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Last modified on August 4th, 2018

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The degree of vitality Homoeopathy enjoys in any given period will always be indexed by the methods of its disciples and exponents, not merely by the soundness of their teaching, but specially by the thoroughness and accuracy of their practice. I know of no better gauge of this vitality than the interest shown in repertory work, for the repertory is our chief instrument of precision. True, some men do some good work without the repertory, but they also do poor work, more than they would do with it.

A self-made artisan may be a very useful man although ignorant of the theory and most advanced methods obtaining in his line of work, but he can never measure up to the man whom education and thoroughness of method has made an expert. No such thing as infallibility in prescribing will ever be attained, but he who uses his repertory faithfully and intelligently – and no one can do that without equal faithfulness and intelligence in his study of the Materia Medica – will inevitably reap his reward, in results and in that peace of mind that comes only with an approving conscience.

It is encouraging, therefore, to realize that there are some who desire to follow the better way, – that there is some demand for such works as this of Dr. Bidwell’s, excellently qualified, as it is to initiate into effective use of repertory methods; it seems to show that beneath the ashes and debris heaped up by ultra-scientific but essentially chaotic Modern Medicine, burn her and there the embers of a love for therapeutic Truth, which are destined to burst forth at last into a steady, spreading flame that shall bring much good to the children of men.

James Tyler Kent.

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