Homeopathy for Everyone June 2016

Homeopathy for Everyone June 2016

 Wishing for Homeopathic Hospitals – Alan V. Schmukler

Feedback from May 2016

Homeopath in the Hot Seat
 Dr. Dinesh Chauhan interview Part I – Rina Dedhiya

Dr. Dinesh Chauhan interview Part II – Rina Dedhiya

Dr. Srinivasan Kalpathi interview – Rina Dedhiya

Online Homeopathy Course by George Vithoulkas

Lectures on Organon of Medicine VOL 2 by Dr. BhatiaAVAILABLE NOW!

Cases by Tamil Nadu Doctors:
A Case of Hepatitis B – Michael Xavier

A Case of Anxiety Neurosis and Diabetes – Dr.S. Arul Manickam

A Case of Dandruff and Hair Loss – V. Charuvahan

“I Become Stiff Like A Robot” – Divya V.

If You Have the Courage, Come and Combat with Me, I Like Speed – Divya V.

A Case of Psoriasis – Divya V.

“I Feel Locked Inside, Restricted, Need Freedom To Transform” – N. Manjula

A Case of Macular Dystrophy – Sivraj Homeopathic Medical College

A Case Of Chronic Diarrhoea In A 29 Year Old Man. – E. Semmalar

Doctors of Tamil Nadu – Hpathy.com

New Papers
 My journey with Homeopathy in New Zealand – Robert van der Touw

Homeopathic Education and Training Problems and Possible Solutions – Rajan Sankaran

Movie Review: “Vaxxed: From Cover-up to Catastrophe” – Elaine Lewis

June 2016 Tips & Secrets – Alan V. Schmukler

Autopathy: A Similimum from the Patient – Jiri Cehovsky

Prostate – Its Cure by Homeopathy – Aslam Sherwani

Exposing Fraudulent Arguments That Favor Forced Mass Vaccination – Tetyana Obukhanych

In loving memory: Joseph H. Lillard, Jr. — Man of the People – Mitzi Lebensorger

Drug Proving – H.A. Roberts

The Role of Pulsatilla Nigricans in Hypothyroidism – Lipika Chakraborty

From the Clinic
 “I Feel I Am a Balloon”: A Case of Hydrogenium – Anuraadha Naik and Amol Naik

A Case of Bronchial Asthma – Ramkrishna Valaki

A Case of Uterine Fibroids – Divya Mehul Bhatt

A Case of Psoriasis in a Young Man – Kiran Shanbag

A Case of Rabies Looking for Hope Where There Was No Hope – Rajneesh Kumar Sharma

A Case of Acne Vulgaris – Pravin Pente

Allergic Dermatitis – Dr.Jitesh Sharma

Polarity: A Complex But Interesting Phenomena – Ami Shah

Homoeopathy for Nasal Polyps – Anand Rao Mengji

 Book Reviews
 Homeopathy in Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine by Michael Frass, Martin Bündner (ed.) – Firuzi Mehta
Veterinary Homeopathy
 Ask the Holistic Vet – June 2016 – Deva Khalsa

Miscarriage in a Cat Solved by Cuprum Metallicum – Mirjana Zivanov

Free As A Bird – Ronit Abuotboul

Crossword June 2016 – Alan Schmukler
Cartoons! :)
 Medical Errors – Alan V. Schmukler
Solve the Case Quiz
 Revisiting Fifi’s Flu – Elaine Lewis and Shana Lewis

Fifi Again, 3 Years Earlier – Elaine Lewis and Shana Lewis

  In Search of a Solution to the Problem of Psychiatric Drug Toxicity – Ratan Singh

Comparison of homeopathic globules prepared from high and ultra-high dilutions of various starting materials by ultraviolet light spectroscopy – Sabine D. Klein

June 2016 Plant Doctor – Radko Tichavsky, Mark Moodie and Pawan Singhania

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