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What Led Me to Become a Homeopath?

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Written by Alan V. Schmukler

Five homeopaths describe their journey to homeopathy – Francis Treuherz, Tracy Ferriss, Dr. Sujata Naik, Lynne Shrubb, Niki Galiano. If you’d like to share your story, send it to [email protected]

What Led Me to Become a Homeopath?

Francis Treuherz

I was a successful patient. I had psoriasis created by too many x-rays of my feet as a child to fit shoes, as was customary in the 1940s and 1950s.  My father worked in the leather industry. I had at times over 50% body coverage. I consulted a homeopath in about 1973. I was 80% better in 2 months and that was not even my presenting complaint, which was NBWS hepatitis.

I was so impressed that I began an academic social science PhD about homeopathy as a phenomenon. My possible title was to be ‘The Social construction of a rejected science: homeopathy’. My first 2 chapters were to be on Kent and on Steiner.

(This led to friendship with the late Harris Coulter and Julian Winston.)


and this one published a little later

On the way I discovered a new homeopathy school in London, enrolled, and then abandoned my PhD and became a homeopath instead, qualifying in 1984. I carried on exploring the literature which resulted from 1987, in contributions to MacRepertory through collaboration with my dear friend, the late David Warkentin. I edited the UK Society of Homeopaths journal for 10 years and am again on the Board. I now have well over 11,000 volumes of books and journals.If I want to start my PhD again can anyone suggest a university that might take a mature student?

Francis Treuherz, MA, RSHom, FSHom, lives in London with his wife, 2 sons, a library of 11,400 volumes on homeopathy, old bottles, medicine cases, portraits, and ephemera. After training, he has practiced homeopathy since1984 including 13 years in the National Health Service. He has written many historical and clinical articles, reviews, a research report, and 2 books. He serves on the Board of the Society of Homeopaths and was editor of their journal, The Homeopath, for 10 years. www.homeopathyhelpline.com 


From Disbelief to Homeopathy

Tracy Ferriss

When I first came across Homeopathy, I was determined to prove it rubbish.I was incredulous; how can intelligent, sane people believe in this white pill nonsense? They must be weak willed, gullible or soft in the head!I was furious because I had spent cash on Pulsatilla 30c and it hadn’t solved my period pain! I threw the pills in the bin and vowed that if I ever met a Homeopath I would grill him!

Years went by and I ignored and avoided anything to do with Homeopathy until a homeopath came to my workplace. She was doing a lunchtime talk for a health promotion day. I sat in the front row with my questions on a piece of paper and when my chance came, I enquired as to why the pills I had bought hadn’t worked for my problem. She kindly and patiently explained that dysmenorrhoea in Homeopathy, is seen as an acute of a chronic condition and that it needed to be addressed with an in-depth consultation before prescription. I understood the necessity of the consultation but I still wasn’t convinced of the efficacy of the remedies. I was however, impressed by her professionalism and found her to be reasonable and practical.

More years passed by and I found myself one weekend with a painful ear infection.

I rang the same Homeopath and told her of my symptoms. She listened to me and asked a few questions and said that she would put something in the post providing I came for a proper consultation in a few days. When the remedy arrived, I nearly fell through the floor – it was Pulsatilla again!! (Only this time in the 200th potency.) So, respecting the contract and trusting her judgement, I took the remedy and promptly fell into a very deep and dreamful sleep. After an hour, I awoke with no pain and I felt more refreshed and also a little hungry. Over the next 24hours I continued to improve and went for my consultation the following week.

I found the homeopathic consultation reassuring and positive. It felt good to talk about my health, my medical history and my individual symptoms.

I was now intrigued and curious about Homeopathy as I had experienced it for myself, both in a positive way and also in a negative way. One Saturday morningI decided to pop into the Royal Homeopathic Hospital in Great Ormond Street and have a look at their book sale. The first book I picked up was the Repertory by J. T. Kent and it fell open onto a page that I have not forgotten since!

Mind; Delusions, Giraffe, Imagines Himself to be: Cannabis-indica

I laughed – poor old Cannabis indica – both cursed and exalted! The fact that I had found this as a remedy in a book, smacked to be of rebellion and irony. I was enthralled and mystified! I knew I had to find out more about this subject – how can studying Homeopathy ever be dull?I promptly signed up for the practitioner’s course at the London School of Classical Homeopathy and have never looked back!After seventeen years in practice, Homeopathy is a constant study and it never ceases to fascinate me both in clinic and in professional development. It is used around the world and many doctors, vets and dentists use it as a complementary form of medicine.

Tracy Ferriss LLSCH, MCMAtrained at the London School of Classical Homeopathy and has been practising both Homeopathy and Reflexology for over seventeen years. She works in Twickenham in Greater London.



My Journey to Homeopathy

Dr.Sujata Naik

Of all the things that I thought I would do, I had never, ever imagined I would become a homeopath. This is more than three decades ago when my dream of becoming a ‘medical doctor ‘ was shattered when I missed the admission by the whisker of a couple of marks. Homeopathy as suggested by kind, sympathetic (sic!) neighbours was the next option, as it being a parallel medicine course would give me the license to work as a general practitioner(allopathy). My family realising my desperation to become a doctor egged me on. For several months, I battled an identity crisis, fervently reading Gray’s Anatomy, Guyton,’s Physiology and every textbook onfirst year medical subjects, so that I could ‘be on par ‘ with my friends who had succeeded entry to medical schools. Homeopathy as a full time academic medical course was not very well known then, with only one college in Mumbai. It was more like a weekend correspondence course for bored housewives, hypochondriacs and health freaks. Adding to my depression was one incident when I bumped into my neighbour, a genial 70 year old uncle, a retired banker turned self-taught homeopath, with long queues of patients outside his door every morning!

He warmly asked me what I was ‘studying ‘. ‘Homeopathy!’ I declared.To that, his response ‘that’s nice …but how do you manage your college if you are studying homeopathy?’  had me red faced and embarrassed with a terrible desire for the earth to open up and swallow me! However, the turning point in my converting into a staunch homeopath came within the next couple of months when I witnessed a case of a diabetic carbuncle treated at our OPD with just a few doses of Secale cornutum. The ease and rapidity with which the pathology was arrested was impressive to say the least. And then there was no looking back! Week after week I saw the power of homeopathy being unraveled with cases of asthma, sinusitis, spondyloses,duodenalulcers, eczemas and allergies being treated effectively and so very gently. Thus began a neverending love story between me and homeopathy with the bond getting stronger with each passing year. Today I am a proud homeopath, humbled by this great science founded by a great man.What if I had taken up conventional medicine? Would I have been as successful? Well, what can one say of the path not travelled? All I can say is that Homeopathy has made me a more mature, more empathetic healer. Not to say that it has given me my bread, butter and champagne too!

Dr. Sujata Naik has an MD Homeopathy from Mumbai University and has been practising homeopathy for more than thirty years. She runs a chain of clinics in Mumbai and has also been attached to Walawalkar Rural hospital and Research Centre near Chiplun in Maharashtra for 5 years. Dr. Naik conducts homeopathy camps with extensive clinical trials and research studies. Her book ‘ The Wellness Shots’ on daily health tips has made it to the best sellers list on Notion Press. She was awarded Best Research Poster on PCOS at first International Dubai Ayush Conference in 2017. Herdream is to make homeopathy a part of primary healthcare in India and the world!


My Path to Homeopathy

Lynne Shrubb

When my third child was diagnosed with ADHD at age 3, and though we had no knowledge at that time of an alternative approach to health, we knew instinctively that we didn’t want our son to be put on Ritalin with the chance of curtailed growth and or sterility….so we started on a long (and sometimes expensive) journey to find a non-drug solution. This journey stopped when we found that Homeopathy was able to change so positively our child’s very difficult behaviour in the beginning to the chlorine in swimming pool water and thereafter to physical and to mental / emotional challenges too.

I then developed an allergy to a new cat which caused me wheezing, swollen lips and tongue and whilst I parked her back at the Cats Protection League I visited a homeopath again and the treatment enabled me to collect the cat (who was quite grumpy with me by now) and I had no reaction whatsoever to being near her again and I have had several cats since.

When I got to the stage in my life when I wanted to change my career to a more creatively caring role, my choice was either herbs or Homeopathy and Homeopathy won out because I felt it offered a deeper way to understand and solve health problems.

Though at one stage we were told by ‘educationalists’ that our son would be better off in a ‘special’ school where they lock children in and out of every room and where there would be no chance of even GCSEs, we saw no reason to change the homeopathic route.We then moved our child to a much better school and he went on to gain great “A” levels and to study successfully engineering at one of our top UK universities and now has an established career which he enjoys and where it seems his not inconsiderable skills are well appreciated. And like me, homeopathy is his first port of call when it comes to solving any health problem.

I am now in my 10th year post study and am still learning new things about health and how amazingly useful homeopathy can be in normalising a vast range of health problems and I sincerely hope this story inspires others to take the same wonderful journey as me.

Peace and love,

Lynne Shrubb,

Lynne Shrubb, LCH, MARH, RHom : I ran my own Nanny Agency for 16yrs until 2009 when I completed successfully my homeopath training. Training to become a homeopath at Homeopathy College in Birmingham was one of the best decisions I have ever made as day by day I continue to grow my practise, born out of the growing list of positive outcomes in a wide range of both acute and chronic health problems. I am also a CEASE therapist and a big supporter of MDITI Infra-red Breast Screening and for the last 5 years have been arranging Safe Breast Screening Clinics for the women (and men) of Gloucestershire in my Homeopathic Clinic in Coombe Hill. www.healthyfutures4you.co.uk, www.safebreastcare.co.uk


My Journey to Homeopathy

Niki Galiano

I was in pharmacy school the first time I ever heard about homeopathy. Our professor explained homeopathy to us for a few minutes, and then he said “Common sense tells us that homeopathy shouldn’t work…and yet it does work… and we don’t know why.”

Many years later, on a beautiful spring day, I drove 80 miles to visit a friend of mine. When I got there, the trees were in full bloom, and I was in the middle of a full blown allergy attack. I was literally sneezing 20 times in a row, I couldn’t see, my eyes were watering, my entire head was congested, and my nose wouldn’t stop running. It was awful. I couldn’t take antihistamines, because of a medical condition,so finally, after my millionth sneeze, my friend offered me a homeopathic remedy made from the pollen of the local trees. I tried it, and I was totally amazed. Within a few minutes, my symptoms cleared up and I was completely fine. Wow. That was powerful stuff. And no side effects!

Years later, while working as a hypnotherapist, there was an issue with a particular patient that was perplexing me. I asked myself out loud “What am I missing?” and a little voice said to me, clear as day, “Homeopathy.” Now, in the past, whenever I heard that little voice in my ear, it was never wrong. So, I signed up for homeopathy school to see what this little voice was trying to tell me. As soon as I learned about the homeopathic miasms, I realized that is what I was missing. Not only in hypnosis, but also in pharmacy, too.  So many of the things I saw in patients while working as a pharmacist in the hospitals all those years just suddenly made so much more sense. It all just clicked together.  I even remember the exact moment when I thought “Oh my God…Miasms must be due to bacteria causing changes in a person’s DNA!” (But that’s another subject entirely.)

These days, I only work as a pharmacist occasionally, but whenever patients ask me for a recommendation for something “natural”, I will often recommend a homeopathic remedy, if the case calls for it, and when the remedy is clear. And it always brings me great joy when they come back and tell me later on how well it worked.

Niki Galiano, PharmD is a pharmacist with a passion for homeopathy, hypnosis, and other holistic therapies. For fun, she enjoys doing stand-up comedy, taking wildlife photography, and writing books and comedy screenplays. Her hypnosis website is www.galianohypnosis.com, and she specializes in making personalized hypnosis MP3s for people anywhere in the world.

About the author

Alan V. Schmukler

Alan V. Schmukler is a homeopath, Chief Editor of Homeopathy for Everyone and author of ”Homeopathy An A to Z Home Handbook”, (also in French, German, Greek, Polish and Portuguese). He is Hpathy’s resident cartoonist and also produces Hpathy’s Tips & Secrets column and homeopathy Crossword puzzles each month. Alan is a recipient of the National Center for Homeopathy Martha Oelman Community Service Award. Visit Alan at his website: Here.

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