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Using the Second Simillimum for Treating Chronic Diseases

Written by Peter Chappell

This article discusses the treatment of chronic diseases directly by the principle laid down by Hahnemann in Aphorisms 100 to 103 of the Organon. In 2002 the first designer remedy for AIDS was made and along the lines of the genus epidemicus which has subsequently proved a very reliable treatment for AIDS in Africa. After this the principle was extended to chronic diseases as these, it will be argued, are slow acutes.


This article is the result of 6 years of rapid development of homeopathic theory and practice. In 2002 the first designer remedy for AIDS was made and along the lines of the genus epidemicus, which has subsequently proved a very reliable treatment for AIDS in Africa.

Designing remedies is obviously a new step. After this other genus epidemicus remedies were made for malaria, gonorrhoea etc with similar success. This has been extensively documented in a book The Second Simillimum, published in 2005. After this the principle was extended to chronic diseases as these, it will be argued, are slow acutes, and the same principles and practices have been applied with great success.


This article discusses the treatment of chronic diseases directly by the principle laid down by Hahnemann in Aphorisms 100 to 103 of the Organon, which I have called the Second Simillimum to differentiate it from the First Simillimum, commonly synonymous with classical homeopathy. Genus epidemicus is the common name used for the Second Simillimum when applied to epidemic diseases.

I am part of an international team (see my book The Second Simillimum (Ref 2) ? Acknowledgements chapter, as there are too many people to mention here) working over a five year period so far documenting this work, so often I use ‘we’ when referring certain subjects below to indicate team input.

The Second Simillimum

Here is the Aphorism in the Organon (Ref 1) related to the main, underdeveloped part, of homeopathy, what we term the Second Simillimum.

Aphorism One Hundred Three of the Organon (Ref 1)(my underlining)

“In the same manner as has here been taught relative to the epidemic disease, which are generally of an acute character, the miasmatic chronic maladies, which, as I have shown, always remain the same in their essential nature, especially the psora, must be investigated, as to the whole sphere of their symptoms, in a much more minute manner than has ever been done before, for in them also one patient only exhibits a portion of their symptoms, a second, a third, and so on, present some other symptoms, which also are but a (dissevered, as it were), portion of the totality of the symptoms which constitute the entire extent of this malady, so that the whole array of the symptoms belonging to such a miasmatic, chronic disease, and especially to the psora, can only be ascertained from the observation of very many single patients affected with such a chronic disease, and without a complete survey and collective picture of these symptoms the medicines capable of curing the whole malady homeopathically (to wit, the antipsorics) cannot be discovered; and these medicines are, at the same time, the true remedies of the several patients suffering from such chronic affections.”

In Aphorism 102 Hahnemann also says, in relation to epidemic diseases, but I think it equally applies to chronic diseases, ‘ascertained from the suffering of patients of differing constitutions‘.

We need to think. Hahnemann lived in a time of few real diagnosed diseases and before science was applied to diseases, before microscopes let alone electron microscopes. His psora is a sort of false umbrella which we see now is in fact all the diagnosed epidemic and chronic diseases. He was immersed in the ideas of miasms, something still foggy on application and vaguely tangible before the clarity of modern disease understanding was developed.

Today we have the advantage of accurate diagnosis, specific catalogued diseases covering much of what actually exists as disease and much better ideas about miasms and diseases generally.

Either way you look at it, the same basic principle of treating epidemic diseases, the Second Simillimum, as stated by Hahnemann applies to miasms AND to specific chronic diseases – you intelligently combine what is common to a lot of cases together to find the totality and essence of the miasm or the disease. In other words there is a genus epidemicus and a genus chronicus, both forms of the Second Simillimum.

Obviously the above and this whole article raises a lot of questions, philosophical and practical, and we have provided 162 pages of these questions and answers drawing upon a myriad of sources with a thoroughness you will possibly find inspiring on www.vitalremedies.com – faqs (Ref 7) if you are of a purist frame of mind. And likewise my book ‘The Second Simillimum‘ (Ref 2) answers a myriad of unanswered questions for those of a more pragmatic approach.

In other words, homeopathy treats chronic diseases directly. Not something virtually any homeopath has stated, recognised or applied, with the exception of complex homeopathy and various other ad hoc methods where treating diseases has been tried in a limited way, without guiding principles like the Second Simillimum.

This is a fundamental missing point in homeopathy that was almost ignored for 200 years. That the principles and practice of how to treat diseases directly existed from the time of Hahnemann within homeopathy.

Medical science has been ignored

It is hard to see why homeopathy was not used to treat diseases by the Second Simillimum totality method advocated in Organon, Aphorism 103 from its inception, except for the obvious fact that no single remedy was found for any chronic disease, by proving or clinical experience. There are many examples of the Second Simillimum in epidemic diseases, for example with Lathyrus sativus for Polio and China – Cinchona officinalis for Malaria but even here they are not foolproof – see Ref 7 -faqs for an in depth discussion of this. Here is a brief quote from the reference. It was in fact on the genius epidemicus group totality (Second Simillimum) and the survival record of those treated with it during deadly epidemics that homeopathy made its major flourish in the populations of rural and urban America. The names of the doctors of the victims of a fatal epidemic were sometimes listed in the newspaper alongside the name of the dead patient— as they were in Cincinatti, Ohio. The homeopathic doctors had dramatically lower death rates – and this tended to be a great marketing angle. Bradford?s The Logic of Figures is one book that summarises the level of success of the genius epidemicus as well as individualised treatment. Many virulent epidemics were in fact covered by one remedy for all sufferers as curative and prophylactic?such as Crot. horridus as a genius epidemicus which saved many thousands from death by Yellow Fever in the American South in an epidemic in the 1870s. (Saine, 1988; see also Bradford Logic of Figures). See Ref 7 -faqs

So why is there not a complete list of remedies for epidemic diseases that reliably work, one for each infectious disease? Why did the treatment of chronic disease not get developed similarly as diagnosis became a science? Why, I ask, was this almost completely overlooked? What was there to stop a homeopath accumulating thirty well diagnosed cases of ulcerative colitis for example and forming the totality and essence of these and from this the indicated Second Simillimum remedy(s). Is there not a deep confusion hidden here within homeopathy? A prejudice?, A blind spot?, A taboo? Were we just asleep?

Homeopathy has been ignored

Because the stupendous advances in medicine have not fundamentally influenced homeopathy, has, I suggest, resulted in almost total alienation of homeopathy from the medical fraternity. You cannot ignore a fundamental medical scientific advance like diagnosis and expect to be accepted as sane. (Homeopathy has obviously also been sidelined because it threatens pharmaceuticals, partly because the science of potentisation is still unknown, and as well as because it uses some arcane language but fundamentally the alienation is due to not treating pathology directly, in my analysis).

Second Simillimum Remedies

I wanted the ‘Lathyrus for polio’ prescription for AIDS (Ref 6). I had the Second Simillimum picture of what I wanted Ref 2, Chapter 8, and I repertorised it for weeks seeking a solution – I had the latest software (MacRep and Radar) donated to me. I did not find any ?aha? experience and I needed one in my position then in Ethiopia. I decided to reverse engineer the process, to create the Second Similimum in water. See Chapter 8 again. I thus solved this technology problem of how to create a remedy to treat a specific epidemic disease, using the Second Similimum principle, in January 2002. I designed one remedy called PC1 for AIDS (based on the totality extracted from 70 cases) (Ref 7-AIDS) that works in everyone in Africa as far as we have seen, and keeps them well for three years at least, on multiple locations over a 5 year period (1000s of cases across Africa). The results of this new AIDS treatment using PC1 has been demonstrated in Africa over three years – Rwanda, The Congo, Cameroon, South Africa, Swaziland, Uganda, Malawi (over a three year period), Kenya, Central African Republic, Ethiopia, etc. Also from India similar reports have been received. The clinical observation is that people get well from all symptoms quickly, including opportunistic infections, can work again and feel very well in weeks and stay well for years. It seems that PC1 always works for AIDS in Africa, except if there is starvation or regular reinfection. This does not rule out finding by conventional means a remedy for AIDS, and I know homeopaths like Jeremy Scher have serious ideas about this, as have the complex remedy advocates, see Canova – Ref 14, for an example of Aconite, Arsenicum, Bryonia, Lachesis and Thuja as a complex remedy for AIDS.

It may turn out that there really is a single homeopathic remedy made by normal means for every epidemic disease, it just needs a lot of work to produce the list. It just has not been done.


Nosodes in theory (all the world in a grain of sand) represent the totality of the epidemic disease, the Second Simillimum. They are made from, and therefore should be the Second Similimums for epidemic diseases. AIDS would be cured by the AIDS nosode for example. In fact they don’t. I do not know why, for if they did, much of allopathy would cease to exist or not have come into being. They do not treat the full effects of the acute, sub-acute, chronic and miasmic effects, great as they are.

PC Second Simillimum remedies do seem to treat epidemic diseases in sub acute and chronic situations, and this seems to confirm that they do contain the similarity to the epidemic disease. We have, for example, seen about one hundred cases of gonorrhoea from sub acute to latent successfully treated with PC Gonorrhoea (private unpublished results, Ref 15). So in my opinion, nosodes may potentially be replaced by the more effective Second Simillimum remedies for epidemic disease like Lathyrus and PC remedies. More results are needed to verify this. This might be forced upon us anyway as there are concerns about nosodes being banned.

Second Similimum Remedies for chronic diseases.

The first chronic disease remedy in homeopathy was Carcinosin and I have a five year example of a complete cure of an advanced cancer using Carcinosin see my book Ref 4 – Carcinosin pg 185). However, judging from Dr Ramakrishnan work (ref 13) this nosode is not sufficient so I deduce Carcinosin does not cover the cancer totality, and is not a Second Similimum remedy for cancer. And I suggest Dr Ramakrishan?s work is exactly trying, by complex means, to fill the gap because the Second Simillimum principle has not been recognised, developed and applied. The same for complex homeopathy, it exists, by default, as classical theory had been frozen in the First Simillimum.

Besides Carcinosin, I know of no other idea for a normal homeopathic remedy for any chronic disease, a single remedy that always works for diabetes for example, and it is surprising none have been discovered by experience or provings, when they have for epidemic diseases.

I deduced that chronic diseases are specific outcomes of miasmic complexes as Hahnemann suggests, and there is emerging science to support this, see Microcompetition with foreign DNA and the Origin of Chronic Disease. Ref 9 and stealth viruses, Ref 10. So there is logic to my suggestion the genus chronicus remedies could already exist or ought to.

So after a lot of experience of creating Second Simillimum remedies for epidemic diseases I moved on to producing Second Simillimum remedies for chronic disease. I call all these PC Remedies as a short hand. I have now made a fairly significant set of PC Remedies for chronic diseases, based on the Second Simillimum principle i.e. the fully documented meaning of the diagnosis. See vitalremedies.com, Ref 7 – remedies for a list and likewise – faqs for a set of diagnostic references. I should mention here that I have formulated several other new(?) ideas which I consider to be major advances within homeopathy which are outside the brief of this article but influence significantly the way and types of chronic diseases I address by the Second Similimum, and these are reflected in the lists just mentioned and the ideas are detailed in Ref 8.


As mentioned above, Second Simillimum remedies have been used in numerous epidemic diseases – malaria, gonorrhoea, bubonic plague, leprosy, etc, in hundreds of cases, as well as thousands of AIDS cases mentioned above to great effect. These remedies seem very reliable in treating epidemic diseases.

Second simillimum remedies are now being used in a wide range of chronic diseases and results have been reported that are sometimes beyond anything previously achieved using First Simillimum methods. Two year long, well documented cases are heading towards publication. One year long case studies have been published in Homeopathic Links (Dec 05) Ref 4. Results in MS (many cases), CFS, Parkinson?s, Alzheimer?s and many other diseases have been reported to me from many sources. A Parkinson?s patient showed an improvement that the neurologist stated he had never seen before – duration of follow-up more than two years. Slowly we are receiving feedback from homeopaths around the world, and a body of evidence is building up that Second Similimum based remedies can be very helpful in the treatment of chronic diseases.

It’s too early yet for many substantive, fully documented cases. One homeopath of repute reported anecdotally that he had a success rate of 80% in treating chronic cases where often he was not succeeding. This as from 25 chronic diseases cases treated over a one year period.

The results are, however, variable; some homeopaths are extremely pleased with their results, a few disappointed. Part of this is due to the sheer complexity of treating serious pathology, and understanding the many dimensions involved. The Second Simillimum chronic disease remedies require skilled use since recovery in advanced pathology can be tricky and pose serious management problems and requires First and Second Similimum (genus epidemicus and chronicus) prescriptions intelligently prescribed as would be expected.

A key point is that at some stage in the development of a disease within a person the centre of gravity of the case moves from constitutional to disease, from First to Second simillimum. I postulate that a disease is based upon an energy centre, like a germ (bacteria, virus, fungi, and parasite) is the energy focus for a miasm. This disease energy centre, see Ref 9 and Ref 10 – stealth viruses, is potentially like or is a germ, embedded in the DNA and in the body fluids (Ref 8). It is also much stronger than any personal constitution, as, like a virus, it has probably existed for millions of years and exists in millions of people, and is one global entity with a purpose and a consciousness we are mostly unaware of. As it invades us in the trillions that are common with viruses, it systematically overwhelms us.

We cannot see a germ, but this invisibility is deceptive. We don’t see its power, yet we know germs are seriously powerful regulators of human beings as a group. Just the epidemic diseases alone killed more people last century than all the wars and dictators combined (and I estimate the latter as at least a hundred million people) by quite a margin in my personal estimate according to how you do the sums.

We have investigated the energy centre consciousness for several diseases, see Ref 11 for example, which confirms the above thesis.

At end point pathology, the disease vital force is overwhelming and everything is pathology with often, but not always, little or no First Simillimum signs, or at some point in the progress of a disease where First Simillimum remedies are often no longer deeply effective. One observation is that if the First Simillimum remedy works, but the pathology advances, or just stalls, then the disease remedy, the Second Simillimum is then indicated and works. Vice versa also may apply. When no First Simillimum has worked, i.e. the cause is still active, the Second Simillimum remedy cannot act, as the cause is still operating. In MS for example, if the person is trapped in an impossible situation, the forming force of the disease could still be still active. If a ‘trapped? and ?MS? remedy, see Ref 12 for the rubrics, like Lathyrus sativa were to then work, but the improvement on pathology were poor, the MS disease remedy should then act.

Are PC remedies real and homeopathic?

Information on the design process of PC remedies is provided in Ref 2, Chapter 12. There is a valid criticism, however, of my designed remedies as I don’t reveal the full design process, unlike Hahnemann. The reasons for this withholding are substantial and longer than this article. However we have attempted to satisfy this by other means.

An independent proving was conducted in India on PC Cancer and the conclusion is that PC Cancer is specific to cancer. See Ref 7 – remedies – cancer for this.

This picture (seen better on Ref 7) shows energy patterns produced by a PC remedy. This photo was taken in Japan and the intricate and beautiful crystals means there is substantial information present in the water of PC1, according to an expert close to Masaru Emoto, whose laboratory made these pictures for us. Other experimental evidence is being actively sought.

The fact that PC Second Similimum remedies are found to work exactly as indicated and reliably across a wide range of epidemic diseases and not quite reliably for chronic diseases, and work in several stages of epidemic diseases from sub-acute to latent, and in deep chronic pathology, that significant provings corresponds exactly to the intended action, and the crystal photos show organised complexity of information, all tend to support that these PC remedies are in fact very similar to being homeopathic information imprinted in water to a Simillimum pattern.

Conclusion to using Organon Aphorism 103 for diseases

This new development updates some of the now primitive, then brilliant, miasmic disease ideas of Hahnemann and unites homeopathy with modern medical diagnosis. In some cases where there is simply clear pathology, no remaining cause, and nothing else, diagnosis = remedy. Results verify this new approach. This makes homeopathic treatment more complete, clearer, more effective and less complex. Generally an intelligent combination of First and Second Similimum remedies is required.


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PC-remedies can be ordered at three pharmacies. Instructions how to use the remedies are available in English, German and Dutch. There is no potency as such.

The remedies can be ordered as granules, from which the homeopath him/herself can prepare a dilution for the patient (instructions enclosed) or as dilutions that can be mailed to the homeopath or directly to the patient.

For German speaking countries: Apotheke zum Hl. Florian in Austria: [email protected]
For English speaking countries: www.helioslondon.com
For Dutch, English and German speaking countries: [email protected]


Peter Chappell FSHom.

Peter Chappell has seven grandchildren and was a founder of the UK Society of Homeopaths. Over the last decade of the 20th century he was involved, as the creative driving force and principal of a college of homeopathy, in putting homeopathy on the map in around fifteen countries where previously it did not exist. Many millions of people have access to homeopathy as a result of this team initiative. In the last five years he has worked mostly in Africa on AIDS and in the last years on other diseases as well world wide. See Ref 7 – Peter Chappell for more information. He lives in the remote mountains of the Czech Republic and can be contacted by [email protected] and free videophone via Skype – stanlake.

About the author

Peter Chappell

Peter Chappell was a founder and co-creator of the UK Society of Homeopaths, and prior to this an aircraft and then business machines research and development engineer, with patents in air navigation, word processors and the internet, before these latter two things became well known realities. He became a homeopath when he was around 30 and created/directed three significant clinics in London at various stages of his homeopathic practice. He made the first homoeopathic repertory computer, the Micropath, that worked effectively in the consulting room. In the 1990’s he directed homeopathic training programs in 20 countries where previously Homeopathy hardly existed. In celebration of his 60th birthday in 2001 he went to Ethiopia to start his work on AIDS, and at least 10,000 people are alive and well because of this. Peter lives on Dartmoorin, in the UK and has three children and eight grandchildren. You can access all his websites, organisation, blogs, remedies etc. through Amma-Networks.com. He does not run a practice.

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