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Using Homeopathic Remedies for Scarring

Written by Andie Holman

Homeopath Andi Holman shares her experience in healing after surgery as well as her tips for homeopathic remedies for infections, scars and more. She is known as the Scar Queen.

“Scars show us where we have been, they do not dictate where we are going.” – David Rossi

From 2000-2012, I worked at London Bridge Hospital in the Oncology department as a homeopath, nutritionist, and massage therapist. My role was to support the patients through their recovery. I had the approval of the hospital board and the consultant surgeons to use homeopathy alongside the conventional medical care of chemotherapy and radiation. I became a scar specialist and helped many people regain their lives after surgery. Then it was my turn to go under the knife.

I had hip restoration surgery in January 2020. My restoration consisted of my surgeon taking a grinder to the top of my femur to shave down bone spurs as well as tacking up the torn labrum tissue. Obviously, it was traumatic for my body.

I was prescribed painkillers, and though I didn’t want them, the nurse explained that I could go into shock from the pain if I didn’t. I only needed them for two days thanks to homeopathy. I did not follow classical prescribing as I considered my situation an acute state. I would call my methodology more practical.

I was admitted to the hospital at 7am, even though I was not scheduled for surgery until mid-afternoon. I took a couple of doses of AAA 200c (Aconite/Arg nit/Arsenicum album for anxiety) to steady my nerves as I knew it was a complicated surgery. There was a chance I would need cadaver donor tissue and for some reason that had me quite anxious.

I woke hours later and couldn’t feel or move my legs thanks to the epidural they had used to keep me still during the procedure. I was understandably groggy, but I had my remedies ready. First, I took a dose of Phosphorus 200c to help me come back to my body. I only needed the one dose.

Half an hour after the Phosphorus, I took the Helios Homeopathic Pharmacy anti-infection remedy combination of Hepar sulph, Gunpowder, and Pyrogen in 200c potency. I used this remedy three times a day for the first two weeks after surgery. This is the most precarious time when trying to avoid an infection. An infection will almost certainly ruin a good scar and prolong healing.

In addition to the infection remedy, I started the Helios Homeopathic Pharmacy combination remedy for trauma – particularly for injury to joints. This is a combination of Arnica, Calendula, Hypericum, Rhus tox, Ruta and Symphytum in 30c potency.

I put two pills in my water bottle and sipped it throughout the day. When I would refresh my bottle, I would add two more pills, just to be certain I kept the water activated.

A week after the operation I met with my surgeon for the required post-op evaluation. He was astounded with my quick recovery, lack of pain, and almost perfect range of motion. He kept asking, “Are you sure this doesn’t hurt?”

Then he would move my hip in a different way, expecting a yelp and getting none. Finally, he looked at me and asked, “Andie, what have you been doing?” I smiled and said, “Homeopathy baby!” He is Canadian and nodded his head enthusiastically.

He wanted to know which remedies I had taken, and I wrote them down for him. Fingers crossed he is telling his other patients and spreading the word about the efficacy of homeopathy after surgery.

I continued with the infection combination until the scab fell off my wound. At that point I discontinued it. I carried on with the trauma remedy for two months to support the healing of the bones, nerves, and soft tissue. My physical therapist was also impressed with my rapid strength gains and lack of pain. She too asked what I was doing as I was further along in my recovery than I should have been.

While recuperating, I decided to start writing a course that had been in my mind for some time, and I used myself as the perfect guinea pig. The Scar Course teaches people how to recover well after surgery using natural therapies, and I will highlight the remedies I recommend in the course.

In the course, I describe each remedy, their indications, and how to use them. While I understand this does not replace the excellence of an in-person consultation, it will certainly help people recover from surgery with therapeutic remedies.

Remedies for emotional states: Ignatia, Aconite, Triple A (AAA combination), Nux vomica. I do tell people to avoid taking Nux vom with other remedies due to its antidoting nature, but it is especially useful when the surgical patient is either detoxing from their generally stressful lives or is impatient and angry because they are helpless.

Usually only a couple of doses are needed to help a person settle down. Ignatia is recommended if the patient is grieving after surgery. I have treated women who are distraught after a hysterectomy and the loss of future children. It is also useful after mastectomy and the loss of the breasts.

Recovery remedies: Calendula and Arnica together or one of the Helios Homeopathic Pharmacy Trauma combinations: Arnica/Calendula/Hyp/Rhus/Ruta/Symp: Trauma Remedy for joints or Arn/Bell-p/Calend/Hyper/Staph: Trunk Trauma Remedy.

The Trunk Trauma Remedy is more indicated for surgery to the trunk of the body, such as C-section or breast surgery, rather than one on a joint or bone structure. Bellis Perennis, related to Arnica, helps with trauma to deeper tissues, and there can be a deep, bruised sensation after surgery.

Staphysagria is for the ill effects of being cut and there can be a sense of rage or invasion. This can be true for surgeries that result in feeling angry, as if the body has failed somehow, such as needing a hysterectomy or cancer surgery.

Infection avoidance remedy: Hepa-s/Gunpowder/Pyrogen

This combination is an excellent remedy to help prevent infection. Hepar sulph is well known for assisting with suppuration, especially when the patient is chilly and irritable. The Hepar sulph surgical patient will be exquisitely sensitive to everything.

Pyrogenium is for a more advanced infection or when there is oozing pus. A person who needs Pyrogen may feel confused, restless, aching, and sore, and may have a fever. The scar site and the person may smell offensive and septic in general.

Gunpowder is used for wounds that refuse to heal or are having a hard time knitting together. I used this remedy prophylactically and had no issues at all. As previously mentioned, we want to avoid infection after surgery to have a tidy, trouble-free scar.

Older scars: Fluoric acid, Graphites, Silica, Thiosinaminum

In The Scar Course, I also cover what to do for older scars that are causing problems. These are the remedies I recommend:

Fluoricum acidum is indicated for old scars that become red and itchy, or when the scar is surrounded by small pimples. If there is edema or swelling accompanying these symptoms, this is the best remedy.

Graphites is good for an older scar that is thick and hard or has a burning or tearing pain. The skin around the scar might be broken and sticky (like eczema or seborrhea) or be ulcerated. Graphites also helps with the absorption of scar tissue.

Silica is for scars that are painful to touch, become thickened into keloids, are nodular (lumpy or bumpy), or heal slowly. The emotional state of the patient may be shy, overly sensitive, or withdrawn. Old scars may become painful suddenly or be sore after you have been massaging and freeing the fascia.

Thiosinaminum is made from mustard seed oil and has a dissolving action on scar tissue. This remedy is used more on older scars that are restricting full range of motion. It is also indicated when there is tightness around the scar or keloid formation.

My patients at London Bridge Hospital had tremendous success with Thiosiniminum and I continue to use it in my scar clinic in Colorado. Typically, I prescribe a 12c daily for two months, dropping down the frequency with improvement.

There are times when despite all best efforts to avoid it, we need surgery. Fortunately, we can use homeopathy to help ourselves heal beautifully and get back to the lives we love faster.

Helios Homeopathic Pharmacy for combination remedies: www.helios.co.uk

The Scar Queen’s Ultimate Guide to Scars | Andie Holman Scar Queen

About the author

Andie Holman

Andie Holman is the Scar Queen. Her online course, The Scar Course, teaches people how to heal well after surgery using natural therapies. She led the Complementary Therapies Team at London Bridge Hospital for over a decade, which is where she became a scar specialist. She is professionally trained as a massage therapist, homeopath, nutritional medicine practitioner, yoga teacher, and metaphysical practitioner. She has over thirty years of experience in natural medicine and runs a scar clinic in Crested Butte, Colorado. Her website is www.scarqueen.com and she is the author of The Scar Course, Natural Defense, and the book Love Your Scar.


  • Andie, thank you for an excellent and very useful article, particularly when illustrated so nicely with your own experience.

  • do you think Thiosinaminum could help break down scar tissue after radiation. I had radiation treatment about 4 years ago and sometimes I feel like my heart is damaged. my radiation for breast cancer was only 1.5cm up from my heart. I had to take a big breath in to try and give more room/space from the treatment to me heart and lungs. I’m looking at all Rx that may help me. cheers

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    thanks for the very informative article. I wonder what type of pill format is best to take. You suggest 12c daily, of tablets or pills? If tablets how many tablets per dose? Same question if pills are purchased
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