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Prof. Cyril Smith

Cyril William Smith, BSc, PhD, DIC, CEng, FIET; CPhys, MInstP, MIPEM; was born in London, England, January 7, 1930. In 1947, on leaving school he joined a Research Establishment at Great Malvern doing basic research on radar. At Exeter University on leave of absence, he read Physics and graduated in 1955. In 1956, he took up a Fellowship at Imperial College, London, for research on the detection and intensification of medical X-ray images, gaining the DIC (Diploma of The Imperial College) and the PhD of London University. In 1959, he went into full-time school teaching as a physics master and also carried out research into the sodium spectrum of light from the sky at twilight.

In 1964, he joined the Department of Electrical Engineering at Salford University. He introduced the first UK Honours Degree Course in Biomedical Electronics. It was ‘accredited’ by the IEE. There have been 18 MSc and 19 PhD degrees awarded to his graduate students. At 1990 at the age of 60, he accepted an offer of premature retirement. He continues to be active in research and writing now at home.

With over 100 publications, there have been four main streams of research activity through his career: instrument technology, biomedical electronics, dielectric liquids, and electromagnetic effects in biological systems, bio-materials and water. From 1973 to 1991, co-operation with the late Professor Herbert Fröhlich FRS led to his studies of the interaction of coherent electromagnetic fields with living systems, biological materials and to coherence and fractal-like effects in water. In 1982, he became involved with the diagnosis and therapy of electromagnetically hypersensitive patients at the Breakspear Hospital in England and later at EHC – Dallas TX where he has given 14 presentations at the “Man & His Environment” Symposia.

He wrote a book in cooperation with medical journalist Simon Best entitled “Electromagnetic Man” (London: J.M. Dent, 1989) which was awarded a “Book of the Year – 1990” prize. His 2011 paper Frequency and Anticipation in Biosystems presented at the CAYS’11 Conference in Liège, Belgium received a “Best Paper” award. Currently he is working on (amongst other topics) the extraction and applications of bio-information from photographic images. He married a medical student in 1958 who went on to become a consultant psychiatrist; they have three sons and two grandchildren.

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Prof. A.R. Khuda Bukhsh

Anisur Rahman Khuda-Bukhsh worked earlier at the Dept. of Zoology , University of Kalyani. He is now retired after he served two years as Emeritus of UGC at the same Dept. till April 2016. He worked in different areas of toxicology, mutagenesis, radio-protection, nanotechnology, pharmacology and pharmaceutics apart from homeopathy,cancer biology and biological sensors. He utilized various modern technologies including various electron microscopies, nanoencapsulations and nanoprecipitations., immunology and other molecular biology techniques. Their current project is ‘Clinical research on PCOS , PCO and renal stones and the molecular mechanism of homeopathy. ‘. He is the recipient of LIFE TIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD -2016 from i) EUROPEAN COMMITTEE OF HOMEOPATHY and ii) AYUSH, Govt. INDIA.

In 2003, he published a study which showed that homeopathic Arsenicum album reduced arsenic-caused liver toxicity in mice. He has also done research on treating arsenic-induced diabetes in mice using a product consisting of insulin wrapped in a coat of nanoparticles; Khuda-Bukhsh and his collaborators describe this product as “nano-insulin”. Nature Asia describes an article published in peer review journal of Integrative Medicine about the action of homeopathic in gene expression. He has published more than 100 research papers related to homeopathy in peer-reviewed indexed journals.

His current H-index 50, i10 index 191, citations of nearly 8380; researchgate read of over 1,81,000, research interest score of 3500. His name again figures in 2022 list of top 2% world scientists in the survey list of Stanford University, in CAM research sub-section, giving him rank 1 in India and global rank of 26, consecutively for 3 years since 2020.

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Dr. Elio Rossi

Elio Rossi, MD, is Medical doctor and expert in Complementary Medicine. He is Director of the Homeopathic Clinic of Campo di Marte Hospital of Health Unit n. 2 Lucca and Director of “Complementary medicine and diet in oncology” at the Campo di Marte Provincial Hospital of Lucca, in collaboration of the Oncology Department of ASL 2 Lucca.

In previous years he was Health General Direzione of Tuscany Region, Consultant, Member of the Tuscany Region delegation of the Inter-regional Group “Complementary Medicine”. Elio Rossi was Scientific Director of the magazine “Medicina Naturale” and as Collaborator responsible for the weekly rubric “L’altra medicina” (The other Medicine). His professional activity included among others Ambulatorio Medico Omeopatico, Infectious Disease Clinic, Hospital “L. Sacco”, Milano.

Elio Rossi’s medical education: Medical degree at the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, University of Milan, Italy (1973-1979). 1979-1982 Specialization at the School of Tropical and Infectious Diseases, Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, University of Milan, Italy.  1979-1986 basic education and training in Homeopathy, Homeopathia Europea – Internationalis, Bruxelles, Belgium. 1988-1991 Advanced course in Homeopathy, Faculty of Homeopathy of London, UK. 2010 International Summer School “Research Methods in Complementary and Alternative (CAM)”, Potsdam, Germany.

Elio Rossi’s University teaching took place in Bilbao and Zaragoza (Spain) and in Florence, Bologna, Pisa, Siena and Rome, Italy. He is and has been member in various Institutional charges. He participated as speaker at many international conferences. Elio Rossi is author and co-author of several books. In the last few years he has published over 40 articles in magazines and journals.

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Dr. Bernardo A Merizalde

Bernardo A Merizalde, MD has studied complementary and integrative approaches in medicine since 1979; attended Hahnemann Hospital’s Psychiatry and Neurology residency program and became Board Certified in that specialty.  He is a a Diplomate of the American Board of Holistic and Integrative Medicine and has focused his practice on mind-body integration and human development.

He is an assistant clinical professor of the Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior at Thomas Jefferson University, and a consultant at the Myrna Brind Center for Integrative Medicine at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, in Philadelphia.

He has given talks and seminars on integrative-complementary medicine to undergraduate and graduate students, professionals, and consumer groups. He has presented at Jefferson University, University of Pennsylvania, Hahnemann Hospital, Medical College of Pennsylvania, Temple University, the Philadelphia Psychiatric Society, the American Psychiatric Association, the International Homeopathic Medical League, and various consumer groups. He has published several articles on homeopathic medicine in clinical practice, and homeopathic research, in peer review journals.

He is a past president of the American Institute of Homeopathy; member of the International Homeopathic Medical League, and of the Greater Philadelphia Society for Clinical Hypnosis, the American Society for Clinical Hypnosis, and the American Holistic Medical Association.

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Dr. Richard Moskowitz

Richard Moskowitz was born in 1938, and educated at Harvard (B.A.) and New York University (M.D.). After medical school he did 3 years of graduate study in Philosophy at the University of Colorado in Boulder on a U. S. Steel Fellowship.

He took his internship at St. Anthony’s Hospital, Denver, and has been practicing family medicine since 1967, as well as attending about 800 home births. With a background in Oriental medicine and other forms of natural healing, Dr. Moskowitz studied homeopathy with George Vithoulkas in Greece and Rajan Sankaran and others in India. He has practiced the classical method more or less exclusively since 1974, and has taught and lectured widely on homeopathy and related subjects. Dr. Moskowitz has published numerous articles and two books.

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Dr. Douglas Falkner

Dr. Douglas Falkner, MD, is a Certified Master Homeopath. For his training he worked with, studied extensively, and completed courses and seminars with Stephen Messer, Paul Herscu, Lou Klein, Vega Rozenberg, Jan Scholten, Vassilis Ghegas, Rajan Sankaran, and others. As a trained Emergency Physician, and an instructor for hospital-based Clinical Emergency Medicine, Dr. Falkner brings a broad conventional medical background as well to his understanding of health and disease and to the homeopathic healing art.

Dr. Falkner started his first homeopathic training program in 2004, and founded The Falkner School for Homeopathy in 2010. He currently serves as a member of the National Center for Homeopathy’s Board of Directors, as well. Dr. Falkner maintains a world-wide client base, while continuing to expand his teaching activities. He offers private homoeopathic consultations in person or by phone. He currently resides with his family in Ashland, Oregon

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