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Homeopathy for Everyone January 2014

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Homeopathy for Everyone, January 2014


Ringing in the New Year – Alan V. Schmukler

Feedback to December issue

Homeopath in the Hot Seat

Dr. Daxa Vaishnav – Leela D’Souza


Online Homeopathy Course by George Vithoulkas

Levels of Health Course for only 200€

Lectures on Organon of Medicine by Dr. Manish Bhatia

New Papers

A Brief Introduction to Vaccines and Vaccine Exemptions – Alan Phillips

Tips & Secrets January 2014 – Alan V. Schmukler

Tidbits Part 11: Everything You’re Doing Is Wrong! – Elaine Lewis

New York’s First African American Female Homeopathic Doctor – Iman Navab

Taken to Court: Homeoprophylaxis vs Vaccination – Fran Sheffield

Wikipedia Co-Founder Wants to Stop Homeopathy – Fran Sheffield

A Letter of Love to Beginning Students of Homeopathy – Venugopal Gouri

Hahnemann and the CDC Are on the Same Page! – Carol Boyce

Diseases of the Heart – Valvular Lesions – Hugo R. Arndt

The Hahnemannian Art of Prescribing – Uta Mittelstadt

From The Clinic

A Case of Autism – Susana Aikin

A Case of Autism Approached with the CEASE Method – Sadhna Chaman

A Case Of Ultrasound, Homeopathically Prepared. – Patricia Kay

The Lava Icicles in the Night Monster: Behavioral Problems in a 7 yr Old Boy – Doug Brown

Histrionic Personality Disorder and Homoeopathy – Navneet Bidani

Formica Rufa – A Case of Anxiety and Insomnia – Erika Simonian

A Case Cured with Baryta Carbonica – Seyedaghanoor Sadeghi

A Case of Depression – Swapna Honavar

A Case of a Psoriasis Treated Constitutionally – Saurabh Mehrotra

A Case Psoriasis with its Importance to Miasmatic Activity – Ardeshir T. Jagose

 A Case of Left Sided Oculomotor Nerve Palsy – S. Arul Manickam

 The Importance of Aetiology in a Case of Persistent Cough – Daniela Karsten

 A Case of Glaucoma and Detached Retina – Apurva Tamhane

 A Case of Headache – Amit Singh Pal

 A Case of Lumbar Pain Illustrating That We Treat the Cause, Not the Result of Disease – Ajay Aserkar


State Your View: Towards An International Position on Homoeoprophylaxis – Isaac Golden

Theory of the Quantum Physics of Potentisation of Homeopathic Medicine – Christina Munns

Homeopathy – How It Works and How It Is Done – Chapter 8 – Cyril W. Smith

Research on Homeopathy Part 13 – Robert Medhurst

Electromagnetic Flow Meters Generate Emf Through Orientations of Water Molecules – Ruhul Amin and Biplab Chakraborty

The Phenomenon of Electrical Earthing Explained By Orientations of Water Molecules – Ruhul Amin and Biplab Chakraborty


 Saved by Sulphur – Swapna Honavar

 Three Brief Veterinary Cases – Christina Chambreau

Book Reviews

From Similia to Synergy by Rajan Sankaran – Manish Bhatia


  Crossword January 2014 – Alan Schmukler

Cartoons! 🙂

Homeopathic Legacy – Alan V. Schmukler


QUIZ – Speaking Of Bedwetting…. – Elaine Lewis and Shana Lewis

  Revisiting: And Now For Something Completely Different– A Remedy For Raj – Elaine Lewis and Shana Lewis


 The Plant Doctors – January 2014 – Mark Moodie

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  • My son is 6 years old
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    Is there any such treatment which can completely cure this adonoids n tonsilities through homepathy
    Pls inform

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