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Repertory Exercise – March 2009

A useful article about Repertory Exercise – March 2009.Full details about Repertory Exercise – March 2009

This is a new repertory quiz feature that we have started this month. By using Repertory try to find suitable rubric for each sentence with a number at the end.  The rubrics will help you to decide which remedy is the most similar for this situation. Once you are done, send your rubrics and remedy to us at [email protected].

Male, 45 years old, comes to consultation with terible pains and speaks to me with words: “I think I’ll go crazy with these pains” (1), he has terrible burning in the root of his nose which he feels as a if something is burning inside (2). It hurts so much, in fact it shoots (showing his forehead) and it spreads from the root of the nose  long left orbital arch to external angle of the left eye (3). He’s constantly blowing his nose, but it doesn’t help (4). His nose is full of crusts that are very painful when he’s trying to take them out, it is so painfull that the light bothers him, so he has to turn out the light (5).  His discharges from nose are elastic (6). sometimes stupid things irritates him  and when he wants to calm down he takes somethin to eat (7). the food helps him even when he is sad, in general he feels betterafter eating (8). During the interview he was almost without his voice (9), and all the time he has a lot of clothe on him (10). He likes bitter drinks (11), but he doesn’t like and doesn’t feel well after eating fruit (12).


1.     _____________________________________________________

2.     _____________________________________________________

3.     _____________________________________________________

4.     _____________________________________________________

5.     _____________________________________________________

6.     _____________________________________________________

7.     _____________________________________________________

8.     _____________________________________________________

9.     _____________________________________________________

10.                        _____________________________________________________

11.                        _____________________________________________________

12.                        _____________________________________________________

The remedy is:_________________


This month’s winners will get a special 30% discount on one order of books from Hpathy Mall. And the answer will be in next month’s ezine.

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