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Homeopathy for Everyone January 2006

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Homeopathy for Everyone January 2006

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   The Third Year!– Dr. Manish Bhatia

“With the January 2006 issue of Homeopathy for Everyone, we step into the 3rd year of publishing this journal.”

Hot-Seat Interview
  Michael Dym, VMD– interviewed by Elaine Lewis

“In recent years, many of my colleagues and myself included, have begun seeing a break from these principles in analyzing homeopathic cases, often following the lead of human practitioners who have developed new ways of analyzing cases based on their own observation and experiences, or who have developed short cuts to a totality analysis.”

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New Papers
 Homeopathy and Soul – II – Dr. Leela D’Souza

“I have come to understand the Vital force as a “biological intelligence” that every living creature possesses. It is an energy that is present in ALL living things; plants, animals and humans. It necessarily involves the effect on the genetic coding in every living creature, as every biological instruction for development and function is coded into our genes.”

The Vital Force & the Concept of Resonance – Ute Seebauer

“These remarkable discoveries now show there is such a thing as energy in a living body that does not exist in this form in a dead one. Like everything in the universe life itself is dependent on energy and on action and reaction.”

Homeopathic Remedies from Allopathic Medicines – Anton Lefterov, Biliana Nikolova

“Proving of new homeopathic remedies is a slow and time consuming process. At the same time  homeopathic pharmacy may greatly benefit from the large data base of curative and side effects of allopathic drugs.”

The Lancet Meta-analysis – Nancy Siciliana

“The Lancet’s meta-analysis illustrates clearly that what we do as practitioners/students/patients of  Homeopathy is currently defined by medical  authorities who know little about the science of Homeopathy itself…”

From the Clinic
  Detached and Pushy – Edward de Beukelaer, DVM

“She is stubborn, she has to keep trying, she can’t wait, she will go back for more, she has to push it. You can’t give an inch because she will take a yard. She is not keen to please, she doesn’t care.”

A Case Of Iritis – Arthur G. Allan, M.D.

“On making a careful examination of the eye I found that the adhesions which I had observed at the first examinations had broken and that the iris dilated normally when in the dark.”

   Is the Randomized Double Blind Placebo Controlled Trial an Objective Scientific Instrument? – Neil D. Shere

“The best camera in the world will produce only useless images, if the subject is posed poorly, or the film developed (interpreted) by a fool. Posing the subject, in research is represented by the necessity of designing the experimental protocol. And for “development of the film” we use a second, usually unremarked level of observation, namely, selection and interpretation of outcome data.”

Materia Medica
  Natrum carbonicum – Elaine Lewis

“These are the nicest people in the materia medica. (Hey, this must be my remedy!) Sweet, selfless, concerned about others, sympathetic…it all fits!”

   A Bad Cold Threatens Kelly’s Family Christmas – Kelly Young, Elaine Lewis

Find the right medicine ..and win exciting prizes!

 Revisiting “A Case of Trigeminal Neuralgia” – Elaine Lewis

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