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Homeopathy for Everyone March 2005

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Homeopathy for Everyone March 2005

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 Veterinary Homeopathy – Dr. Manish Bhatia

“..many people wrote back to us asking for more! So this month we have tried to whet their appetite with…”

 Hot-Seat Interview
 Alastair Gray

“…each family, and each member of that family has a unique and identifiable central core statement or delusion. I am fine with that.”

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 New Papers
 How To Make Your Own Remedy – Elaine Lewis, DHom

“…When what you need isn’t sold at the store or you can’t get to the store.”

Aromatherapy Oils ‘Kill Superbug’

“When I tested the oils in the lab, absolutely nothing grew. Rather than stimulating bacteria and fungi, the oils killed them off.”

 From the Clinic
 Indiana – A Lucky Dog– Shelley Epstein, DVM

“Indiana was running out of options. He had been suffering from severe bone destruction in his head as a result of an advanced and uncommon  fungal infection, nasal aspergillosis.”

My Friend’s Very Large Cat – Barbara Last, DIHom

“..the cat’s anal glands were totally infected, completely blown out, the skin and fur hanging, the area crawling with maggots and smelling very bad!”

Annie: A Small French Bull Dog – Dr. Edward De Beukelaer, DVM

“The case is not an example of brilliant homeopathy but reflects several realities with which we have to deal on a daily base.”

 Materia Medica
  Pondering Pulsatilla– Lowanna Hugall

“The path to finding Pulsatilla leads us on the ups and downs much like the changeability of Pulsatilla’s emotions. Oh, watch your step, it’s dark here–darkness is what one experiences, after all, when one is all alone in the world, as Pulsatilla imagines that she is.”

White Mice & Other Soluble Remedies – James White

“Humanity being a water-based species having over 3/4 of the body as water, it is surprising that water based remedies are not held in better repute.”

 Help! I Am Exhausted – Gabi Lasko

Find the right medicine ..and win exciting prizes!

Comments on “Maddie’s Sick” – Mir Mostafa Kamal

Revisiting “Mommy, Are You Coming Home?” – Elaine Lewis

and the winner is…

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