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Steps to Repertorisation – Erecting totality

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Erecting Totality

Totality is not the sum total of symptoms, but it is a logical combination of the symptoms which characterizes the person as well  individualize the problem Thus, all the symptoms which are classified and evaluated do not form a working totality of the case.

From the classification  and evaluation, the hierarchy of symptoms is known, but which, among them, should be useful for getting a correspondence are yet to be finalized. Thus, a physician is required to understand the whole symptom and select a few of which can logically represent the whole picture. This logical arrangement must follow a definite principle. If the case has got more generals and a few particulars with rare modalities, it would follow a different arrangement than a case which has vague modalities and striking concomitants, or a pathological general.

Totality should be erected according to the facts collected in the case. There is no hard and fast rule to erect totality in any fixed way. The case alone decides the method to be followed.

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