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Homeopathy for Everyone August 2015

Read the rich issue of Homeopathy for Everyone, August 2015.


 A Surprise Case and a Small Life Lesson – Alan V. Schmukler

Feedback from August issue

Homeopath in the Hot Seat

 Interview Willa Keizer – Alan V. Schmukler


Online Homeopathy Course by George Vithoulkas

The Fireside Book of Homeopathy Tales – READ NOW!

New Papers

 The Story of the Prague College of Classical Homeopathy – Petr Zacharias

 Suppression – Un-suppression – Retracing – Cyrus Thomas

 Adrenal Fatigue – Danny Thomas

 The History of Johann Martin Honigberger – Ileana Rîndașu

 Acute Appendicitis and Homoeopathy – Rajneesh Kumar Sharma

 Triturations, and the Trituration of Corallium Rubrum – Dr Paul Theriault

 The Maintaining Cause as a Challenge – Kathrine Dehn

 Tidbits 30: What’s Wrong With Wheat? – Elaine Lewis and Caralyn Vessal

 August 2015 Tips & Secrets – Alan V. Schmukler

 A Letter to the Allopathic Doctors of Dayton, Ohio – Henry Wigand

From The Clinic

 A Ustilago Case – Gabriel Blass

 Cataract – Edmund Carleton

 A Case of Calcified Bursitis – Dr. Tejas Shah

 A Case of Poisonous Paranoia – Vatsala Sperling

 A Case of Severe Itching and Total Body Discoloration Solved with Sensation and Synergy – Hetal Vasa

 Ambra Grisea – A Forgotten Remedy – Mike Andrews

 A Case of Metrorrhagia – Noel Peterson

 “I Want To Be One of Them” – Prabal Howal

 Diabetes with Albuminaria – Anaswara Dev


 Research on Homeopathy Part 32 – Robert Medhurst

 Research on the Anticancer Effects of Conium M. and Condurango – Alan V. Schmukler


 The Matrix Method with Tetractys Model by Drs. Mirjana Zivanov, Stojan Primovic and Andreas Kelemen – Vladimir Holodkov

 The Homoeopathic Compendium by David Little – Joe Rozencwajg

 Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine, 9th edition – Ashok Rajguru

Veterinary Homeopathy

 Ask the Holistic Vet – August 2015 – Deva Khalsa

 Case Report: Rattlesnake Bite! Homeopathy Cured Two Foals – Will Falconer


Crossword August 2015 – Alan Schmukler

Cartoons! 🙂

 The Skeptics – Alan V. Schmukler

Solve the Case Quiz

QUIZ – Case Quiz # 1 from Petr Zacharias – Petr Zacharias

QUIZ – I Feel Like Hell – Elaine Lewis and Shana Lewis

 Revisiting: A Festivus For The Rest Of Us! – Elaine Lewis and Shana Lewis


 The Plant Doctors August 2015 – Radko Tichavsky, Mark Moodie and Pawan Singhania

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  • highly thankful for sending an other knowledgeable and valuable journal of homeopathy for all for 8\15 thanks again

  • Dear Sir,
    We are interested to treat a patient whose Kidney has failed, dialysis is going on
    please advise medicines.

    Dr Mrs Sushma Joiya Pandit

    • Dear Mrs. Pandit,

      For such a condition you would need to have his full case taken by a homeopath, to determine the correct remedy and to manage the case.

  • I have developed a specific allergy to my parrot right now due to my immune system being very weak…I’ve made a homeopathic solution with the bird dander of my parrot. How long could I expect it to take for me to notice some results? And will using allergy meds and nostril sprays during the interum, keep the homeopathic solution from working?

    • You have not said what potency you created from the parrot. If you made a 12c or 30c and you try using it for several days, that should give you some incremental relief, if the remedy is going to work. Standard remedies may also help if prescribed according to the symptoms.

      • My sister in law made it for me but I believe it’s a 6c? I realized after taking this solution, refilling from a larger glass jug, that when I refill my little dropper container, I probably need to be exercising the succussing motion again before I refill? I noticed a sediment at the bottom of the larger glass jug that I’m guessing is the parrot dander? So, I’m thinking that, in effect, I have only been taking doses of water and alcohol without the dander. If all this is true, it makes sense why I haven’t noticed any results at all after a couple months. However I don’t know if the sediment is the dander or deposits from the water….because I haven’t noticed any result, I wondered if the allergy meds and nostril sprays were keeping the homeopathy remedy from being able to do its job.

  • Good morning to you and all subscribers of I am a regular user of this site. It provides us good knowledge about the treatment by providing various cases. Yes, the journal is very rich in all respect.

  • I have read many cases that how gall bladder stones dissolve by homeopathic treatment in many journals and books. But it my bad luck that I can not success in my practice to dissolve GB stone. I did not find any case history of cure in the treatment of GB in this site. I request to our valuable subscribers, please share your views in the treatment of GB stone i.e how to dissolve GB stone/stones by homeopathic remedies. Thanks.

    • Gall stone can sometimes be passed by drinking 4 ounces olive oil mixed with lemon juice, a tablespoon every 15 minutes. This is not a treatment during acute gall attacks. For acutes, type gall bladder pain into Hpathy’s search bar and it will bring up various articles.

  • I have recently come across the book “The Cancer Cure that worked” by Barry Lynes It fascinated me, and I have followed it up with a lot of research , all of which convinces me that it really worked.
    It is all based on the work of Royal Rife who invented a microscope in 1934 more powerful than any previous one, and then he invented a machine which killed viruses by producing an oscillation identical to that of the virus.
    I have contacted a Homeopathic doctor who has used the machine successfully, and am corresponding with a Professor of Microbiology and Pharmacology, who is very interested.
    Have any of you used the Rife Machine?

  • This is so informative reading this one’s knowledge increases. There is so much to learn in Homeopathy. Your findings and experiences enhances the desire to read more. A great effort is put in to develop this type of indigenous work and I do appreciate it. Many thanks in providing this site. So helpful. Thanks!!

  • Buenos días, por favor quisiera saber como es el manejo con remedios homeopáticos para la Neuropatía Periférica. Gracias

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