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Homeopathy for Everyone January 2007

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Homeopathy for Everyone January 2007

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Neil D. Shere
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 Turning The Tables – Neil D. Shere

“The controlled trial controls for bias, and controls for it very well. But that is not enough to justify confidence in the results it produces. “

Letters to the Editor

Hot-Seat Interview
 Marc Brunson – interviewed by Edward De Beukelaer

“You know very well that I am just a little village vet in Belgium who practices homeopathy.”

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New Papers
 Sinusitis– Dr. Kulwant Singh [ppsPart I(1.61mb)Part II(2.27mb)Part III(3.47mb)]

Editor: Beautifully done charts, illustrations and drawings, along with descriptions of the top remedies–this three part article is a Sinusitis Must-Have that you’ll be referring to often!

Known and Less Known Remedies for Chronic Liver Problems – Dr. Luc De Schepper

[Audio – MP3(7.46mb)] – contributed by

Editor: Hear the master homeopath in a live teleconference, discussing the use of homeopathic remedies in chronic liver problems.

Fingernails and What They Reveal– Dr. Gabrielle Traub[Text / pps(2.64 mb)]

Editor: The appearance and colour of our nails not only reflects the status of our health but can give valuable information about the underlying disease condition. The appearance of our nails can also help the homeopath in selecting the most appropriate homeopathic remedy.

How Should Homeopathy Be Assessed? – Lex
Rutten [pps (232kb)]

“Dear GP, treat your most loquacious patients with menopausal complaints with Lachesis.”

Reiki – S. V. Swamy [pps (393kb)]

“Reiki is two Japanese words, Rei and Ki. Rei means Universal. Ki means energy ….Therefore, Reiki means Universal Energy, the Vital Force that permeates the whole universe.”

From the Clinic
 A Case of Cerebral Palsy – Dr. G. R. Mohan
[Text / pps (3.34mb)]

“Cerebral Palsy can rarely be diagnosed with certainty during early infancy, and specific syndromes often cannot be characterized until age 2.”

Alopecia Barbae – Dr. Rana M. Inyat [Text / pps

“Clarke’s Medical dictionary was consulted for precision which stated Acid-Nit as specific remedy for the diseases of the face.”

Materia Medica
 Snake Remedies – Crot. group, Naja – Abbie
Parkes [Text / pps (872kb)]

“Unlike Crot. Horridus, Crot. Cascavella can be viciously defensive if approached. They may also engage in group defense against predators; although, like other rattlesnakes, they would prefer to give a warning then hide
and fight another day.”

Animal Kingdom – Ashish G Mehta [pps (3.05mb)]

“To understand an animal (remedy) within an animal (patient) by an animal (physician), we require freedom from prejudice!”

Bowel Nosodes – Dr. S. Praveen Kumar [Text
pps (175kb)]

“Bowel nosodes are deep acting remedies so the case taking must cover the totality of symptoms.”

 Hahnemannian Case Management-Marc Van Wijk    – [pps (245kb)]

Editor: This is a software based on Luc De Schepper’s Achieving and Maintaining The Simillimum. Great tool to learn proper case management.

Lectures on Organon of Medicine – Dr. Manish Bhatia

I – Understanding ‘Aphorism One’               [Text / Audio Real (5.52mb) – mp3(9.97mb)]

“A physician is supposed to cure the sick, so what’s the big deal?”

 Kelly: The Godperson of Acute Cases– Kelly Young, Elaine Lewis

Find the right medicine ..and win exciting prizes!

Revisiting: “Sneezy And The Two-Dose Wonder!” – Elaine Lewis

and the winner is..

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