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Why Should I Go to a Homeopath When I Can See a “Real” Doctor Instead?

Written by Elaine Lewis

A new study shows doctors are prescribing too many antibiotics for sore throats and acute bronchitis. Antibiotics don’t work against viruses, the study found. Some drugs actually cause diabetes, cancer, stroke and heart disease, says Dr. David Perry. Perry: Modern medicine has no hypothesis, no laws, no principles about what it’s doing.

The Price Is Right?

Bob Barker

People tend to make us their last stop, after their “real” doctor has exhausted every drug and surgical procedure at his disposal; but, also because, as I’ve been told, “My insurance doesn’t cover you.”  But what are you getting for “nothing”, a deluge of drug side-effects that could conceivably ruin your life?  You could be looking at skin rashes, impotence, blood diseases like ITP, headaches, nausea, seizures, chronic fatigue, nerve and muscle pain, loss of bladder control, dizziness, mood changes; and indeed, some drugs actually cause diabetes, cancer, stroke and heart disease.  That’s quite a constellation of “prizes”! 

As my teacher, Dr. Robin Murphy, once famously said, “Modern medicine has no hypothesis, no laws, no principles about what it’s doing.”  Despite good marks in trauma care and diagnostics, in the care of chronic disease, modern medicine falls flat; even in acute disease there’s often a lot to be desired.  For one thing, imagine having no cure for viruses!  How is that possible?  Think about coughs, colds, sore throats, the flu, bronchitis, pneumonia, the childhood diseases–all viruses!  And how does your doctor respond?  With a prescription for antibiotics!  But antibiotics don’t work against viruses!  I know this comes as a surprise to many.  See below on how big a problem this really is:

Prescriptions for Viral Infections Threaten Effectiveness of Antibiotics

A vast majority of people who see their doctors for sore throats or acute bronchitis receive antibiotics; yet, only a small percentage should, according to analyses of two major national surveys being presented at IDWeek 2013™. Those illnesses usually are caused by viruses, and antibiotics – which only treat bacterial infections – do not help.  Harvard University researchers analyzed the National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey and National Hospital Ambulatory Medical Care Survey and determined that doctors prescribed antibiotics in 60 percent of visits for sore throats and 73 percent of visits for acute bronchitis. The antibiotic prescribing rate should be about 10 percent for sore throats and nearly zero for acute bronchitis.


How can you explain a mistake in prescribing of this magnitude?  Are doctors not taught in medical school what antibiotics are for?  If so, that’s quite an oversight!  Are they knowingly giving the wrong medicine?  Or maybe they just don’t care?  Maybe they’d rather give “something” than have to admit, “Hey, we got nothin’!”  

Do you want more shocking news?

Is US Health Really the Best in the World?

Barbara Starfield, MD, MPH
JAMA. 2000;284(4):483-485. doi:10.1001/jama.284.4.483.


12,000 Americans die each year from unnecessary surgeries

20-30 percent of patients receive contraindicated care

44,000-98,000 deaths per year from from medical errors

7,000 deaths per year from medication errors in hospitals

20,000 deaths per year from other errors in hospitals

80,000 deaths per year from hospital infections

106,000 deaths per year from side effects of drugs

Over 1.4 million Emergency Room visits per year caused by pharmaceutical drugs.  http://www.cdc.gov/homeandrecreationalsafety/overdose/facts.html

Total USA in-hospital deaths per year caused by mainstream medicine:  225,000 

As bad as these statistics are, you can be sure they’re under-reported.  Hospitals don’t want to be sued and colleagues cover up for each other.  It certainly doesn’t inspire confidence in the medical community.  

If Modern Medicine has any treatment “principle” at all, it can best be summed up as: Symptoms need to be suppressed!  But suppression is not cure.  Suppression only means “held back by force”, meaning the complaint is always right beneath the surface, ready to bounce back when the medicine wears off!  

Would we tolerate this level of “expertise” in any other field?  Imagine a brick-layer trying to explain why the wall he built could collapse at any time unless he can come back monthly for re-cementing.  Imagine the roofer saying that no one has yet to figure out how to keep roofing shingles from falling off without repeated monthly re-attachments.  “There’s just no real cure for a leaky roof,” he explains.  “Someday a cure will be found, we’re working on it! We’re racing for the cure!  Until then, see you in a month!”  In fact, what would our world look like if doctors were in charge of it?  Planes would fall out of the sky, buildings would collapse, water pipes would burst…      

Did you ever stop to wonder what your doctor means when he says, “There’s no cure for this disease”?   He only means there’s no drug!  That’s all he means!  Now, I know that some of you are thinking, “Well of course that’s all he means!  Drugs are all we have!  Drugs are all there is!”  No, I’m afraid not.  Drugs are a relatively recent invention.  They exist because of their amazing profitability, not because they actually fix anything.  I don’t want to imply that they have no place. They do have a place, but they are not all there is.   

It’s like a supermarket with only one vegetable — spinach.  You go to the manager to complain.  “Where are all the other vegetables?”  He says, “We have vegetables, they’re right there, see?  Spinach!”  Imagine him steadfastly refusing to acknowledge the existence of other vegetables.  Only spinach exists as far as this grocer is concerned, all the other vegetables are, according to him, fake!  (Then, of course, you find out the grocer owns a spinach farm!)  

Conventional medicine has decided there’s only one legitimate treatment– pharmaceutical drugs–and everything else is fake: Medicinal foods, super foods, vitamin and mineral supplements, raw juices, acupuncture, herbal medicine, homeopathy, reiki, Transcendental Meditation, high-dose Vitamin C, cranial osteopathy … all fake, “quackery”, according to modern medicine; so much so that if you’re dying, rather than say, “I could refer you to a naturopath or a homeopath since there’s nothing more we can do for you,” the hospital would prefer that you just die.  And why?  Because the drug companies, yes, it’s all about the drug companies, can’t let wind of any other kind of medicine leak out into the general public!  And especially if IT succeeded after conventional medicine failed?  Oh my gosh, how would that look?  At no place is this more apparent than at the FDA.  See below from the FDA’s own website:

“If a dietary supplement label includes such a claim [that it can improve your health], it must state in a “disclaimer” that FDA has not evaluated the claim. The disclaimer must also state that the dietary supplement product is not intended to ‘diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease,’ because only a drug can legally make such a claim.”


So there you have it, folks; only drugs can legally treat disease; so, “no cure” means simply “no drug”.  

“You mean there may actually be a cure for my disease and they won’t tell me?”

YES, that’s what I mean!  It’s unfortunate that the one thing they allow themselves to use doesn’t cure anything!  Drug “therapy” never gets to the bottom of what’s wrong with you, it only suppresses symptoms so that you’re unaware of them for a brief period of time, which brings us to the other big failing of modern medicine, in case I haven’t already mentioned it: Drugs can’t cure a single chronic disease! 

How do we know drugs can’t cure, that all they do is suppress?  Because if you stop your drug, your symptoms come roaring back, often worse than before!  It’s called “rebound”, and indeed, the package insert that comes with your drug often says as much.  For example, here is the warning that comes with the high blood pressure drug, Coreg, a beta blocker:

“You should not stop using Coreg suddenly. Stopping suddenly may make your condition worse.”  


Yes, you went to the doctor thinking he was going to make you better.  Why are treatments that don’t cure so readily acceptable to us?  Because most of us don’t realize that we’re not going to be cured.  If this were explained to us, I think there would be a justifiable uproar.

 Don’t Paint Over The Sign!  

So now we know that the goal of drug therapy is to suppress symptoms, or “manage” them, as they say in the profession; “cure” is not the goal; so, it would behoove us, then, to ask what, exactly, a symptom is; what are they suppressing?  

A symptom is a SIGN that there is a problem; it, in itself, is NOT the problem, the problem is the thing that is causing the symptom.  If your car’s “check engine” light comes on, that’s a symptom; but, no one considers that to be the problem; the problem is the unknown issue that made the light come on!  That’s what has us concerned!  We want the CAUSE fixed!  We don’t want the mechanic to unscrew the bulb that lights up the “check engine” sign, turning the light off doesn’t change anything!  But that’s all your doctor is doing, that’s what drugs do–they “paint over the sign.”  

“Your cough won’t bother you now, Mrs. Higgins; that prescription I wrote out for you depresses the cough center in your brain, you’ll stop feeling the urge to cough now.”  

“But wait, what’s causing the cough?  Hello…?”

The cause of a cough, or almost any illness, is usually a virus, and we already mentioned that the doctor has no cure for viruses; so, all he can do is suppress the cough center with drugs.  For all their expensive “training”, and all they charge, they’re certainly not accomplishing very much! 

So now here’s another problem: the doctor or hospital is often beholden to the very corporate interests that cause disease in the first place!  You will never see mainstream medicine come out against any questionable practice in the fast food industry, or factory farming, or GMO’s, or over-use of antibiotics in farm animals, use of pesticides on crops, artificial sweeteners, nor any commercial product or endeavor that the hospital itself may have an economic interest in!  You have to ask yourself: why is McDonalds allowed to set up in hospitals?  How did that happen? Why did the hospital feel that this would be acceptable when fast food is famously implicated in the obesity epidemic which leads to so many diseases like diabetes and heart disease?  The only way it makes sense is if there are interlocking corporate interests.  

It took doctors decades just to come out against smoking!  Doctors actually used to be in commercials recommending brands of cigarettes.  

An associate of mine who was diagnosed with colitis last year asked her doctor, “Should I change my diet in any way, to avoid certain foods to deal with this illness?”  Her doctor incredibly said, “No, it doesn’t matter what you eat.”  Really?  Well, that’s been their mantra for as long as I can remember!   If only drugs can legally treat disease, then why even bring up the fact that cabbage juice is good for colitis?     

In an article from the Chicago Tribune, the author points out that doctors are being taught less and less about nutrition all the time:

“Despite a growing consensus that cardiovascular disease is a ‘food-borne’ illness, many physicians are ill-prepared to advise patients on what they should eat to best protect them from heart attack or stroke. … ‘There’s tremendous ignorance about nutrition among physicians,’ added Dr. William Davis, a preventive cardiologist in Milwaukee. ‘It has never been part of the culture.’ …One survey published in 2003, for example, found that 96 percent of internists and 84 percent of the cardiologists who responded did not know that a low-fat diet, in general, would increase triglycerides in the blood. High triglycerides increase the risk of heart disease.

A 1985 landmark report on nutrition in medical schools by the National Academy of Sciences found that on average, future physicians received 21 hours of nutrition instruction over four years.”


Why bother with nutrition if you can’t use it?  This extremely narrow and self-serving approach to dealing with disease is why seeing your doctor is so utterly futile unless you’re dealing with an emergency.  It will surely result in a prescription designed only to suppress your symptoms. 

How’s this for a statistic: “During 2014 the [pharmaceutical] industry spent roughly $6.5 billion on 607,000 doctors and 1,121 hospitals [buying influence]. … Years ago a drug company insider told us a dirty little secret. He himself, although highly placed, was an ethical physician appalled at what he observed. He revealed that many of the clinical trials were not designed to advance science or discover new uses for old drugs. He disclosed that a surprising number of the studies were supervised and funded by the marketing arms of drug companies rather than the research side. They provided a sanitized system for Big Pharma to funnel money to doctors for research that was never intended to be published.” 


Holy cow!  

What are the drug companies paying for?  Control over the medical profession.  Period.  That is their aim–total and complete control over every aspect of the health care industry.   

You Never Really Told Us What A Symptom Was!

Sorry!  I thought I did.  Let’s get back to what a symptom is.  A symptom doesn’t come from without, it comes from within!  Your own body makes it, it’s a reaction to an internal disturbance!  If there are germs in your nasal passages, your body will create a runny nose to get rid of them!  It’s not the germs that are making the nose run, it’s your body’s self-healing mechanism that’s doing it!  It’s a sign that there are unwelcome visitors in your nose and your immune system has turned a hose on them to get them out!  So when you give a drug to stop the nasal discharge, you’re acting like you don’t understand its purpose at all.  Have you eliminated the pathology?  No!  You’ve just eliminated the “look and feel” of it–the problem is still there!  Now the germs can actually proliferate because the immune system has been turned off!  

Drugs are aimed at the adaptations your body makes to defend you, they never fix the underlying cause. 



Like I said, we would not tolerate this “mode of operation” in any other profession, we would have a completely dysfunctional world!  


Alternative Medicine

Most methods of alternative medicine have to do with strengthening the immune system so that it can successfully combat the invading viruses and bacteria.  Sick people need nutrients!  Sometimes there is a specific nutrient or plant known to work miracles on a specific ailment.  I have never seen Vitamin C fail to cure a bladder infection, for example.  But what about “homeopathy”?  What is that?

Homeopathy is the specialized, unusual, unexpected brain-child of a German physician, Samuel Hahnemann who, in 1810, made a complete system of medicine out of a folklore concept: “let likes be cured by likes”–also known as “the law of similars”.  When he realized, by an accidental encounter, that malaria was cured by quinine (Peruvian Bark) because Peruvian Bark CAUSED the symptoms of malaria in a healthy person, he set out to see if other diseases could be cured using this same premise; and yes, they could!  And so, homeopathic remedies were born!

Apparently, if you give a “similar” remedy to the immune system, it amplifies its actions to such an extent that a miraculous resolution of the disease process ensues!  Apparently, where suppressive medicines antagonize the immune system, “similar” remedies give it a boost, a surge!  Think of homeopathic remedies as a cheer-leading squad shouting “Go Team, go team!  Fight, fight, fight!”  The immune system is energized by this show of approval and support and redoubles its efforts!   

In this context, there is a cure for everything!  Why do I say that?  It’s relatively easy to find a “similar” to match your suffering.  What is similar to a lemon?  A lime, of course; possibly a grapefruit.  But what is “opposite” to a lemon?  A dog?  I don’t know, its an unanswerable question!  But modern medicine is always looking for “opposites”!  All their drugs start with “anti”.  They not only fail in the long run, but in doing so, they antagonize the immune system.  

How do you prepare a substance homeopathically?  Without getting too technical, you simply water down and shake a substance repeatedly until only its “energy imprint” remains.  It appears to be “just water”; but, you drink it, and your immune system, or what homeopaths call the “vital force” (or “chi” as they say in Chinese), recognizes it, because it is also “energetic” in nature, just like the remedy, and increases its action exponentially as stated above.   

You can get your immune system to do exactly what you want, but not by force–this is the important thing!  Homeopathic remedies send the message, “You’re doing the right thing, we support you, keep doing it!”

Keep Sneezing!!!  

Believe it or not, and you’re not going to believe this, I once got Shana’s cold to go away by not even giving her anything, just TELLING her to “Keep sneezing!”  “Mom, I can’t sneeze anymore.”  “Well keep trying!” I said.  What had been violent sneezing simply went away!  Homeopathy is not simply the little pills you buy at the health food store, it’s the “concept”, the “principle”–that likes are cured by likes.  

Force just doesn’t work!  It doesn’t work on anyone!  The immune system has to WANT the symptom to stop or it will not stop.  Using drugs, which only angers the immune system, causes it to dig in its heels!  Why is the immune system being so stubborn and unreasonable?  Because it’s been genetically programmed to help you, and it’s not going to give up; it loves you, it’s here to protect you, and it’s not going to stop putting out the symptom until the underlying cause has been defeated.  

This is a crucial difference between homeopathy and standard medicine, also called “allopathic” medicine.  Standard, or allopathic, medicine views symptoms as a disease.  We view symptoms as appropriate responses to underlying causes.  Because they are appropriate to what is happening in the body, going against them by force is like saying to the immune system, “You idiot!  You don’t know what you’re doing!  Sit down, and shut-up!”  You can see how antagonizing this would be!  This is why my teacher, Robin Murphy, was moved to say, “Modern Medicine has no laws, no hypothesis, no principles about what it’s doing!”

Ages ago, Orson Bean was on the Tonight Show.  He told a story about how his son had had repeated surgeries to remove warts but they would always grow back.  He said, “Son, you’re going to have to learn to love your warts.”  I never forgot this story.  Incredibly, all the warts disappeared!  You can’t use force, it doesn’t work!  

It’s Dangerous to Suppress a Fever! 


More often than not, if we go to the doctor, it’s because we have a fever.  But interfering with the immune system on any level is very risky!  It’s like, if you have a machine with moving parts, like the engine of your car, and you throw a monkey wrench into it, you can imagine the damage you’d cause!  Only a fool would attempt something that crazy!  

Your immune system is a kind of “engine”–constantly running, always in motion, always working to maintain homeostasis–which means balance.  Don’t mindlessly throw something into the middle of it to make it stop as though it doesn’t matter!  Work with it, as homeopathic remedies do.  

I’ve seen all kinds of serious after-effects follow viruses that had been “cured” by stopping a fever with drugs: chronic fatigue syndrome, muscle aches, neuropathy, headaches, sub-clinical viral symptoms that don’t go away ….  Don’t stop a fever with drugs, you’re just asking for trouble, and it doesn’t solve anything!  Homeopathic remedies can stop a fever just as handily as aspirin; in fact, even quicker; but, without the post-viral syndrome and the other risks, like Reye’s Syndrome, when taking drugs to stop a fever.

Anecdotal evidence!  Placebo!  Quackery!  Homeopathy doesn’t work!

The results speak for themselves, but take it up with famous virologist Dr. Luc Montagnier, Nobel Prize winner, who certainly believes that homeopathy works: 

“Dr. Luc Montagnier, the French virologist who won the Nobel Prize in 2008 for discovering the AIDS virus, has surprised the scientific community with his strong support for homeopathic medicine. Montagnier’s research (and other of many of his colleagues) has verified that electromagnetic signals of the original medicine remain in the [remedy] water and have dramatic biological effects.” 

Nobel Prize winner reports effects of homeopathic dilutions — European Committee for Homeopathy


“You’ll Be On This Drug For The Rest Of Your Life!”

The immune response is instinctive, non-reasoning and persistent.  Our bodies are genetically programmed to put out symptoms in our defense.  The immune system will doggedly put out symptoms as long as the root cause of the problem is still there.  The drugs that make up your doctor’s tool box (anti-histamines, anti-inflammatories, anti-depressants, etc.) never ultimately succeed because their short-term goal is to stop the alarm but not put out the fire.  

There are momentary victories but the immune system, unless it’s been totally destroyed by allopathic interventions, always rallies and doggedly puts out the same symptom over and over again!  “You’ll have to be on this drug for the rest of your life,” the doctor says.  Well, now you know why!  It’s not addressing the underlying cause that continues to activate the symptom!  Plus, now you have to stay on it just to prevent the withdrawal syndrome and the dangers of stopping, which bring me to another very important point:

Why would you ever start something that you can’t stop, can’t change your mind about?  It’s like that song by The Kingston Trio about “Charlie” who got on the subway, the “MTA”, and couldn’t get off!  “He may ride forever ‘neath the streets of Boston, he’s the man who never returned.”  

And the sad thing is, most people don’t know they can’t stop their drug, it’s not common knowledge!  People assume they can just go off these things, like their heart medicine, and then a couple of weeks later, they have a heart attack from “rebound”!  What if it comes to pass that you just can’t afford your expensive heart drugs anymore, or what if you go on vacation and forget to pack your drugs or the airport loses your suitcase, or what if through some natural disaster, like a hurricane or a flood, you’re not able to renew your prescription?  Will you go through withdrawal?  What then?  Clearly, this concept of “treatment” is simply untenable and unsustainable!  It’s like nuclear power, it looks great on paper, until something “happens”–an earthquake, a tidal wave, and then it goes terribly wrong!  For heaven’s sake, think before you jump into something irreversible!

 Is It Really Just About Money?

monopoly guy

That’s basically what it comes down to!  Treatments that get to the cause of your problem have no big pay-day attached to them!  There’s no return on investment.  “Cabbage juice will take care of that colitis!”  Who makes money on that, the organic farmer?  This is exactly what they’re afraid you’ll find out, that it was cabbage juice all along!  Yes, that was the cure your doctor wouldn’t tell you about, didn’t know about, was never taught about.

Drugs, on the other hand, which give the illusion of cure for a brief time, are “inventions”–formulas –and formulas can be patented!  And that’s where the money comes from!  What it comes down to is, you and I are left to suffer and be herded from one doctor and hospital to the next, while they play their game of deception and live fabulously like kings!  Well, not me, I’m over it!  I, for one, have gotten off the Loony Express!  Other than to get a diagnosis or deal with an emergency, all you really need for sickness is homeopathy, acupressure, TM, traditional herbal medicine, vitamins and other supplements, raw juicing, avoiding white sugar, white flour and processed foods and cooking nutritious whole foods from scratch; just changing your diet can do wonders for your health! 

The average, trusting patient, relying solely on doctors and drugs for “health”, finds himself randomly tossed and thrown by the tides of illness and drug side-effects such that he feels constantly out of control!  “Oh my head, my allergies!  What will become of me?”  

The rest of us have learned you can eat for health, and that real medicine is natural and works WITH your immune system.  I know how hard it is to break with the years of blind adoration you’ve had for the medical establishment; but at the same time, ask yourself:  Why are people so afraid to go to the doctor?  Why are they afraid of hospitals?  Because people instinctively understand, that when you go into the hospital, you may not come out, or you might come out worse than when you went in; we’ve all seen this.  And there’s a reason for that.  They’re only allowed to use drugs.

I gotta go now!  See you again next time…


Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom. 

Elaine takes online cases.  Write to her at:

[email protected]



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Elaine Lewis

Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.
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  • The article is really nice to read. But can we answer few of these questions – 1. What do our medicines actually do in the body, to the immune system? Can we explain the process of cure that takes place inside the body once our medicines are given? 2. In cases when we give wrong medicines or wrong doses unintentionally, i.e. thinking that that’s the right one, but once it doesn’t give the desired result we say may be that was a wrong prescription, in such cases what does our medicine do in the patient’s body? What effect does it have on the immune system? Doesn’t it have its own harmful effects? When we say allopathic medicines & ways have their dis-advantages, can we claim to know the exact effects of our medicine on the body – be it good or bad?

  • Gauri, even though there’s a lot to ponder in your comment, the fact is, everyone who relies on homeopathy to deal with acutes–whether it be a head injury, bee sting, poison ivy rash or a case of the flu–has a story to tell about a miracle cure, a relief in suffering that allows them to resume what they were doing, whether it’s getting back to work, going back to school or going back to sleep. These “every day miracles” cannot be denied or refuted. Some are fascinated to know the mechanics behind it all; I, personally, never cared. But we have dedicated whole, entire, issues of the ezine toward the science of homeopathy. In fact, didn’t George Vithoulkas write a book called The Science of Homeopathy? Try going to our search window above and typing in “How Does Homeopathy Work”, or any other question you have. I guarantee a great selection of articles will come up for you to choose from.

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