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Vaccination Links and Resources

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Apart from the articles published in the November 2008 issue of Homeopathy for Everyone focusing on Vaccination and Homeopathy [1], here are some links to other excellent articles on vaccination from both the general and homeopathic perspective.

Articles from the Homeopathic Perspective on Vaccination

Tidbits 49: Everything You Know About Vaccinations Is Wrong! [2] – Elaine Lewis

A Shot of Deceit: CBC Marketplace, Homeopathy, and Vaccination [3] – Beth Landau-Halpern

Understanding Homeopathic Prophylaxis in Reference to Pediatrics [4] – Cathy Lemmon

Hahnemann’s Views on Vaccination: A Reply to Peter Fisher [5] – Rudi Verspoor

Italy, Vaccines and Corruption [6] – Alan Schmukler

Something Fishy About Vaccines [7] – Alan Schmukler

Vaccines [8] – John Weir

A Brief Introduction to Vaccines and Vaccine Exemptions [9] – Alan Phillips

VACCINES, DRUGS, AND OTHER CAUSES: A Homeopath Looks at the Medical System [10] – Richard Moskowitz

Homeopathic Alternatives to Vaccines [11] – Richard Pitcairn

Vaccines : Untested, Unsafe and Unnecessary [12] – Leo Rebello

HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT The Role of Vaccines in Chronic Disease [13] – Richard Moskowitz

A Letter to the CDC – Forced Vaccination [14] – Lucy Cole

Exposing Fraudulent Arguments That Favor Forced Mass Vaccination [15] – Tetyana Obukhanych

Keeping the conversation open: A physician’s thoughts on vaccination [16] – Michelle Veneziano

Vaccination & Small Pox [17] – James Compton Burnet

Vaccination [18] – M. L. Tyler

My Experience with Vaccinations [19] – Lucy De Pieri

Vaccination and Homoeopathy [20] – Rupali Bhalerao

Vaccinations: Just Say No! [21] – Elaine Lewis

Vaccinations and Homeopathy [22] – Johann Loibner

Commentary on Vaccinations [23] – Bernard Poitevin

Rudi Verspoor – Immunization in Hahnemann’s System of Medicine [24]

Homeopathy Not Vaccines [25] – C. J. Varghese

Book Review of Vaccination & Homeoprophylaxis? A Review of Risks and Alternatives by Issac Golden [26]

Book Review of Homeoprophylaxis – A Fifteen Year Clinical Study by Issac Golden [27]

Interview with Dr. Isaac Golden [28]

Homoeoprophylaxis: An Historical Snapshot – Isaac Golden [29]

Homoeopathic Immunisation Against Leptospirosis in Cuba – Isaac Golden [30]

Why You Should Not Vaccinate [31] – Pat Mckay

Walter S. Hadwen M.D. Sanitation vs Vaccination -The Origin of Smallpox [32]

General Information on Vaccines

National Vaccine Information Center :

http://www.nvic.org/ [33]

Many articles may be found on this consumer website. Vaccine research, legislation, cases etc. An excellent resource

Vaccine Website

http://www.whale.to/vaccines.html [34]

Many articles on various aspects of vaccination

Think Twice – Global Vaccine Institute

http://www.thinktwice.com/ [35]

Solid research on effects of vaccines

Vaccine Information and Choice Network

http://www.nccn.net/~wwithin/vaccine.htm [36]
National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program

http://www.hrsa.gov/vaccinecompensation/ [37]
Vaccination Liberation

http://www.vaclib.org/links/jockslinks.htm#press [38]

Links to many websites related to vaccination, vaccine damage or vaccine injury, vaccine compensation etc

[39] [40]