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Answer to Repertory Exercise – March 2009

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https://hpathy.com/images/writing-hand.jpg Rubrics:

1. MIND – DELUSIONS – insane – become insane; he will – pain; from

2. NOSE – PAIN – burning, smarting – Root – inside

3. HEAD – PAIN – shooting – Forehead – eyes, over – violent shooting pains – root of nose along left orbital arch to external angle of eye

4. NOSE – BLOW the nose – inclination to blow the nose; constant – amel.; but does not

5. NOSE – DISCHARGE – crusts, scabs, inside – detach – easy to detach – soreness at root; but if pulled away to soon, they cause – photophobia; with

6. NOSE – DISCHARGE – crusts, scabs, inside – elastic plugs

7. MIND – IRRITABILITY – eating – after – amel.

8. MIND – SADNESS – eating – after – amel.

9. LARYNX AND TRACHEA – VOICE – hoarseness – talking – agg.

10. GENERALS – lack of vital heat

11. GENERALS – FOOD and DRINKS – bitter drinks – desire

12. GENERALS – FOOD and DRINKS – fruit – aversion

Remedy: Kali-bi.

Five people who got the remedy right are:

Patricia Hechmer, Agnes Moberg, Nishita Gupta, Sinziana Patrulea and Partha Chakraborty

But the person who got the rubrics right too is – Sinziana Patrulea

Congratulations Sinziana! You are the first every winner of our repertory quiz.


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