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Why Do We Have to Talk About Diet?

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Written by Elaine Lewis

Elaine explains why the patient’s diet could be the cause of the whole problem.

But should we find…that the best selected homeopathic…medicine…does not effect an improvement, this is a sure sign that THE CAUSE THAT KEEPS UP THE DISEASE STILL PERSISTS….

The Organon by Samuel Hahnemann MD,§ 256



              Mom, why do we have to talk about diet?

Because I said so!

Oh geez, no one is gonna read this! “Diet” is so boring, no one wants to talk about it!  People want to eat what they want to eat; and besides, there’s always vitamins.  Can I have my pizza now? 

OK, definitely throw out those useless, expensive vitamin bottles!  Here is the ultimate condensed tutorial on good health, all you need to know in a nutshell:

1. White sugar–bad!

2. White flour–bad!

3. Enzymes, however–very good!  Eat food that contains enzymes!

People know a lot about vitamins, a little less about minerals, and almost nothing about enzymes!  But, it is the lack of enzymes in the diet that causes much of the pathology in the world today!

The what?

Now, back to enzymes.  Enzymes are catalysts.  They make things happen; I’m talking about chemical reactions.  Think of them as the body’s spark plugs.  You can take all the vitamins and minerals you want; but, if they’re not attached to enzymes, they’re useless!  Enzymes are found only in Raw Food.  As soon as you cook a food, the enzymes are destroyed!

Enzymes are the ingredients in raw food that make the food turn brown almost as soon as you cut it open.

Nutritionist Dr. Carlton Fredericks used to say, “Eat food that goes bad and eat it before it does!” —————————>

All food that’s good for you goes bad!

And this is why there’s so little of it in the stores–it has no Shelf Life, and what’s useless to the commercial food industry?

Food with no shelf-life?

Exactly!  Hence, the ubiquity of manufactured food which we now take for granted as being “normal”!

Watch and see how fast people with chronic disease get well once they stop eating commercially manufactured food and start introducing whole food, especially raw food, into their diet!

The easiest way to eat raw food is to drink it!


Why is that?

Because while eating three stalks of celery or three carrots may seem impossible, drinking it is easy!  Imagine all the nutrients, all the vitamins and minerals, you’re ingesting–effortlessly, and they’re not “dead” vitamins in a bottle!  (By the way, you know what’s really good?  Carrot/apple juice!  So refreshing!)

Vitamins and minerals, made completely artificially and pressed into hard-to-swallow pills, contain no life!  They don’t exist in nature!  They can’t confer life.  But the juice of 3 celery stalks, three carrots, three apples, three pears and so on, is not only a treat but a bona fide medicine!  These are live foods!  They are alive because they contain enzymes.  They’re alive and they promote and sustain life.

To restore your health:

step 1: Eat no more packaged and fast food!

step 2: Eat nothing made of white flour!  Substitute whole grains, including brown rice for white rice. AND, if the label says “Wheat”, but not “Whole” wheat, then it’s most likely NOT whole wheat!  Don’t be fooled!  Start reading the ingredients list on the package.  If the first ingredient listed says “wheat flour”, and the third or fourth ingredient says “whole wheat flour”, then you have to ask yourself, What was the “wheat flour” that was listed at the top as the main ingredient?  White flour!  Remember, white flour is made from wheat!  So, the phrase “wheat flour” and “white flour” can be interchangeable.  See image below.  One loaf of bread states clearly that it’s whole wheat bread.  The other says it’s wheat bread.  Would you be fooled into buying the loaf on the left?

step 3: Eat nothing made with white sugar and all the “copycat” sugars you see on the labels of “food” (start reading labels!), like corn syrup, brown sugar, high fructose corn syrup, maltodextrin, honey and so forth.  Substitute raw sugar or raw honey for these mischief-makers.

Don’t let the word “natural” fool you into thinking you’re eating “health food”!  The issue is not, “Is this flour all natural?”  The issue is, “Is this flour made from Whole grains?” 

(And here’s another thing.  The word “natural” has no legal meaning!  “Natural” can be on a food label and it doesn’t obligate the manufacturer to be telling the truth; only the word “organic” can be trusted.  That word is legally binding.  When you see “USDA Organic” on a product label, you can trust that.)

So, as I was saying, white flour and white sugar exist only for one reason….you guessed it….

Shelf Life?

Exactly! They have infinite shelf-life because they can’t go bad–they can’t go bad because there’s nothing in them, no nutrients!  Moreover, they’re acidic!  White sugar and white flour are acidic, and the body doesn’t tolerate an acid Ph, it must be slightly alkaline; therefore, minerals, to act as buffers, are pulled from the bones when you eat these “foods”!  Consequently, white sugar and white flour cause mineral deficiencies.  In case I haven’t been clear, white flour and white sugar have had the fiber and nutrients removed from them for the sake of shelf life.  Eating them will adversely affect your health.

Here’s an interesting fact, there’s a study that showed that the more sugar test subjects ate at a single meal, the less active their white blood cells became.  Reaching a certain level, white blood cell activity stopped altogether.  Sugar, then, suppresses the immune system!


Step 4: Drink no more pasteurized/homogenized milk!  This substance isn’t even natural.

How can milk not be natural?!

It is if it comes from the cow!  But milk was no more meant to be boiled than orange juice (but they boil that too; so, sorry, but, you can’t drink “orange juice” either–unless you juice it yourself, and how hard is that, really?)  No more “juice” of any kind–unless you juice it yourself.  All so-called “juices” have been boiled (pasteurized), for the sake of….you guessed it….


Exactly!  These are all unnatural products that your body doesn’t even recognize as real, so all they do is create mischief.

You can buy real milk as it comes from the cow (which is full of enzymes, unlike pasteurized milk) at numerous places, not the least of which, as I just learned today, is Whole Foods! Shana, get me a picture of Whole Foods!


Do a google search for “Whole Foods Market” or “raw milk” and the name of your city or state and see what you come up with.

All the bad things associated with “milk”, like mucus formation and allergies, are a function of the pasteurization and homogenization process.  My only regret is that I can’t get raw butter and raw cream.

What, exactly, is homogenization?

Well, Shana, it’s crazy but homogenization serves absolutely no purpose other than making the milk look uniform!  It’s a way of stopping the cream from rising to the top.  But if it’s normal for the cream to rise to the top, what in blazes have they done to stop it?  It can’t be good; and in fact, it’s not.

Read what I found about homogenization:

“When fat globules are forcibly broken up by mechanical means, it allows an enzyme associated with milk fat, known as xanthine oxidase, to become free and penetrate the human intestinal wall.


“Once xanthine oxidase gets through the intestinal wall and into the bloodstream, it is capable of creating scar damage to the heart and arteries, which in turn may stimulate the body to release cholesterol into the blood in an attempt to lay a protective fatty material on the scarred areas.

This can lead to arteriosclerosis and related cardiovascular conditions!”

(“Don’t Drink Milk-Here’s Why” by Yuri Elkaim,)

Hard to believe, isn’t it?

[Uh-oh!  This just in!  Whole Foods has just removed all the raw milk from its shelves!  I’m serious!  I knew it was too good to last!  Thanks alot, Whole Foods!  Way to stand up to the Dairy Industry!  Luckily, I can still get raw milk at Essene’s Natural Foods at 4th and Monroe in Philadelphia, PA.

I was reading an article in Homeopathy Today, this month’s issue (Winter ’09), which told how people from cultures in non-western, non-industrialized societies, with no access to supermarkets, doctors and manufactured food, don’t get sick, don’t have tooth decay, don’t have chronic disease…. It just gives you an idea of how we’ve fooled ourselves into believing what “normal” is.  To us, cavities are normal, getting an infection is normal, asthma is typical, insomnia is typical, constipation is average…and then we go to our doctor to complain about one of these things, and you notice the doctor never says, “Well what do you expect?  Look at what you’re eating!  Stop eating donuts! Stop drinking soda!”  No, instead he is most likely thinking, “I only need to write one more prescription for that cholesterol lowering drug and my next golfing vacation is free!”

Yes, because you see, my friends, unfortunately, according to CNN, doctors are being bought off by Big Pharma.  In 2009, doctors were the recipients of $282,000,000 by the pharmaceutical industry!  Click here to see for yourself:


You see, the drug companies aren’t stupid, they’ve made everyone an accessory in their “good health = more drugs” crusade, so everyone goes along–the doctors, the hospitals, the television stations, the medical schools, the newspapers…everyone is compromised, everyone is getting a little something from the pharmaceutical industry, including the politicians!

So, what are we supposed to eat then?  (And by the way, Mom, it’s time for you to order my pizza from Pizza Hut!)

Real food, Shana!  Do people realize that the staple food in our country is white flour?  Think of all the things the standard western diet depends on white flour for:  macaroni and cheese, pasta, hamburger buns, bread, rolls, donuts, cereal, cake, pie, and, dare I say it, pizza!  White flour and white sugar, over the years, will cause a myriad of health problems.  I am suggesting that whatever is wrong with you today is probably due to eating like this!  

Here’s what I had to eat today:  For breakfast, I had three whole wheat pancakes, which I made myself, and freshly squeezed orange juice.

For lunch I went to Whole Foods (the now infamous Whole Foods!) and from the hot bar I got broccoli with melted cheese, it was delicious!!!

For dinner, we had our famous chicken stew!

Yay stew!

Well, that’s what I made for you; but, for myself I made a great big bowl of salad made with lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, cucumber, avocado, and onions topped with a delicious olive oil/balsamic vinaigrette dressing.  Oh and I grated some cheese over top of it (cheese made from raw milk; oddly enough, Whole Foods will sell raw cheese, but not raw milk).

raw milk cheese  


It was delicious, I had a huge bowl of it!  You know, when you eat real food, you don’t have to force yourself to eat small portions, you can eat as much of it as you want!  

But, look at what I didn’t eat today: no donuts, no cake, no macaroni and cheese, no potato chips, no pretzels, crackers, Twinkies, no white bread, buns or rolls or pop tarts, or white flour pasta, frozen dinners, canned food, fast food from McDonald’s, nothing gets put in the microwave here because there IS NO microwave…And you’ll notice, nothing I ate today was literally “health food” either!  I just ate “Whole” food, real food, that actually exists in nature.  See how simple the switch can be from dangerous to health-promoting food?  It actually tastes better too!

I’m 62 years old as of this writing (there, I said it, just don’t tell anyone!) and the clerk at the local drugstore cannot believe I’m on NO prescription drugs! Apparently that is unheard of at my age! I have no pains, no swelling anywhere and no one can believe me when I tell them how old I am; and I do so little to keep myself healthy!

I’ve noticed that too!

If all I’m doing is not eating what everyone else is eating, it would seem to implicate the “food” as being the culprit in most of the ill-health in our society today!  Acutally, it’s a double-whammy: First the food makes you sick (gas, bloating, IBS, migraines, dizziness, depression/anxiety, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, clogged arteries, kidney disease, gout, etc.) then the doctor prescribes drugs which cause liver and kidney damage, leading to more prescriptions, and in the end, the average person simply doesn’t stand a chance unless he is able to rise above the bombardment of Mainstream Commercial Hype!

Good luck with that!

The words of Dr. Timothy Leary from 1967 are worth repeating:

“Turn on, Tune in, and Drop Out!”

Wow, Mom! You went a long time without mentioning the ’60’s!

Turn on and tune in to the Truth, which cannot be obtained from network TV, and drop out of mainstream commercial culture, which appears to be all about increasing the profits of corporations at your expense!  Here’s a Krabby Patty I made–it’s on a whole wheat bun, of course; but look!  Half the meal is a salad!

That was a very nice speech, Mom. Now can I have my pizza?


P.S.  Just one more thing before I go, I want to make it clear, you can eat all the things you love, even spaghetti, macaronni and cheese, lasagna, etc., just buy whole grain pasta!  And instead of processed cheese, buy raw milk cheese!  Yes, they sell it!  (But you may have to go to Whole Foods, the Farmer’s Market or the health food store to buy these things, though more and more regular supermarkets are starting to catch on.)   You CAN have the things you love, but you have to make it yourself.  You can make cheeseburgers; but, buy grass-fed beef, buy whole wheat buns and make it yourself!  You CANNOT trust fast food restaurants!  There’s a movie out called “Super-Size Me!” about a man who ate nothing but McDonald’s for a month and his health deteriorated drastically.  He gained weight, his blood pressure went up, he lost energy, got migraines, became depressed, his liver enzymes went up; seriously, you have to start cooking at home from scratch with food that actually exists in nature.  The food will taste better, and your health problems will disappear!

About the author

Elaine Lewis

Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.
Elaine is a passionate homeopath, helping people offline as well as online. Contact her at [email protected]
Elaine is a graduate of Robin Murphy's Hahnemann Academy of North America and author of many articles on homeopathy including her monthly feature in the Hpathy ezine, "The Quiz". Visit her website at:
https://elainelewis.hpathy.com/ and TheSilhouettes.org


  • Hey Elaine, you should move to Ohio. We have herdshares that supply real milk, cream (both light and heavy), butter, yogurt, cottage cheese and cheeses of all kinds. Check out the research on A1 vs. A2 caseins in milk:


    It seems that most commercial milk is made from cows that produce A1 casein, which causes mucous, allergies, heart disease, diabetes, etc. Our herdshares have cows that mostly produce A2 casein which has a healing, restorative power. When you combine that with raw, unhomogenized milk you have a dynamite healing combination. Also, even though Whole Foods says their meat is grass fed, it is grain finished, which undoes a lot of the good of grass fed: http://www.eatwild.com/healthbenefits.htm

  • Shirley, yes, I knew about the Holstein cows, that’s why raw milk dairies tend to use Jersey cows and other old-fashion breeds. I’m not aware of any raw milk dairy that’s using Holsteins. Raw milk dairy farms tend to be very fussy about these things.


  • I should have explained that it’s the Holsteins that are putting out the A-1 caseins. They’re the cows that are “man-made”, created by selective breeding. Factory-farm dairies are using this breed. Raw milk dairies should not be, and aren’t, to the best of my knowledge.


  • What an amazing coincidence! Just as we go to press, so does the Mercola.com Newsletter. In it this month is a perfect vindication of the above article, a MUST READ!!!!!!! Here it is:

    The article is about factory-farm cows, just what we’ve been talking about! You don’t have to watch the video if you can’t tolerate watching animals suffer (like me), you can just read the article. Let’s put it this way, I have a client who rejected the idea of raw milk because she wanted something “safe” for her child to drink. You need to see how “safe” supermarket/pasturized milk really is! See what you’re supporting when you shop at the standard supermarket or Walmart-type stores! I don’t go there. I go to the health food store, the farmer’s market, or Whole Foods. Supermarket shopping is NOT on my shopping list. Remember, people: Turn on, Tune in, and DROP OUT! http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2010/02/18/appalling-video-of-factory-farmed-cows.aspx

  • plz provide details about such whole food stores in india if any? is it advisable to take raw milk from any cow/buffalo owner in india?

  • If you know the cow or Buffalo personally, and you know it is kept clean in a clean environment and not abused and properly taken-care of, then yes, I would have no problem with that. I mean, a certified raw milk dairy here is basically a farm that is inspected for cleanliness and the health of the cows.

    I don’t know if Whole Foods has made its way to India yet; but, basically, you’d be looking to shop in a health food store or farmer’s market, not in a place like Walmart.


  • Oh! And one more thing, raw milk cows are pasture cows. They graze on grass, they eat grass. So, if the cow in question is grass-fed, allowed to graze, is clean, healthy, treated well, and not fed antibiotics, synthetic estrogen, bovine growth hormone, and other crap, then you’re all set.

  • Leave the cow milk for the calf. A vegan diet can provide everything that the body needs. No need to feed on dead corpses to sustain.

  • According to the age old tradition of Indian holistic treatment Ayurveda, unboiled milk is a big no no. I have come across many ayurvedic practitioners who make fun of “western” people who consume cold milk. Indians drink at least 3/4 cups of tea/coffee per day made with hot steaming milk. Boiled milk is also considered to be auspicious: it used as part of house warming ceremonies.

  • Dear Dex,
    Wait a minute, raw milk dairy cows aren’t killed; in fact, they’re treated very well, which is another reason people who drink milk should make a concerted effort to find raw milk. When you buy pasturized milk, you’re buying cruelty. Again, I would request that people read this article from Dr. Mercola’s newsletter:
    And, even though it’s true that a vegetarian diet is the best, my article above was actually on a different subject; namely, the appalling health consequences of eating convenience food/fast food/packaged food and all food made with white flour and white sugar. I should probably have thrown in a warning about so-called “diet” and “health” foods like diet sodas, margarine, and sugar-substitutes like Sweet ‘n’ Low and Equal.

    So, Dex, the danger is that if someone were to take your comment to heart and stop eating meat, what would they be left with? Donuts? Doritos? French Fries? Kellog’s Sugar Frosted Flakes? This is what I’m trying to get across to people, that this diet can kill you. I call it The Dialysis Diet. See you in dialysis!

    Now, as for “Anonymous”, who says that encouraging people to drink raw milk when boiled milk is so much better, here’s what I found on Dr. Mercola’s website regarding pasteurized milk:

    “Pasteurization destroys enzymes, diminishes vitamin content, denatures fragile milk proteins, destroys vitamin B12 and vitamin B6, kills beneficial bacteria, promotes pathogens and is associated with allergies, increased tooth decay, colic in infants, growth problems in children, osteoporosis, arthritis, heart disease and cancer.

    Calves fed pasteurized milk die before maturity. Raw milk sours naturally, but pasteurized milk turns putrid and processors must remove slime and pus from pasteurized milk by a process of centrifugal clarification. Inspection of dairy herds for disease is not required for pasteurized milk.”

    Oy vay! Get me the raw milk, please!!!

  • “Cultures in non-western, non-industrialized societies, with no access to supermarkets and manufactured food, don’t get sick, don’t have tooth decay and don’t have chronic disease”

    Wow..I wonder how they die in the end 😉

    “But, it is the lack of enzymes in the diet…”

    I though enzymes were synthesized naturally by the body. Why do you need to supplement them? And how do you take them orally? Enzymes, like other proteins are destroyed by the acids in the stomach. Thats one reason you can “safely” drink snake poison!

    • I think we are discussing about plant enzymes ?

      If you take plant enzymes, most plant enzymes are quite stable in the stomach environment and go to work. This gives the plant enzymes an edge on digestion over animal/pancreatic enzymes. Plant enzymes can be working on food for at least an hour before the food proceeds to the small intestine.

      Once the food enters the small intestine, plant enzymes continue to work. At this point, any pancreatic or animal enzymes kick in. It is at this point that your naturally produced pancreatic enzymes are released by the pancreas. Some enzymes are released by the small intestine lining as well.

      Thats why some time we have to advice very simple easily digestive foods(foods that goes bad!) when inflammation, yeast, or something else which hampers the small intestine .

  • Travis, that’s actually an interesting question about what the “normal” way to die might possibly be. Hmm…….

    Well, on to the next question! Enzymes. If I remember correctly, you come into the world with a certain number of enzymes and you have to make do with them. If you eat cooked food for all your meals, you’re constantly borrowing enzymes to digest your food which ultimately results in enzyme deficiencies, which leads to disease. Your food should be bio-degradable, i.e., it should be self-digesting. If it’s raw, it will be. If it’s cooked, it’s a stress on the body. All raw food contains enzymes, that’s how you take them orally, by eating raw food. Remember, without enzymes, no chemical reactions can take place. Increase the amount of raw food you eat and you will see a difference in your health. This is the food we were genetically programmed to accept! Think of yourselves thousands of years ago in your natural habitat, eating….what? Whatever that is, that’s your REAL FOOD.

  • Rhonda,

    I feel honored that someone related to Carlton Fredericks read this article! I listened to him on WOR even though the station was in New York and I could barely hear him above the static in Philadelphia!

    “I can’t die, my audience won’t let me.”
    – Carlton Fredericks

  • I can’t believe there’s an ad for Prilosec right at the bottom of my article as if I endorse it! People, if you see a drug ad anywhere on this page, just ignore it!

  • Don’t you love it when homeopaths say “oh it does not matter what you eat and drink just so long you take the well indicated constitutional remedy”……. I have a massive problem with this thinking! Its called the Maintaining causefactors (need to be overhaled/removed/addressed) and not ignored like allopaths do. Drinking diet sodas/sodas everyday, eating creamy cheesy dairy items,3-10 cups of coffee,giant slabs of steak will cause health problems no matter what miraculous remedy you may take.

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