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Homeopathy for Everyone April 2011

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Homeopathy for Everyone April 2011

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Manish Bhatia
Rochelle Marsden
Firuzi Mehta
David Johnson
Elaine Lewis
Katja Schütt
Neil D. Shere
Leela D’Souza
Shirley Reischman
Edward De Beukelaer
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Profiles in Courage – Alan V. Schmukler

Letters to the Editor

Homeopath in the Hot Seat
Dr. Subrata Kumar Banerjea – interviewed by Samantha Egan & Rita Niehorster
Presentation by Allen College of Homoeopathy
Pathology and Homoeopathy – What Homoeopathy Can Do– Subrata Kumar Banerjea

Long Distance Learning with Allen College of Homoeopathy – Pardeep Panesar

My Training with Allen College of Homoeopathy via Video Link – Marian Booker

Homoeopathy at Allen College – A Student’s Eye View – Nick Hill

My Time in Calcutta and The Bengal Allen Medical Institute – Donna Fox

Why Homoeopathy Thrives in India – Janet Robinson Banerjea

My Interest in Homoeopathy – Sarah Pearman

Case of a Tearful Woman – Rita Niehorster

Case Study – Daniela Karsten

Watch and Wait – A Case of Depression – Maria Price

Materia Medica
A Homoeopathic Treatise on Homeopathic Help, Research and Allied Work- V – P.S. Rawat
New Papers
A Critical Examination of the Homeopathic Treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – Gill Graham

General Breakup at the Menopause – Ulcerated Womb – James Compton Burnett

Nicotine Use Disorders and Homeopathy – Navneet Bidani

The Homeopathic Management of Acne – Robert Medhurst

An Introduction to Diabetic Management – P.B.Kader

Asthma Attack – A.K.Crawford

Questions Patients Ask – 4 – Elaine Lewis

Seniors Have the Future – Cor van der Meij

Life and Reminiscences of Dr. Constantine Hering – Arthur Eastman

The “Biophotonic Resonator” A Synergetic Matrix (IV) – Traian D. Stanciulescu

Tips and Secrets – Alan V. Schmukler

Rodilardus Urinates Gelatinous– Jacques Millemann

When a Bitch Refuses Covering – Jacques Millemann

From the Clinic
Elaine Backs into an Eczema Case– Elaine Lewis

Teen Mental Health and the Death of a Beloved Pet – Mary English

My Friend Was Dying.. – Edson Sampaio

Efficient Care of Challenging Cases of Malignancy – Shailesh Deshpande

Crossword April 2011 – Alan Schmukler
More Than Words!
– Cartoon – If Only – Alan Schmukler
– QUIZ – Nearly-Famous Person Gets a Cold– Elaine Lewis, Shana Lewis

Revisiting: Asthma Since Childhood – Elaine Lewis

Agro Homeopathy
Control of Root-Knot Disease of Mulberry by Homeopathic Medicines – Subhas Chandra Datta & Rupa Datta
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