmatic reversal taking place as stipulated by Dr. Vijayakar. With his humility and in depth knowledge of Predictive Homeopathy, he remained the star attraction in the final session of the seminar. For one like him who enjoys the blessings in full of his parents and his Gurudev, the elements themselves stand up in attendance. It is no wonder he can cause miracles to happen in the most desperate cases. Dr.Vijayakar is seen enjoying this presentation and basking in the glory of the grand success of his student. Dr.Kamal Malik is the student of Dr. Maui of Punjab who is an ardent follower of Predictive Homeopathy.


This is a case of child, one year ten months old, suffering from nephrotic syndrome. She was born premature at 8 months and kept in the incubator for 5 days. She was initially treated by another homeopath who gave Mercurius-sol 30. The urine protein came down from 3+ to 2+ and the swelling in face also decreased. After a time when the case again started worsening, the homeopath gave Mercurius-sol 200. This time it failed to bring any improvement with the albumin rising to 4+. Swelling in the face increased and ascites also developed. At this stage the case was referred to Dr. Vijayakar.

The mental disposition of the child indicated an angry type, dominating, jealous, dictatorial, obstinate, who weeps easily, will not mix with others; presence of strangers aggravates, introverted temperament. The presence of casts in the urine indicated the syphilitic miasm, and so Dr.Vijayakar cautioned that only syphilitic rubrics are to be considered. The reason why the earlier drug did not work was analysed. It was found that it was given based on ‘Ailments from vaccination’ and the angry type of disposition. Dr.Vijayakar pointed out that once the miasm changes from psoric to sycosis, the causative factor shall not be considered.

Therefore a fresh repertorization considering an obstinate child with aggravation from the presence of strangers yielded Ars-alb, Causticum, Cina, Lycopodium, Tarent, Thuja.

Since the thermals indicate she is hot, only Thuja and Lycopodium are left for our consideration. Lycopodium was given based on the other symptoms and within 2 days the casts disappeared showing the syphilitic miasm getting reversed. After another 2 days the albumin came down from 4+ to traces, and all other parameters in the urine reported showing nil. This case is an excellent example of the power of GCS (single dose) to restore health in just a few days. If the correct remedy is given, results must come in days and not in weeks or months, says Dr.Vijayakar.

It seems to me that the secret of success of Dr.Vijayakar lies in the implicit faith in the science of homeopathy; as he says, homeopathy is mathematics. The courage of conviction born out of an in depth understanding can help one comprehend the conflicting results of the lab reports immediately after giving GCS, such as all the parameters like albumin, serum creatinine shooting up initially. But he waits patiently for the miracle to happen, and it indeed happens the way he predicts. Kent said elsewhere that a nervous homeopath is half death to the patient.


A case of rectum cancer with acute pain was shown. Morphine which initially gave comfort to the patient was failing to do so anymore. The innate disposition of this patient could be judged from the way he managed to walk with tremendous effort, all by himself into the clinic refusing assistance offered to him.

Mental disposition: Conscientious, sincere, diligent nature, courageousness, aversion to consolation, not making a hue and cry, in spite of the acute pain in rectum. All this lead us to the following remedies:

Arnica, Silicea, Ignatia, Staph, Natrum-carb.

After eliminating remedies based on the other symptoms of the patient, Silicea and Ignatia only were left for consideration. Ignatia by olfaction was given. Within a few minutes the pains ceased and the patient got up from the bed and walked out as if nothing was the matter with him. Dr. Vijayakar said this is how the correct remedy can ease the pains, even in advanced cases of cancer and help palliating the case – a feat which even morphine fails to do.

Case of a German Homeopath

A German lady homeopath came to Mumbai to learn Predictive Homeopathy from Dr. Vijayakar and fell ill within a few days with diarrhea. She became so weak that she was confined to her hotel room. It developed into unrelenting fever and she left for Germany. There she was diagnosed as suffering from typhoid and treated in the hospital. From then on she never recovered fully and was in and out of hospital several times. After several months her case was finally diagnosed as congestive cardiac failure. She became totally indifferent to life and living, losing interest in everything including homeopathy, household affairs, news and politics. She weeps easily, at times even in sleep.

Depositing her in the back seat of his car, her husband drove her more than 800 miles to meet Dr. Vijayakar who was in Switzerland giving a seminar. As a last hope he wished her to be treated by Dr.Vijayakar. The lady was a typical Phosphorus while healthy (affectionate, highly sympathetic, bleeds easily, weeps along with her patients, sad stories affect her profoundly, tall and slim with radiant face and green eyes and very pleasing in her bearing and demeanor.)

Phosphorus had already been given before, a number of times, but it did nothing to help her except in hair fall. This case was dealt with at some length by Dr. Vijayakar, explaining the significance of different approaches in the Organon for different conditions like acutes, chronics and one-sided cases etc., and how each approach differs from others. The causative factor, ‘Ailments from’ can only be considered if this lady could come to us within hours or the first few days of her acute condition, which was purely psoric. After the non-homeopathic treatment, the miasm now changed to Sycosis, as evident from her generalized edema and other sycotic symptoms. And Dr.Vijayakar warned that giving a wrong remedy would further accentuate the sycotic miasm and then the patient would be pushed into syphilitic miasm.

Another important aspect Dr. Vijayakar stressed is that one should be a good physician before becoming a good homeopath, so as to know what is happening in the different systems of the body. One of the questions that Dr. Vijayakar put to her husband was whether she likes to be touched, to which he replied in the negative. In fact, she complains of headache if her hair is touched. Another question that Dr. Vijayakar asked was about the colour of her face when she becomes angry. Her husband answered that her face becomes pale or bluish. This tipped the scales against Phosphorous, no matter how many other keynote symptoms were matching. In the case of Phosphorus, the face becomes red due to arterial excitement, and so Dr. Vijayakar ruled it out in favour of Carbo-veg which has venous stasis, as in this case. The quickness of action of GCS was well demonstrated when this lady (who was wheel-chaired earlier into her room in the hotel) came out walking into the lounge within an hour of taking the remedy to meet Dr.Vijayakar. She said that she already felt the remedy was working, as she was able to breathe freely for the first time in several months. She made a very rapid recovery from then on, and with her husband now runs a dedicated Predictive Homeopathy clinic in Germany. The final follow-up showed her tall and slim and in the pink of health, just as her former self, and profusely thanking Dr. Vijayakar for giving her a new lease of life.


In FN121 under Aphorism 210, Hahnemann dealt with this aspect of how the change in disposition can be seen invariably in all acute conditions. Dr. Vijayakar showed the following two video cases that clearly illustrated the significance of this aphorism.

Case: This video shows a 22 year old adult in acute distress due to cardiac insufficiency. He was sweating profusely, bathed in cold sweat, weeping continuously, with blood shot eyes and rubbing his face severely, saying ‘my eyes are closing’. His face wears an anxious bewildered look and he is in a panic. Dr Vijayakar gave Stramonium 200 (by olfaction). Within 5 minutes, the patient changed into his normal self. It was like the calm after the storm, to the great relief of his mother who now started shedding tears of happiness on seeing her son come alive in just a few minutes.

To effect such cures one needs to have the materia medica at his finger tips, because there is practically no time to ask any questions, and though these symptoms are delightful to read, are horrible to look at. Dr. Vijayakar says that the remedy needed in such acute conditions will be one of the satellite remedies of the GCS of the patient.

The video clip of this patient at the final follow-up after he became fully normal shows a completely different personality, self-confident and speaking to Dr.Vijayakar with assumed mannerisms (affectation). Thus he is a Lycopodium in normal disposition gone into Stramonium during the acute condition. After some days this patient developed severe cough and another dose of Stram but in 10M potency was given. Such repetition is warranted only if the patient is still in the same syphilitic miasm, but if there is a change to sycotic miasm, then his GCS, Lycopodium is to be given and not Stramonium. Dr.Vijayakar explained in detail the journey of the disease in this patient ever since the death 4 days ago of the grandfather of this patient. Adding to his woes he was treated for bronchitis, and due to the wrong treatment, the disease got suppressed from endoderm to mesoderm (peripheral nervous system) resulting in a sensation of formication; and further on into the sympathetic nervous system resulting in sweating and culminating in a panic attack corresponding to 6th layer in the Miasmatic Chart of Suppressions. Dr. Vijayakar showed in detail how the symptoms in this acute condition also disappeared strictly in accordance with Hering’s Law.

Case: In this case a man in his thirties is shown weeping loudly with his wife trying to console him. He was brought to the clinic by his wife as he was having high BP (240/140) and also was extremely diabetic. He was under treatment for Schizophrenia which came down to OCD and then further down to diabetes. Thus the disease came down from 7th layer to 5th layer. One can see from this video clip that he is crying like a child, eliciting sympathy from those around. He was given Pulsatilla 200 by olfaction. Within a few minutes he stopped crying, got up from the bed as if nothing had ever happened to him. When his wife extended her hand to escort him out of the clinic, he refused and walked out briskly ahead of her. Thus his mental disposition immediately reversed to his former self, once he came out of his acute condition.

Hyaline Membrane Disease of the newborn

This is a disease seen especially in premature neonates with respiratory distress; characterized postmortem by atelectasis and alveolar ducts lined with an eosinophilic membrane; also associated with reduced amounts of lung surfactant. (Stedman’s Medical Dictionary)

A premature baby diagnosed with this disease and lying in ICU was treated successfully with GCS by Dr. Vijayakar. The mother’s mental disposition while pregnant with this child was enquired into and considered in arriving at the GCS. Since the child was born by cesarean and thus deprived of the normal birthing process, the shock of coming into this world so suddenly implants a syphilitic miasm in the child. This coupled with restlessness of the child while in the womb, causing sleeplessness in the mother due to its violent motions and the respiratory distress of the baby, pointed to Arsenic album, which was applied in dilution around the mouth of the child. The child became normal in no time. That is the power of GCS even in the most desperate cases.


A case of a child suffering from flexural agenesis was shown. This is a genetic disorder with progressive muscle weakness. This case was taken live at the seminar held in 2006. Taking the mental disposition (well behaved and very sweet in temperament) and her constant inclination to uncover or lift clothing from her abdomen, along with other symptoms, she was given Phosphorus 200. She stopped lifting her clothing with in 4 or 5 days, and later developed an abscess on her head and still later at various places finally culminating in abscesses on the legs. The follow-up after one year showed the girl being able to walk with support. Later follow-ups showed her improving further so she could walk unsupported. The improvement continued to such an extent that she took part in a hundred meters running race at school and won. The final follow-up showed the girl dancing on the stage, like any other normal child of her age. This case is another excellent example of what a GCS can do even in genetic disorders to bring cheer, health and happiness into their lives.


I am quoting here are only a few of the golden nuggets from his passing remarks made while discussing the cases.

1. Do not treat for fistula in a patient because you are then treating the ‘Disease in Man’ instead of treating the ‘Man in disease’.

2. Homeopathy is immunity based and not disease based and our remedies do modulation of immunity.

3. Single remedy, single dose cures of even the most advanced pathologies are only possible with Genetic Constitutional Similimum (GCS).

4. Nothing in this world happens without a cause and the cause of every disease is miasm.

5. Change in mental disposition is most important to note in acutes as also ‘Ailments from’. Once the miasm changes to sycosis or syphilis, these aspects cease to be of importance in arriving at the GCS.

6. Acutes are again of 2 types – purely psoric, like fever, headache, colic, spasms, diarrhea, vomiting etc., which are all ‘in control’ physiologic defenses; and the other kind, psoro-syphilitic like panic attacks, meningitis, acute abdomen etc. which are all ‘going out of control’ mechanisms.

7. As doctors we are only repairers and we cannot create anything.

8. Side of the body affected in the patient is most important to consider, because it belongs to genetic expression and is of significance while deciding GCS.

I understood this aspect to mean that if a patient with a space occupying lesion originating in the right hemisphere is to be given GCS, you need to give a left sided remedy (corresponding to the right hemispherical dominance), no matter how many right sided symptoms appear in your patient, because they are all secondary to the growth impingement (mass effect) of the tumour on the left hemisphere and GCS needs to address the primary genetic expression. That rules out a remedy like Lycopodium ranking high in the repetorization chart and points to a remedy like Lachesis, even if its keynote symptoms like loquacity etc. are all absent. The former is just the constitutional similimum which may at best palliate if not suppress the growth, while the latter remedy which is the GCS will cure the patient.

9. Left side symptoms in a patient mostly denote some unhappy circumstance or life situation relating to the spouse, children or those who are dependent on him; while right side symptoms relate to stressful situations from boss, parents, uncles, aunts etc., because body and mind are mirror reflections of each other. We have to work from the concrete and solid facts seen and felt in the body of the patient, and thus work from the known to the unknown, but not from the other way round, as it is abstract and fluid and liable to misinterpretation.

10. In chronics, we need to give importance to the physical makeup, whether the patient is lean or stout, tall or short, whether both eyes are of the same colour or different etc., because all these owe their expression to the genetic disposition of the patient.

11. Psora is different from Psoric defense and the two should not be confused. Psora is our basic need mental (love, support, self-esteem) and physical (air, water, food). Psora is something that keeps us going on and on, and when this cycle of harmony is broken – it is then that psoric defense comes into play – cells start getting inflamed etc. Thus Psoric defense is a reaction from starving of some life giving support system. (Probably what Dr. Vijayakar is referring to here are latent psora and active psora.)

12. In the3 normal birthing process, the child undergoes a gradual transformation from anxiety (sharing the process of separation from the mother) to fear of descent through the birth canal and then shock of coming down into an environment totally different from what it got accustomed to inside the womb. But children born by cesarean come into this world with a sudden change in the environment without the benefit of undergoing the prior anxiety – fear- shock in a phased and gradual manner, and such babies start their lives directly in the syphilitic miasm. Similarly children born by the mother taking injections for a painless birthing process are also born syphilitic. Whether the child cried immediately after birth is a question that must be probed in every case.

13. Sensitivity belongs to the remedy/ constitution while reaction belongs to the miasm.

14. Basic traits in a person cannot be changed, but their expression tempered so that the person’s existence and energies will be channeled in constructive, rather than destructive ways. Thus, cases of fanaticism, religious fanaticism, terrorism and all such aberrations can be corrected.

15. Sycosis is slow and insidious in its development and more dangerous than the syphilitic miasm. We can get very fast results in syphilitic cases and the miasm reversed easily into sycosis.

16. ‘Amelioration by’ – rubrics are all sycotic and better not considered, because they are all related to subjective feeling. We want our patients to GET better and not just FEEL better. Aggravating factors belong to either the Psoric or Syphilitic miasm and can be relied upon. Desires also belong to Sycosis and are better ignored. So also, do not consider rubrics like ‘Hatred’ etc in repertorisation. At best those rubrics are to be used to identify the miasm in the patient

17. Homosexuality and other sexual perversions are against nature’s laws and all such cases can be cured with the GCS.

18. Meditation is forbidden while under homeopathy treatment. When not done properly and with correct method, it can interfere and spoil the case. Physiotherapy is also contraindicated in certain diseases like cerebral palsy.

19. Do not give GCS duringn an acute condition. A remedy based on the phenotype is to be given.

20. The best physician is the least prescriber.

21. Acquiring extraordinary sense perceptions like clairvoyance, clairaudience, prophesying etc. indicate lop-sided development of the mind and they are all syphilitic in nature. Such acquired syphilitic symptoms are not to be considered for arriving at the GCS, and the patient should be forewarned that he is going to lose all such powers, once the GCS is given. Then only should the GCS should be given. The inherited syphilitic miasmatic symptoms must be covered by the GCS.


In the afternoon session of the second day, a group of Vedic Pandits blessed Dr.Vijayakar, reciting vedic chantings from ‘Asirvachana mantra’ of ‘Krishna Yajurveda’. The whole hall of Satya Sai Nigamagamam reverberated with their full throated chanting, even while all the organizers stood in reverence surrounding Dr. Vijayakar, honouring him traditionally with a silk shawl and offering him fruits and flowers. It was a sight to see and enjoy. Every one of us in the audience also resonated with the sacred and serene atmosphere ushered in with those divine chantings and wished Dr. Vijayakar from the bottom of our hearts, a long life of health and happiness and continued service in the cause of true Hahnemannian Homeopathy or Predictive Homeopathy as Dr.Vijayakar preferred to call it.

How It all Happened

Years ago Dr Srikant Morlawar happened to attend a seminar of Dr. Vijayakar held at Hyderabad and that was a turning point in his professional life. Having tasted success after success in the most advanced and incurable cases, Dr. Srikant wished that other doctors too shall be benefitted like him. With the help of like minded doctors like Dr. Buthada, Dr. Rashid and others, he established a study group in Hyderabad for educating other doctors in Predictive Homeopathy, which is flourishing even today.

Dr. Srikant and his band of dedicated doctors decided to organize this seminar against heavy odds. An ongoing agitation for separate statehood for Telangana resulted in total disruption of train and road services. More than a hundred delegates from far off places cancelled their travel at the last moment, thus incurring heavy losses. I appeal to the seminar organizers to please consider mailing the seminar DVD to all those participants who paid the fees but could not attend the seminar because of the unusual political situation in Hyderabad.

While the timing of this seminar was inappropriate, the organization of the events was even more chaotic to say the least. With a little forethought, planning and respect to punctuality, the seminar could have been organized better. Questions and answers session, which every participant was eagerly looking forward to, were postponed to the end of the day. Some participants had to leave the venue without being able to learn the answers to questions submitted by them. Dr. Srikanth had to prescreen the questions and limit their number due to the paucity of time. Thus many questions were left unanswered, including mine. (What was the remedy given in the very first case on the first day of the seminar). The 2-way interaction with a master like Dr. Vijayakar is the thrill of the question and answer session. Not every participant passes a question slip, but the answers given by Dr. Vijayakar are a boon to every participant and go a long way in helping him or her at crucial times in their professional career (like for example: whether Silicea can be given to patients with implants like stents, silicone pads for breast augmentation etc. – not every participant gets the idea to ask, but all participants stand to gain from the answers of Dr. Vijayakar).

Every one of the participants came to the seminar for education and not for entertainment, and somehow this aspect seems to have missed the attention of the organizers. I know personally some of the excellent doctors in Homeocare, who could have been permitted to present the incurable cases cured by them, while waiting for the arrival of Dr. Vijayakar. I hope that these aspects will be taken care of in future seminars.


About the author


Dr. V.T.Yekkirala was originally an electrical engineer by profession, and was inspired by his mentor Kulapathy Ekkirala Krishnamacharya (Master E.K) to take up studying classical homeopathy and became qualified to practice it in the year 1975. He currently practices in Hyderabad, India.


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