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Why I Became a Homeopath

In explaining why he evolved from allopathy to homeopathy, Dr. Guillermo Rincon describes the deeper purpose of life and the meaning of disease.

Translated by Katja Schütt and Alan Schmukler

Dr.Guillermo Enrique Rincon, physician and homeopath from Venezuela, founder of the School of Homeopathy in the Andes and author of several books including Homeopatia: Materia Medica Pediatrica, shares his experiences which influenced his transition from conventional medicine to finally become a homeopath and his desire to convey valuable knowledge. He is recognized as one of the Masters of homeopathy in Venezuela.

I had various dreams since being an adolescent. I dreamed of being a musician and singer but could not realize it. I dreamed I was a military man, and later, to show off three silver stars on my shoulders. But my deepest wish has been to become a physician, to be able to alleviate the suffering of my fellow men. So, it came that one day, after finishing secondary school, I moved to Merida filled with joy and hope, and only with some nostalgia about leaving my beloved home. I arrived at the University of the Andes (Universidad de los Andes). During two years, ideal tutors taught me the large and intricate subject of human anatomy, philosophy and biological chemistry. Later I moved to Caracas where I came to an old big house which … the entire Central University of Venezuela (Universidad Central de Venezuela) with excellent professors. I learned clinical and pathological medicine, tropical medicine and epidemiology, therapeutics and pharmacology.

One day I got the honorable title of a Physician. I left with happiness and satisfaction to put my knowledge into practice, believing I was the owner of the “truth”. During the course of the years I alleviated many pains, assisted in labors, and helped in surgery. I believed I cured an enormous number of patients. Later, I came to conclude that it is better to prevent, than to having to cure diseases and became a sanitarian. Working in different public institutions I helped preventing the spread of many epidemics and applied many vaccinations, believing this was for the benefit of our children.

One day the caprices of destiny lead me to meet a companion who told me that he was studying homeopathy in a city in Colombia. Without knowing what he was talking about I accompanied him every weekend to attend the classes. This type of medicine was very different from the medicine I knew: it allowed me to cure patients in a most easy way, without many technical words, sophisticated equipment and ostentatious diagnostics.

During my daily work I wanted to prove if what I was told about homeopathy were true. To my amazement and those of the persons who observed treatment, I was able to give a patient his speech back, which he lost after a fright. I was able to resuscitate two patients, one of them hopelessly ill with meningo-encephalitis, caused by a pneumococcus infection, and the other dying from leukemia – all by putting some simple globules into their mouths.

After these wonders I could no nothing else than dedicate myself to practice this spectacular type of medicine, always with satisfactory results. However, despite these marvelous results, my restlessness did not cease as I knew that I did not practice true homeopathy. True homeopathy acts much more deeply and cures the patient radically from his psyche. This brought me to the famous homeopathy school of Tomas Pablo Paschero in Argentina. There I could learn medicine in it’s purest and most reasonable form, the true Hippocratic medicine, and VITALITIS MEDICINE – the contrary of Newton’s and Galen’s materialism and of Descartes’ reductionism. They taught me that the human is not an insensible machine, composed of matter and separated from the universal, energetic dynamism and interminable power of the creator, but that the human is part of the creation, an important part of the universe and as such, receives its influences. They taught that the universal energy flows through the body and mind, regulating all their functions, and that he depends on a thread which connects him with the creator – which is called the spirit or soul, and which is what animates him, provides him with life, action and the knowledge that he is a human being and exists, and which allows him to elucidate and chose his destiny and to be responsible for the chosen purpose.

They taught me that we were on the wrong path in medicine for many centuries by following Galen’s and Cartesian principles of materialism and reductinism. I I learned that we are wrong in considering the human a machine and that the isolated organic lesion was the disease. I saw that we continued to err by deviating from the wise Hippocratic principles which consider disease as a complete and integral reaction of the human given a certain cause, and reacting as a VITAL UNITY, and in relation to its environment or universe.

Disease is dynamic and spiritual, psychosomatic. First, the mind becomes ill and later, in consequence, also the body. THERE ARE NO DISEASES BUT ONLY ILL PERSONS. THE SUBJECT BECOMES ILL TO BE CURED, because the organic diseases are the defenses of the organism to free itself from the internal pathology. This is to alleviate the disease, and the wrong treatment of these organic processes as done by the Galenic, materialistic medicine, is suppression by means of an immediate correction, giving the patient a pause and momentary relief, only to continue the endless disease process later, which inevitably ends to death.

The physician can no longer argue guiltily that “it’s all caused by the psyche” after having examined the patient externally and not having found any clinical diagnosis.

We are a total, morbid dynamism wherefore the disease is integral, and there to be cured. The two parts of the human also have to be related to the environment. The patient CANNOT BE CURED FROM OUTSIDE IN, as the materialistic scientist intends to do, by starting treatment from the end. It is necessary to cure the patient FROM INSIDE OUT, to start at the disease origins, as vitalistic medicine does.

We have to understand that the material components of old physics, called atoms, doesn’t exist, because the atom is just a nebula formed by energetic condensations that appear and disappear. The cause of the disease is non-material and therefore invisible, it can neither been touched nor seen with the microscope. Therefore, cure also has to be provided by means of immaterial and invisible agents. Cells, molecules and macromolecules do have a “philosophy” and “knowledge”, cells do have a consciousness and their own experiences, and each of them exerts its influence from an inferior level to another, superior level. New experiences are connected with the ancient experiences to form new knowledge. And, finally, all human beings form a system of hierarchical experiences.

In Homeopathy, disease is considered to be DYNAMIC, SPIRITUAL. The cause is neither material nor external. It is related to the soul and the vital energy, and constitutes a continuation of the cosmic energy. The body is just an instrument for physical realization.

True homeopathy considers that there exist only three chronic diseases: PSORA, SYPHILIS and SYCOSIS. The first is the only disease which we can call constitutional, because it exists right from birth and persists all our life, until we cease to exist. Because of this we can acquire the other two diseases, which, although their initial infection is caused by impure sexual contact, have nothing to do with the disease of syphilis or gonorrhea but rather constitute a morbid dynamism.

By their dynamic transmission in their secondary and tertiary states, from one person to another, and by their further aggravation caused by continuous suppressions of their organic manifestations by materialistic physicians, contrary to the natural law of cure, great physical and mental damage is caused as we can observe during the course of time in all suffering humans. These are the two diseases which stealthily cause the most cruel clinical manifestations on the mental as well as physical level. They are the cause for insanity, criminality, cancer, rheumatic diseases, gynecological diseases of women, and all degenerative diseases humans suffer from nowadays, and which the materialistic medicine, far from understanding these diseases and forgetting the Hippocratic principles, tries to control.

I would never have thought that treating venereal diseases in such a way, and as I did as a student, on command of a physician in a clinic, would cause such damage to humanity. Both the physician and I thought that we were saving the patients from syphilis and gonorrhea. But not so. Today I know that we did the contrary, and that by taking away the chancre and suppressing gonorrhea, which constituted the organism’s own defense to prevent deeper internal affections these diseases are able to expand. We contributed to internalization of the disease by our practice, creating the sycotic and syphilitic miasms in these patients and their descendents. These miasms are studied in homeopathy, and have caused and still cause the worst degenerative diseases to humanity by their transmission throughout the whole human species. Moreover, they continue to aggravate each day by means those who suppress organic, physical diseases, without considering their psychic origin and without following the NATURAL LAW OF CURE, and without using dynamized medicines which only homeopathy can provide.

Hippocrates spoke the truth after observing the intimate human manifestations centuries ago, and his truth has been validated during the course of time by great thinkers and old philosophers like Saint Tomas, Paracelsus, Tomas Sydenham, Haller, Barthes, Stoll and others, and it has also been confirmed later by the greatest genius of medicine of all time, the creator of homeopathy, Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann.

Despite this truth, Galen managed to impose his criteria, sinking mankind into a sea of misfortune and unhappiness that treats so as destroy the human genus. Since then, people have been treated as if they were only made of matter and were merely a passive being…. as if formed by an inert mass, and if the body were the only existential truth. People have been viewed as having no sensitivity, nor action or thoughts, neglecting the soul that animates human beings. It was lost that the vital force moves him and maintains life, and that his aim is to transcend.

Homeopathy, however, truly knows the way human beings suffer. Homeopathy not only provides alleviation to external manifestations but to the deepest aspects of the disease, from the inner susceptibility to the most internal fiber of the human being, to cure him in the most radical way and provide the desired well-being.

The homeopath knows that the human being is formed by a body and invisible soul, and that both, as a unity, react to the challenges of life. He knows that the disease is nothing but a disharmony and imbalance of this unit, and that no other medicine that only considers the materialistic aspect is able to restore balance. Only a remedy that is equally immaterial – like homeopathic remedies – can restore balance.

This is how I came to realize my ultimate dream of becoming a TRUE PHYSICIAN, and to be able to alleviate the suffering of my fellow men. THIS IS WHY I BECAME A HOMEOPATH.

@ This article was first published in the homeopathy journal “Gaceta Homeopatica de Caracas”: Rincón, Guillermo Enrique. POR QUÉ ME HICE HOMEÓPATA. Gaceta Homeopática de Caracas, Ene 2008, vol.16, no.1, p.025-028.

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Guillermo Enrique Rincon

Dr.Guillermo Enrique Rincon, physician and homeopath from Venezuela, founder of the School of Homeopathy in the Andes and author of several books including Homeopatia: Materia Medica Pediatrica. He is recognized as one of the Masters of homeopathy in Venezuela.


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    You are true, true homeopath acts much more deeply and cures the patient radically from his psyche.

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