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Homeopathy for Everyone March 2006

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Homeopathy for Everyone March 2006

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  Busting The Lancet & The PEK Study– Dr. Manish Bhatia

“It came out, that the results of the studies were too good (in favour of CAM) – so the politicians completely ignored the PEK-study at the end…to come to a negative decision!”

Letters to the Editor

The Dynamis of the Homeopathic Art
Reply from Amir Cassam

Hot-Seat Interview
 Nancy Gahles– interviewed by Elaine Lewis

“…but I do know that Germanium is used in industry as a one-way conductor of information–only incoming, not outgoing. …Therefore, a person who needs this remedy has features of an inability to process outgoing information.”

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New Papers
 Worst Crime of the 20th Century – Dr. Carolyn Dean

“At the time this monument to Hahnemann was unveiled, there were 22 homeopathic medical schools in America. One of the more interesting ones was The New England Female College founded in 1850 as the world’s first women’s medical school. …At the time, there were 645 practicing homeopaths in Boston alone.”

Frequently Asked Questions -II – Elaine Lewis

“My article in last month’s ezine, has sparked a lot of mail. …Again we see resistance to the idea that the remedy should be taken in water and succussed before each dose.”

From the Clinic
 Update on J’s Case – Elaine Lewis

“And the Nominations for Best Remedy in a Clinging
Child are….”

Palliative treatment in Advanced Malignancy – Dr. Dilip B. Dikshit

“Palliation with homeopathic remedies has tremendous scope in the treatment of advanced pathological cases. These cases represent the art of perceiving the palliative remedy that can bring great relief and peace, …especially where the disease has progressed towards incurability.”

A 7-week-old total fusspot – Nancy Gahles

“Most of the illnesses seen in a child in the initial few years of his life are directly or indirectly linked to the mother’s physical and emotional states during conception, pregnancy, and labor.”

 Mature at a Young Age – Edward De Beukelaer

“She scratches over the left ear without making contact with her paw. If she makes contact she will produce an awful scream that goes on and on.”

Materia Medica
 Tarentula hispanica – Ute Seebauer

“The stated belief of the time was that victims needed to engage in frenzied dancing to prevent death from tarantism, although the wolf spider’s venom is not dangerous enough to cause death. Many people have suggested that the whole business was a deceit to evade religious proscriptions against dancing.”

 Kelly’s Daughter, “Unstoppable”, Is Unbelievable!– Elaine Lewis

Find the right medicine ..and win exciting prizes!

Revisiting: “Kelly’s Family Too Boring!” – Elaine Lewis

and the winner is…

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