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Cough by Jahr

Cough by Jahr

Dr. George Heinrich Gottlieb Jahr (1800 -1875)


*This table based on Jahr’s work was prepared by homeopath Vera Resnick and appears on her website.


Dry coughAcon, Nux-V, Bell, Hyos, Cham, Bry, Caps, Rhus-T, Sulph, Calc, Caust, Ign, Kali carb
Loose cough early in the morning. Dry at night and in the eveningCham, Nux-V, Calc, Sil, Sulph, Ars, Lyc, Puls, Acid phosphoricum
Racking coughBell, Nux-V, Merc, Calc, Kali-C, Phos, Stann, Sulph, Carb-V, Rhus-T, Sil, Puls, Ign
Deep, hollow coughDros, Hepar, Verbasc, Verat-A, Sil, Caust, Bell, Staph
Titillating coughCham, Hyos, Bell, Ipec, Merc, Rhus-T, Acid phosphoricum, Sulph, Lach, Nux-V, Staph Verat-A
As from dust in the throatBell, Ign, Calc, China, Ars, Puls
Spasmodic coughHyos, Bell, Carb-V, Puls, Nux-V, Cina, Dros
Rough, hoarse scraping coughNux-V, Puls, Ign, Verbasc, Hep, Stann
Suffocative coughTart. Emet., Ipec, Sil, Cupr, Ars, Nux-V
Starts from throat pitCham, Ign, Bell, Lach, China, Ipec, Staph, Stann, Calc, Caust
From the chestCaust
From the stomachBry, Puls, Sep
If there’s much expectorationSulph, Calc, Puls, Acid phosphoricum, Staph, Stann, Carb-V, Ipec, Hep, Bry, Sil, China, Lyc
Expectoration only early in the morningNux-V, Cham, Puls, Bry, Phos, Acid phosphoricum, Sep, Calc, Carb-V
Expectoration tastes bitterPuls, Dros, Cham, Merc, Nux-V
Expectoration is putrid, foulPuls, Fer, Carb-V, Lyc, Stann
Like old catarrhPuls, Sulph
Has sweetish tastePhos, Calc, Stann, Sulph
Sour tasteCalc, China, Nux-V, Puls, Phos
Salt tasteLyc, Ars, Sulph, Puls, Stann, Phos, Sep
Foul smellingPuls, Sulph, Sep, Carb-V, Stann, Calc, Sil
Mucus expectorationChina, Staph, Acid phosphoricum, Sulph, Puls, Ipec, Lach, Lyc, Silic, Stann, Calc, Dulc, Phos, Carb-V
Bloody mucusChina, Merc, Acon, Bell, Carb-V, Fer, Staph, Silic, Bry, Ars
Pure bloodAcon, Arn, China, Ipec, Phos, Bry, Fer, Ars, Sulph
Lumpy expectoration in little fragmentsSilic, Calc, Lyc, Lach, Hep, Sulph, Kali-C, Stann
Watery expectoration or consisting of thin mucusHep, Carb-V, China, Puls, Merc, Ars, Fer, Sulph
Thick mucusPuls, Sulph, Calc, Phos, Silic, Stann
Purulent mucusDros,  Staph, Calc, Puls, Sil, China, Carb-v, Fer, Merc, Phos, Sep, Stann, Lyc, Sulph
YellowishPuls, Bry, Carb-v, Sulph, Lyc, Phos, Calc, Phos-ac, Staph, Dros, Sep, Stann
Gray, grayishCarb-v, Lyc, Ars, Sep
Green, greenishPuls, Sulph, Calc, Fer, Merc, Carb-v, Lyc, Sil, Ars, Stann
WhitishCarb-v, Phos-ac, Sil, Calc, Sulph, Lyc, Phos, Sep, Puls
Tough, firmly adherentSulph, Sil, Nux-v, China, Arsen
CopiousPuls, Dulc, Sulph, Sep, Stan, Silic
Matter detached by coughing cannot be expectoratedCaust, Sep

Exciting cause and time cough starts:

From every effortIpec
From every movement of the bodyBry, Nux-v, Fer, China, Phos, Sil
From moving the chestNux-v, China, Phos, Stann
From a coldDulc, Carb-v, Sep, Cham, Puls, Hep
Worse from cold airDulc, Lach, Ipec, Rhus-t
In the cold generallyCarb-v, Ars, Hep, Caust, Phos
Worse in the open airPhos, Sulph, Ars, Rhus-t
Excited by eatingBry, Lach, Nux-v, Phos, Ars, Calc
Excited by laughingDros, Phos, Stann, China
While readingNux-v, Phos, Stann
While lying downHyos, Dulc, Puls, Sulph, Ars, Phos, Sil, Sep
While reflectingNux-v
After sleeping every timeLach
From talkingChina, Lach, Stann, Cham, Hep, Sil, Phos
Worse in a roomPuls, Dulc
Excited by a deep inspirationDulc
Brought on again by drinkingArs, China, Hep, Lach, Bry
From the warmth of the roomPuls, Bry, Dulc
Better in the open airPuls, Dulc
When raising oneself in bedHyos
By warmth, getting warmCham
Cough starts or gets worse in the eveningCarb-v, Caps, Rhus-t, Calc, Ars, Phos, Stann, Hep, Puls
In the evening in bed after lying downHyos, Ign, Ars, Calc, Carb-v, Puls
At night, generallyMerc, Caps, Rhus-t, Sil, Sulph, Stann, Dros, Cham, Hyos, Bell, Kali-c, Puls, Sep
Before midnightCarb-v, Rhus-t
After midnightKali-c, Dros, Bell, Nux-v
During sleepCham, Calc, Lach, Merc, Verb
Worse after sleepingLach
Early in the morning and eveningLyc, Phos
Only early in the morningIgn, Nux-v, China, Ars, Stann, Lyc
Day and nightCalc, Carb-v, Lyc, Phosphorus

Accessory Affections (concomitants)

With congestive symptoms around the headBell, Bry, Nux-v, Sulph
With headacheNux-v, Arn, Bry, Sulph, Calc, Ipec
As if head would fly to piecesNux-v, Sulph, Bry, Caps, Bell
Sensation of stitches in the headArn, Calc
Throbbing in the headIpec, Puls, Arsen, Lyc
Retching and vomitingIpec, Nux-v, Puls, Carb-v, Dros, Bry, Fer, Calc, Sil, Stann, Sulph, Caps, Rhus-t
Affections of partly digested food (ingesta)Ipec, Nux-v, Calc, Carbo-v, Dros, Puls, Bell, Calc, Lyc
Previous to a paroxysmBell
Painfulness of chest (centre and sides) epigastrium and hypochondriaNux-v, Puls, Arn, Bry, Lyc, Dros, Hyos, Phos
Sensitiveness in area of liverChina, Bry, Lyc, Bell, Lach
Painfulness of umbilical regionIpec, Nux-v
Involuntary urination with every coughCaust, Puls, Staph, Phos, Nat-m, Caps
Inguinal hernia is painfulNux-v, Vert-a, Sil, Sulph
Larynx is painfulAcon, Arn, Bell, Hep, Caust, Calc, Carbo-v, Arg, Phos, Lach
Spasm in larynxIpec, Ign, Hyos, Bell
Pains in the chestAcon, Bry, Bell, Ipec, Carbo-v, China, Staph, Phos-ac, Kali-c, Nit-ac, Nitr., Caust, Lyc, Phos, Puls, Stann
Burning in the air passagesCarbo-v, Caust, Spong, Sulph
Pressure in affected partsBell, Sulph
Ulcerative pain in these partsCalc, Silic, Phos, Hep, Kali-c, Lach
Stitches in those partsBry, Bell, Sulph, Verat-a, Ars, Phos, Petrol, Caps, Carbo-v, Kali-c, Nitr
Pain as if sore, raw in these partsCaust, Nux-v, Ipec, Sulph, Carbo-v, Phos, Bell, Stann, Arg
Mucous ralesIpec, Tart -emet, Calc, Caust, Cham, Bell, Puls
Arrest of breathingIpec, Cina, Cupr, Ars, Tart. Emet, Dros, Bell, Sil
Wheezing in the air passagesLach, Bry, China, Sulph, Kali-c, Dros
Palpitation of the heartPuls, Arsen, Sulph, Arn, Calc, Nitr, Natr. Mur
Shortness of breathSulph, Rhus-t, Sil, Calc, Ars, Arn, Carb-v, Caust
DyspnoeaIpec, Sulph, Kali-c, Lach, Cupr, Lyc, Sep, Puls
Rheumatic pains in limbsCaust, Puls, Bry, Acon, Caps, Rhus-t, Sulph
Night sweatsChina, Carbo-v, Arn, Sil, Rhus-t, Kali-c, Phos, Sulph, Calc
Sweating handsTart.emet
Sweat about the headTart.emet, Ipec
Great weakness and lassitude after paroxysmsIpec, China, Verat-a, Ars
Moaning, weepingArn, Hep, Cina
SneezingBell, Hep, Cina

Cough after acute catarrh:

Cough remaining after acute catarrh
Dry chronic cough
  1. Sulph, Caust, Calc
  2. 2. Carbo veg, Silic
Cough after catarrh
Copious expectoration of mucus
  1. Puls, Dulc, China, Ferr
  2. Acid phosphoricum, Silic, Sulph, Calc, Carb-V
Cough with chronic hoarseness
Burning and soreness in chest
Throat is not so very painfulSulph, Phos, Calc, Carb-V

Gastric cough: (worms, chronic weakness of digestion, liver complaints)

If cough results in vomiting which gives reliefPuls, Ipec, Nux-V, Sulph, Sil, Fer, Calc-C
Worms; Irritation from teethingCina, Merc

Nervous, spasmodic or irritative cough: Bell, Hyos, Ipec, Cina, Puls, Ambra, Conium, Vert-A, Cuprum

About the author

Vera Resnick

Vera Resnick

Vera Resnick, DHom Med (Lic) IHM, lives and works in Jerusalem, Israel, and teaches and practices locally and internationally. She trained in Tel Aviv, did postgraduate studies with David Little, and has been specializing in Boenninghausen's TPB, provings research and study methods, and use of LMs over the last 15 years. She has been working with the Institute for Homoeopathic Medicine (IHM) since 2010, and is an official of the IHM. You can read Vera's articles on provings, cases, the Organon and on homoeopathy in general on her blogs: www.pandwisrael.wordpress.com and www.jerusalemhomeopath.wordpress.com .


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