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Steps to Repertorisation – Analysis and prescription

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Analysis and Prescription

The remedy which gets the highest mark is not necessarily the final remedy in all the cases. Repertorial result should be finally referred to the court of Materia Medica. Marks are important but these does not constitute the final verdict. Further the group has to be referred to the picture of the patient and with the help of Materia Medica, it should be differentiated. Sounding a note of caution, Boenninghausen writes, ” for this purpose, he should not content himself with repertories that have been prepared, a very frequent  carelessness for these books contain only slight hints as to one or the other remedy that might be selected but can never take the place of the careful reading up of the fountain sources”. (The field which differentiates medicines is called Potential Differential Field)

Repertory, thus narrows down the group of medicines, and with the help of source books, a final remedy can be found out. The remedy so selected must finally pass through certain criteria such as susceptibility, sensibility, suppression (if any), the level of similarity, functional and structural changes, vitality, and miasm to arrive at right potency and doses schedule.

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