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Steps to Repertorisation – Defining the problem

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Defining the problem

Once the case is taken well, interpreted, and recorded properly  the physician should be in a position to define the problem precisely. The record should guide him to understand the person and his disease. The sickness of the person gets expressed at his various levels, and to bring all such expressions together to get a whole picture, requires a clear understanding of what Hahnemann stated ” what is to be cured in a disease, that is to say in every individual case of disease “.To define a problem means to define the individual  who is facing the problem. The individual is fully revealed to a physician from the effects of different events associated with the individual as well as from the related data collected from various sources. Diagnosis of the disease, which is of crucial importance, would segregate the peculiar characteristic expressions from the common ones. Thus, only by precisely defining the problem, a physician would be in a position to go ahead further in the right direction.

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