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The concept of people influencing each other as a healing remedy was first introduced to me by my homeopath. Being involved in energetic healing arts, the thought that the words we use, our interactions or even our being can cause a healing in others, caused me the rethink my interactions with others.

Warning: this newsletter/article may rock your paradigm.

It seems that if I were a homeopathic remedy, I would be the antidote to civilization.

The concept of people influencing each other as a healing remedy was first introduced to me by my homeopath. Being involved in energetic healing arts, the thought that the words we use, our interactions or even our being can cause a healing in others, caused me the rethink my interactions with others.

Later an unrelated exercise suggested by a friend for another project gave me some key clues to “proving yourself as a remedy” and a fun exercise in self exploration was found.

Homeopathy works on the principle that “like cures like”. In other words, symptoms that substances cause in their undiluted state can be cured when that substance is diluted and shaken down (a process called succussion) to desired potencies.

A “proving” is when a remedy is taken by healthy, human volunteers and a full picture of emotional, mental and physical symptoms begins to emerge from the effects the substance has on the volunteers. While some people have taken homeopathics to deal with certain symptoms, the greatest curative effects come from your “constitutional remedy”. In other words, a remedy that completely fits not only the physical symptoms, but also the emotional and mental aspects of yourself. The correct remedy will always cause a “disturbance” as it works on a deep level, affecting your core and helping you release old enslaving patterns and freeing you to live your life with more potency.

In this little experiment, I asked a wide range of family, friends, clients, some people who have known me only a few years, others that have known me all my life and some I have known in different phases of my life, to jot down a few words or sentences to describe how they perceive me. This will give a clearer picture of how others see you. From this will emerge themes about yourself.

A bit of background: To say my parents were damaged by WWII is an understatement. It is agreed by most siblings in my family that we raised ourselves to a large degree. A deep love for animals and nature developed. After my mom passed, I literally was raised in a barn. I found in animals a solace, peace and truth that I found lacking in humans. This was the spark that ignited my life’s purpose.

Common themes noted from all; a deep love for nature and animals. Some even describing me as “more animal than human” (which in my family is a compliment). Also reminding people of “someone who has lived with wild animals and studied their behavior”. Other common themes were compassionate, honest, integrity, spirited, spiritual, able to think outside this universe, caring to her own detriment, outspoken for those unable to speak for themselves and counterpart to Mother Earth. A few had specific comments that reflected specific moments of evolution in my own life, most of which revolved around speaking for those unable to speak for themselves.

In the last 14 years I have been self employed and the work I have done has allowed me great freedom in places where wild creatures can be observed. I have witnessed in silent observation how many of the local wildlife seek out different plants, minerals etc. as the seasons change. They have the ability to feel the energetic signature of what their bodies need to stay strong, in the game of life. Nature can be an unforgiving teacher and nothing will teach you more about energy work than the wild critters. I owe them what I know.

I have gazed into the yellow eyes of many predators. There I have found how completely useless a human is equipped for the game of life. In striving for our comfort, we have lost our fortitude and tenacity. A predator never apologizes for the job His Maker designed him for (feeling good in your skin). They go about their work, without weapons, gleaning the skills of those they prey upon. The wisest creatures that are preyed upon know the intent of the hawk as she leaves her roost. They know when she is just gliding the thermals; they know when she needs lunch. Those that wait undecided or oblivious – become lunch.

Most of our domestic creatures have been “dumbed down” to tolerate the life we offer them. We generally like the dependant and deficient ones that sleep while we are away doing our thing. The ones that get into the most trouble are the smart and fit ones that find our “be a good critter till I get home” attitude boring. They have senses and physical needs stifled by our corralling or crating of them ( I see many people in the same internal struggle, paralyzed in fear of freeing themselves from their comfortable cages). Many of these creatures and people desperately want and need to live life, but somewhere along the line, forgot how to do so.

Given the opportunity (being free from your cage/fears), even the domestic ones will find the plants they need to be well. Animals were the original healers. The ancients believed that the Great Spirit spoke to man through the animals, quite different than what many believe today. The older I get, the more this becomes true to me. So many times in school and society we are told what many believe to be truths, but our actions are from what we are told. It creates a feeling in my gut I just can’t tolerate, a great disconnect in my core. Animals are always true to who they are created to be and I never feel such a great disconnect in their presence. It is peaceful, no matter the tempest that nature doles out.

In 2005 I felt I “proved” myself as a remedy. Up until that year I was still riding “problem” horses. I also was doing a great deal of animal communication with dying animals. It was almost like doing hospice work. The work itself was not so bad, animals accept death way better than we do, but being around that many heavily, grieving creatures drained me.

People think of talking with animals as a novelty, but the reality is a very bittersweet truth. Humans cause an astoundingly profound amount of damage to wildlife and domestic animals in this modern life we lead. It is blood we all share on our hands. For centuries we are born disconnected from the planet that nurtures us. I am certain we don’t know how to be sensitive to organic life anymore, so suited are we to manipulate life around us to our own whims. Our lies are our truth and anything contrary to our ego or agenda is unacceptable for most.

That being said, in the early part of 2005 I noticed a great deal of bee hives being destroyed. I could literally feel this making me sick, but couldn’t tell many people as the usual response is “you are crazy”.

In Nancy Herrick’s book, “Human Mind Animal Voices”(a book about the homeopathic provings of several animal remedies) one of the provers mentioned that upon taking the remedy wolf milk, they felt as if they were dying or did not have the strength to go on living. Reading this book gave me great peace. If one is “hard wired” to sense nature – why wouldn’t one be overwhelmed? It again brought home to me how inexplicably and intricately the web of life is holographically connected.

Back when we got our home, I took great care in preparing my garden, from the health of the soil to all that grows in it. I wanted it to be a sanctuary for all who enter into it or all who partake in the bounty it provides (it provides for family and lots of wildlife). Bees, butterflies, birds, furry critters all love the place and are welcomed. It was about this time one began to hear of Colony Collapse Disorder. It was all coming together. The death of bees for me once again put into perspective how fragile we are and our dependence on all life around us, not to mention the importance of pollinating of foods we all need.

I noticed another interesting phenomenon around this time while working in my garden or with horses. Bees would often land on my heart chakra or third eye. An interesting exchange occurred – for now we will just say I could feel their anxiety about what we humans do to our environment. I find myself apologizing many times to this planet and her other nations for what my race does to all. I thank them for forgiving us and hanging in there for our slow learning process.

Also in this time frame, I was caught in the middle of several swarms of bees. While many people may panic, I was just engulfed in the wonder of the spectacle unfolding before me. Millions of bees swarming as one to a new, safer home than the one they left behind to guard their Queen and continue their important role in the holographic web of life that sustains us all. I asked for many blessings for the bee nation as they went on their way – never got stung, walked away knowing a bit more than the day before.

Then in May of 2005 my brother passed. By the time that happened I could no longer grieve – I was not trying to be tough, just so depleted I couldn’t. I knew I was in trouble.

By the end of that year I had lumps along my lymphatic chain.

I had by now worked with enough animals with cancer and tumors and I knew how I was going to work through this. Illness is an imbalance. In 80% of the world some sort of energy healing is the medicine. I put my hand in my Makers and said “teach me”. I also made peace with the fact I might be done here. I was pretty burned out with what I saw happening to my beloved natural kingdom.

I never went to a “doctor”. I didn’t want the cutting, testing, drama and mostly I didn’t want to give this a name or have someone tell me things that would undermine my intuition. This scares many people, but that is how I decided to handle it.

I only told 3 people at the time what was going on with me, mostly to conserve energy. Lifting others up when you are that spent just doesn’t work. In six months most of the lumps were gone with herbs and working on myself. When a few stubborn lumps and rash remained on my neck I consulted with Sally, the wonder homeopath, and completed my healing.

This process helped me to know what I know. My animal friends have helped me more than could ever be put into words, so that is why now I live my life for them. Many see this as me caring more for animals, than for people. While this may be their outward impression, quite the opposite is true.

I have seen humankind twist the most sacred teachings to fit the agenda at hand. Dogmatic teachings have left us with improperly functioning energy fields – we don’t know how to listen and act upon the yearnings of our hearts, let alone this planet. Animals don’t seem to suffer from this as we humans do.

Last year’s drought in California was a fine example. The natural world grinds to a halt. Plants do not grow, animals don’t reproduce as much, and the food supply is simply not there. Humans simply turn on the faucet or hose and all is well. We don’t even stop to think that the river we get our water from no longer flows as far south as it use to. We don’t even stop to think about the rains or snows that fill that river or the atmosphere that conspires to bring that blessing about. Ancient man knew to speak to these things well before the appointed season for such an occurrence, to insure continued blessings.

We eat super-sized portions, so disconnected from our food that we don’t even think about the creature who lived a pathetic life in a factory farm to keep us alive. In many native cultures it is believed that animals will take on illness or give their lives for our sake. Is there a greater Christ-like gift we can see manifested before us?

In Mongolia the nomads live on vast grasslands with herds of horses that provide fermented milk and their goats that provide meat. These clans have no fences. These creatures stay with their “families” in a synergistic dance that benefits all, even to give their lives. Will modern man ever really appreciate the depth of the gift the animals give us? Will we ever realize we don’t need fences to control ourselves or life around us?

Then there is the subject of genetic engineering. Aside from all the pollutants industry has been dumping for decades, the thought of the wind and water carrying this mutant pollen across field after field is probably too much for us. Yet our impact is staring us in the face, illness abounds.

There are a wealth of ways to minimize our impact and it seems even the economy is helping us to see this. Yes, there is a silver lining to everything.

What many see as an economic down turn I see as a healing crisis before the restoration of health. A purging of bad habits so to speak. We are downsizing, riding motorcycles, not wasting as much. I have often thought that for all the time people spend worrying about what I like to call the Money God, how differently life might be is we spent that time in deep appreciation for all we have. We would be making a deep core change that could change the color of life we see before us.

So many markets are based on “speculation”. Something which has not yet occurred. This planet has incredible abundance if we know where to look and how to stay in synchronicity with it. Remember, this comes from a kid who has lived in a big city all her life, but was guided by the little and not so little critters that dwell among us.

Throughout the decades I have been on this planet I have seen the devastation humans cause when we take only for ourselves and do not consider the “whole” or “oneness” of life around us. Our overpopulation does cause “dead zones”, areas void of life as natural resources are stressed to the breaking point.

I have also seen the natural world rebound with the gusto only a mom like nature can provide when we make that deep core change and care about something besides our small and fractured perspective.

Years ago a local beach was such a dead zone because of pollution and humans ravaging the ecosystems there. In the 70’s this beach was full of life, sea birds, crabs, fish, anemones, octopus, seals, and dolphins. The water smelled sweet and healing and to visit there was a chance to fill your soul.

Then in the 80’s, with an influx of other cultures, the mussel beds where picked clean, the starfish disappeared and the water reeked of sewage. You could feel that bathing in that water would make you sick.

It took almost 10 years, but sewage was cleaned up, at first sea slugs appeared then more fish, star fish, the mussel beds re-bounded, and then birds – life flourished again. A local paper even printed an article about a new sea plant – resembling a white, underwater pepper tree that thrived on the pollution we dump into the sea. Nature has an incredible way of healing. It keeps me lifted when human limitations (myself included) bog me down.

This little experiment has re-enforced in me how life is a great exchange of energy, ideas, experiences and s way of being by which we influence each other. As beings of energy some of us will complement each other, some will react negatively, some will remain neutral and some of us cancel each other out. We are all a fractured part of the Whole.

Of all beings, humans are the hardest to work on. Animals are very true to their state of being and who they are. If they are ready to pass they will take the gift of healing and do so. If they are not, they will continue that sacred dance with the people they love and continue to astound us. People get stuck on what they think they know, or worse yet, behaviors that compensate for what they really feel.

You see this in many people who cannot tell the truth as they see it and allow others to continue undermining the integrity of others. This appears in something as simple as an horse person unable to speak up for their horse if a trainer is doing harm. Or also in a situation where a parent compensates to indulge in their child’s behavior that will cause harm to others as the child grows.

Many cover their inability to speak up under the guise of being “nice” or not wanting to start “trouble”. But in reality we just allow the monster to grow to epic proportions and then wonder why suffering reached such a magnified level. Until we learn to clear ourselves from all the layers of artificial living we have endured for generations, we will stagnate all we were meant to be, and all others around us were meant to be. This can be accomplished in many ways; people we meet, healing modalities, places we visit, etc.

From my experience animals and nature serve as a way back to the place I wish we never departed from. I tend to come from a “no fences” type of mentally. I love the freedom I found within myself, though the grace of nature, even though I live in a very condensed city. I will tend to cause the greatest disturbance in those who cling tightly to their self imposed cages. But it is really good to be me right now and I will try not to be too strong a remedy, although sometimes I see beings so stuck in their stink and the misery it can cause others – that I can’t seem to tone myself down.

For me homeopathy and energy work complement the Great Mystery that life is and put humans back into perspective from our self imposed, having to know it all attitude. It is surrendering and allowing an opening to occur so something better can work through us. It is easier than we think.

Perhaps my friend Deb from Texas said it best, “If you listen and really hear the words that Renate speaks, you will leave blessed and more knowledgeable than before. But if you really stop and absorb Renate’s energy, look into Renate’s eyes, and allow your heart to feel Renate’s message: you leave a changed person in every cell of your being. That’s why the animals love her so much……their core is touched. Animals and human’s seek Renate out because of her knowledge and willingness to meet you in the state you are in….”

Deb condensed what I do as a remedy at my best. I was taken aback by her statement as I totally underestimated my impact on people. I always knew that by healing the critters, I heal their people. Debs’ description is that of a person learning through osmosis; an infusion of life around you. This type of learning will not drain you as some beings that can suck you dry. It also resonated with me as I, like many others, tend to inert our own potencies by our own fractured perceptions of how we impact one another in the story of our lives. She knew the remedy I was long before I became cognizant of my full effect. I will always be grateful for her and so many others. Thank you.

So there we have it. A condensed version of what made me who I am today and a brief description of observations that helped mould me into that being. Like anybody else there is much more to this story, but this is a beginning, a fun experiment to see oneself in a new way. I hope you have fun with it.

By Renate Andrasevits Reed
Windwalker Healing
1446 W. 216th St.
Torrance, Ca. 90501

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Renate Andrasevits Reed

Renate Andrasevits Reed
Windwalker Healing
1446 W. 216th St.
Torrance, Ca. 90501


  • Thank you Renate, for expressing in words someting I have always known. I, too, have this same relationship with nature and animals and I transfer that to my human patients. With animals, especially those who have been abused, I sometimes cry for them first…the tears they can’t release. For one horse in particular, this was profound. Once a top notch show horse, he held his pain and suffering in and expressed it as bitterness, anger and revenge. He attacked two different caretakers, attempting to kill one and nearly breaking another’s arm. At first he looked at me with a calloused eye…just another human. After I heard his story I asked to be alone with him. I looked into his eyes and picked up all the sorrow of his cruel life. As I stood with him I began to cry. Then I wailed. Then I cursed at the humans that hurt this magnificent animal and brought him to the point of thinking there was no kindness in this world. He watched me with an intensity that was unbreakable. Then I apologized to him for all humanity and told him there were those like me who would never hurt him and that he needed to have some faith and some trust in my good intentions. There is no remedy as powerful as the milk of human kindness except the gift of God’s love. The two together are unstoppable. I had a friendship with this horse for many years, laughing as he showed off for me, teaching him to play, bringing him joy, helping the owner to see his who he really was, and when he passed his owner told me I was the only human he had ever really loved. I was blessed to know him and understand. I have been blessed with many experiences with animals…once rescuing an antlered whitetail buck entangled in a barbed wire fence, alone and with only my bare hands and my intentions to keep us both safe. I’ve had wild creatures want to be near me all my life and I fear none of them but respect them all.

    In my practice, I am ever amazed at how healing it is for people to have someone quietly and respectfully listen to their life stories. My office is in my home in the country, a quiet place of nature. I provide a soft, comfortable and safe environment and my initial intake is open ended. If it takes 2 or 4 hours to release, my time is theirs. And I always let my patients know that I feel it an honor to have them share their thoughts with me. Though sometimes it is challenging not to pick up their pain, I remind myself that with humans I can do them no good if I suffer with them and only a positive outlook, a view to the silver lining, will provide the healing they need. So my clients leave with affirmation and resolved to be healed. The positive flow goes a long way to move them in the right direction and the remedies and supplements I prescribe provide the energies and self-empowerment to complete the action.

    Our remedies are powerful, but I believe the intention behind the remedy and the balance and health of the practitioner play a large part in how successful we are in actual practice. Again, thank you so much for your article!!!

    • Thank you for sharing your wonderful story – Our lives are changed and blessed by these critters!

      With gratitude, R

    I am very proud of YOU and of me for being GOD-gifted to read your article.It is so resourceful,truthful and god related.In our vedas wise sages have pronoused 4-5 thousand years before itself that vanaspathy i.e green foliage as god.May HIM give you HIS choicest blessings.

  • Thank you for this piece – it requires re-reading, and I;ll do that.

    Just one point: On a public radio station I recently heard of two people who searched in many countries looking for the ‘happiest people’. (writing a book perhaps; – I don’t remember) It was interesting to hear that at the very top of the list was “truthfulness”. People who spoke truthfully and honestly were the happiest, which I thought of when you said people need to speak the truth even when it is difficult to do so. Who would have come up with that answer? We’d have looked for all kinds of answers but I doubt that would have been a guess by anyone.


    • First of all I want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for your kind comments and stories. Please forgive my tardiness in answering – my computer has been down for about a month.

      One of the aspects of energy work that is my forte is Equine Guided Healing. The horse is an animal that needs truthfullness to feel safe. Working in the presence of horses that have been allowed to “speak their truth” will allow the person to do the same – when they are ready to operate from that level. Once they do, the horse will move off integrity, working with the horse is effortless and becomes an energetic dance that benefits both parties and drains none.

      When one feels free to speak their truth, you know your limits, set healthy boundaries so other respect that too and in a very small and subtle way makes the world a better place.

      This newsletter/article was written a few years ago, I have pitched it elsewhere. This is the first time someone thought to publish it – much to my joy!

      My newsletters cover a gamut of subtle energetic topics. Perhaps this is a good start.

      In your last line you make a reference to “I doubt that would have been guessed by anyone” – yet there are quite a few who are coming to realize this quite form of respect, that we have been so diluted and entrapped energeticall, we haven’t seen it.

      Thank you so much and many blessings! R

  • This is a very interesting article, and like Jean, I will need to re-read it. I am struck by a similarity with a good friend of mine who was just diagnosed first with double pneumonia followed by the detection of a lymphoma. The parallel is that she has also depleated herself by helping those around her. She just gives and gives and was still giving when people finally told her she HAD to go to the hospital. I was wondering if you might be willing to share which remedies were helpful in your healing just to give me a jumping off place in looking for something for her. Thank you for sharing your story.


    • Hello Heather,

      That year when I turned 40 I was the walking poster child of the tubercular miasm. The remedy was Tuberculinum.

      I find Sankaran’s description the most fitting in my case – the main feeling is one of oppression, a feeling that one’s weakness is being exploited. I am the youngest of eight, born to a poor family. Layers of compensation in the parents and siblings. It took much for me to find my voice and I have the Tubercular Miasm to thank for that gift. These changes will elicite changes in others.

      Please note, this is my story. Your friend has hers. Take the full case, treat the layer that is presenting itself. Go as slow as she needs the layers to peel off, she needs that time to replace faulty, old patterns of behavior with the true self that will be immerging as well as a more healthy way to function… Don’t rush this process for her and honor her wants if she reaches a place she is happy with – even if it doesn’t agree with what you feel should be happening. Don’t infect your clients healing with your agenda – very important point all too often missed.

      I did a few liver cleanses from Standard Process that were very valuable in the whole process also.

      There are many wonderful ways to help healing that are emmerging. A caring friend is a good place to start. She is lucky to have you!

      Hope this helps, Best wishes! R

  • Stressed + depressed about my own ill health + my beloved 14 year old dog’s failing kidneys, i began looking into homeopathy + came across this article which gave my eyes a good wash as it brought all sorts of emotions to the surface.
    i didn’t manage to read every word but what i did read made me wish once again that there were more people in the world who cared.
    jac, age 56 going on 90

  • Thank you Renate. I will share this piece with some friends who don’t get Hpathy. It deserves to go on resonating and confirming the good news that some of us only suspect from a distance. It is the world which will save us, rather than the other way round, though you are playing a beautiful and privileged part in this.

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