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Homeopathy for Everyone December 2016

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The rich December 2016 issue of Homeopathy for Everyone – WORLD’S most popular homeopathy journal!


Bring The Criminals to Justice– Alan V. Schmukler

Feedback from November 2016 –

Homeopath in the Hot Seat

Shilpa Bhouraskar interviewed by Vatsala Sperling–  Vatsala Sperling


Online Homeopathy Course by George Vithoulkas

Lectures on Organon of Medicine VOL 2 by Dr. BhatiaAVAILABLE NOW!

 Allen College of Homoeopathy

– 12 Clinical Case Stories From the Slum Clinics of Calcutta – S.K.Banerjea

– Two Skin Cases Simple Homoeopathy with Modalities– Donna Fox

A Plumbum Metallicum Case– Janet Robinson Banerjea

– Never Been Well Since 9/11 – But Homeopathy Has Help– Marian Booker

– A Fifteen Week Old Baby with Eczema, Allergy and Faulty Nutrition– Samantha Egan

Allen College of Homœopathy– Donna Fox

– From A to B – Allopathic to Belladonna A Personal Journey into Homeopathic Study– Katie Biggs

New Papers

Tidbits 41–What You May Not Have Known About … – Elaine Lewis

Homoeopathy As We See It Today –  Bhawisha Joshi

The Homeopathy of Thomas Maughan and John Damonte Two great teachers – One Great Legacy– Rix Pyke, Misha Norland

The Soul of Remedies: Picricum Acidum– Rajan Sankaran

Kidney Stones– K.S. Gopi

Using Homeopathy in Irritable Bowel Syndrome– Robert Medhurst

Homeopathy for Holistic Child Development– M. A. Rajalakshmi

Comparative Materia Medica of Lesser Known Medicines for Destructive Aggression– Saptarshi Banerjea

Guilt– Keith Souter

Some Reflections on Repertory– Dr. Tilottama.B. Galande

December 2016 Tips & Secrets– Alan V. Schmukler

From the Clinic

Skin Disease and Polarity Analysis– Heiner Frei

A Case of Pain in Knee Joints– Viraj Shah

A Case of Spinal Aspergillosis– Swapna Potdar

A Case of Depression and Lack of Confidence -Noirin Carr McGarrigle

Complex Symptoms, Difficult Diagnosis– Banaras Khan Awan

A Case of PCOD in a Woman of 18– Rahul Singh

Arnica and Past Traumas How Far Back Can We Heal Such Traumas?– Manon Larose

Homoeopathy in Prurigo Nodularis– Jhalak Khatri

A Case of Lichen Planus and Vertigo– Aradhana Chitra

A Case Study – Skin Complaint– Catherine Angel

A Case of Migraine– Pranali Kamat

Two Cases : Welwitschia mirabilis – Living with high sensitivity– Marijke Creveld

A Case of Psoriasis– Randeep Singh Shah

Book Reviews

PANDAS – Reaching Out – A Natural and Homeopathic Approach by Grant Bentley – Reviewed by Vatsala Sperling– vatsala sperling

The Synergy in Homeopathy – An Integrated Approach to Case Taking and Analysis by Dr. Rajan Sankaran is reviewed by Dr. Shilpa Bhouraskar.– Shilpa Bhouraskar

Veterinary Homeopathy

December 2016 – Ask the Holistc VetDr. Deva Khalsa

A Case of Tick Infestation in a Dog– Aslam Sherwani


Crossword December 2016– Alan V. Schmukler


Hell!– Alan V. Schmukler

Solve the Case Quiz

4 Day Migraine–Homeopathy To The Rescue!– Elaine Lewis, Shana Lewis

Revisiting: Another Sneezer, Another Giant Pile Of Tissues!– Elaine Lewis, Shana Lewis


The Plant Doctor – December 2016 – Radko Tichavsky– Radko Tichavsky

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