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Homeopathy for Everyone June 2009

Dr. Manish Bhatia

Homeopathy for Everyone June 2009

Homeopathy for Everyone - The Hpathy Ezine
June, 2009
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Exploring Heilkunst


An Appreciation Alan
V. Schmukler
Letters to the Editor
in the Hot Seat
Steven Decker

– (Audio) interviewed by Rudi Verspoor

Heilkunst: An Overview
– Rudi Verspoor
Hahnemann College: In

Dynamic Physiology
– Rudi Verspoor

Regimen Within Heilkunst
– Catherine Dombroskie

Schüssler Cell Salts and Their Application Within the Heilkunst System
– Gudula Beythien

in Heilkunst
– Susan Cohen

The Principles
of Sequential Treatment in Heilkunst Practice
– Marion Elliot

A Heilkunst Look
at the Miasms
– Patty Smith

Hahnemann’s Two Approaches to Prevention
– Patty Smith

and Treating a Case with Heilkunst
– Rudi Verspoor & Patty

– Aleks Mikic

Tips and Secrets: 26
– Alan V. Schmukler

on the Mexican Flu 2009
– Galicia et al.

Prevention of Epidemic Leptospirosis in Cuba
– Didi Ananda Ruchira

Than Words!

June 09 Cartoon – NHS Budget!
– Alan Schmukler

Look for a new cartoon every month in this new section of the

the Clinic

A Case of Hemorrhagic
Ovarian Cyst
– Dr. Manish Bhatia
Escaping the
Cocoon – A Case of Monarch Butterfly
– David Johnson

QUIZ – Air-conditioning at
Mastery Charter School Really Blows!
– Elaine & Shana Lewis
Revisting: “We Are In
– Elaine Lewis

Answer to April
– Begabati Lennihan



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About the author

Dr. Manish Bhatia

Dr. Manish Bhatia

- BHMS, BCA, M.Sc Homeopathy (UK), CICH (Greece)
- Ass. Professor, Organon & Homeopathic Philosophy, SKH Medical College, Jaipur
- Founder Director of
- Editor, Homeopathy 4 Everyone
- Member, Advisory Board, Homeopathic Links
- Co-author - Homeopathy and Mental Health Care: Integrative Practice, Principles and Research
- Author - Lectures on Organon of Medicine vol 1 & 2. CCH Approved. (English, German, Bulgarian)
- Awardee - Raja Pajwan Dev Award for Excellence in the Field of Medicine; APJ Abdul Kalam Award for Excellence in Homeopathy Education
- For consultation, seminars or clinical training, write to

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