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Homeopathy for Everyone February 2008


Homeopathy for Everyone February 2008

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Homeopath in the Hot Seat
  George Vithoulkas– interviewed by Nancy Christidi

Homeopathy is the most peaceful,
the mildest form of therapy in the world today. It can only be practiced in societies that are  basically peaceful, in societies which have realized the importance of inner peace.

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New Papers
Reply to Letters to the Editor– Jeremy Sherr

Neither Hahnemann, nor Kent, nor Lippe, nor Hering, nor any other classical homoeopath ever said there was only one simillimum for a case. They all taught the second prescription.

The Energetic Examination in Homeopathy –                       Dr. Filip Degroote

“…when the simillium is followed by the administration of the appropriate nosode there will be no more a fall back again and again into the same energetic pit.”

Homeopathy: Understanding the Terminology –               Rudi Verspoor

Part 9: Direction of Cure

How do we know that the remedy is working, namely that a cure is taking place? This is  the question that rightfully occupies each practitioner.

Tips and Secrets – 10 – Alan Schmukler

“The action of Alumina is slow in developing and the remedy must not be changed quickly.”

Co-dependency – Dr. Samir Chaukkar

“You are co-dependent for sure if when you die, someone else’s life flashes in front of your eyes.”

Audio Lecture
The Role of Mind in Health, Disease, and the Practice of Homeopathy   – Edward C. Whitmont

“The body is the visibility of the soul, and the soul is the life of the body. You cannot deal with everything by sheer will power or mental approaches.”

Materia Medica
Give My Regards to Arsenicum!– Mati Fuller /Elaine Lewis

“They go from one doctor to the next. And if you tell them there is nothing wrong with them, they’ll just go to someone else.”

From the Clinic
Two “Intense” Remedies– Bonnie Carpenter

“He’s up early to work and at his job until
late, always striving for excellence, driven, competitive, irritable, impatient.”

Nitrogen – Desire for Freedom vs Fear of losing Control – David Johnson

“We can see the client with a childhood history of repeated episodes of explosive violence. Now he desires a sense of order and control.”

Homeopathy – How It Works and How It Is Done –                 Cyril W. Smith

Part II – Chemical and Electrical Sensitivity

“In 1982, the problems experienced by chemically sensitive patients who had become hypersensitive to their electromagnetic environment came to find me. These proved to be the “Rosetta Stone” for the language of biocommunication.”

  Much Prettier Than Kelly (But Don’t Say Anything!)–         Elaine Lewis, Shana Lewis

Find the right medicine ..and win exciting prizes!

Revisiting: “Kermie’s Stomach, Tied in Knots!” –           Elaine Lewis

and the winner is…

World Homeopathy Awareness Week 2008–                  Christine Liebing-Gabel

“During WHAW the public will be informed about the benefits of homeopathy in the treatment of acute and chronic sport injuries.”

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