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Urinary Tract Infection

Written by Kulwant Singh

The author gives us a slide presentation about Urinary Tract Infection, including Physiology, Causes, Pathogenesis, Symptoms, Homeopathic treatment and much more. Click the < and > buttons to view the slide show.

About the author

Kulwant Singh

Dr. Kulwant Singh is Dean-Faculty of Homoeopathy, Vinoba Bhave University. Principal- S H Medical college and Hospital, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, India


  • Sir my son is thiryeen years old, he is suffring from alergic asthama. I have gone to many doctors, they used to give antibiotic, inhailer for asthema, but this is not a permanent treatment. I want to know is there any permanent treatment in Homeopathy whitch can be suitable for my son.

  • Article on U.T.I. is very informative and nicely described. Author has given good description of Allied as well as homoeopathic aspect.

    Dr.Vipul R.Shastri
    H.O.D. of Pathology Dept.
    C.D.P.College of Homoeopathic Medicine,Surat.

  • This is very good sit and the given material is good to use as hand book. There are some symptoms which can be covered here with little more work. Drops falling, Urine call after passing stool, Urine call at erection, Urine call at little press on lower abodman, pain in behind pubis travelling to back and to thighs and with weakness in leg, desire of urine but not passing, etc.

  • this is to mr.ramesh kumar:

    ramesh, as you informed that your son is suffering from allergic asthma , now asthma became a prominent in so many people due to environmental and habitual and so many causes.. its not having a permanent solution in allopathy.. so i suggest u to better consult a homoeopath as homoeo having a good and quick and permanent solution for it.. and the medicines, treatment cannot be suggested by messages or mails as homoeo needs kean observation and history. so dont waste time and consult a homoeopath immediately..

  • The arrticle on UTI is educative. The practitioners as well as the interested persons in general- hygiene are benifitted by it.UTI need not happen due to sex indulgence; it can happens a wide variety of reasons.Some persons have inhibition to reveal it and even declined to visit doctors. Dr.Kulwant ji has clearly brought out almost all aspects of the ailment. Thanks to Dr.Kulwant singh .

  • I have always liked to read articles by Dr. Kulwant Singh. This is a wonderful piece of clinical article and the Homeopathic community requires these sort of clinical articles more. I attended one of his lectures on sinusitis during my MD (postgraduate) classses at Patna – it was also simply superb. Hats off to Dr. Singh – a great teacher and clinician.

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