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Homeopathy for Everyone March 2008


Homeopathy for Everyone March 2008

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March, 2008
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— Homeopathy, Cancer & More —
Stop The Presses! Elaine Lewis

“Did you see the Harry Potter movie where a storm of letters descended on the Potter residence, blanketing the whole house?”

Letters to the Editor

“As a student…I am inspired and excited by your emagazine and it continues to play a very important role in my learning and education.”

Homeopath in the
Hot Seat
  A.U. Ramakrishnan– interviewed by Alan Schmukler

“In stage 1 & 2 [ cancer] there is a very optimistic situation, and even in stage 3 there is more scope for optimism than I used to believe some 10 years back.”

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More Than Words!
March 08 Cartoons– Alan Schmukler

Look for a new cartoon every month in this new section of the ezine!

New Papers
Homeopathy, Cancer, and A U Ramakrishnan– Siegfried Letzel

“One should be conscious of the fact that the actual cure of the patient, and attaining control over the tumour, are two different processes.”

Looking Back, Moving Forward – Rowena J. Ronson

“He looked at me with his piercing blue eyes and said, ‘How arrogant are you that you think you have to and can get your head around everything?'”

Homeopathy: Understanding the Terminology
– Rudi Verspoor

Part 10: Dose and Potency

“Although commonly referred to as ‘minimum dose,’ we shall see that it would be more accurate to call it the principle of the ‘optimal dose’.

Transmission of Energetic Information in the Body –           Dr. Joseph Rozencwajg

“When the mouth is unavailable, we suggest rubbing the liquid remedy on the inner parts of the wrist or the bend of the elbows, as being very effective”

Tips and Secrets – 11 – Alan Schmukler

“For people who need Earth remedies, if they cannot see or touch something, it does not exist for them.”

When Saturn and Mercury Collide –                  Nick Nossaman, Miranda Castro

“We all project shadow parts of ourselves onto others as a way of avoiding those parts of ourselves which don’t fit our agenda.”

Homœopathy in Australia – Peter Torokfalvy

“The AHA has created a very short and simple advertisement (publicising the AHA website), designed for use in cinemas.”

From the Clinic
  A Case of Urinary Bladder Adenocarcincoma–                       A. U. Ramakrishnan

“If this last remedy proves helpful for the cancer
as well, it can be continued, alternating with a cancer nosode.”

A Case of Liver Metastasis – A. U. Ramakrishnan

“This is a classic instance of how the constitutional remedy can follow an organ-specific remedy, once there is marked improvement in the organ affected.”

A Case of Chronic Myeloid Leukemia – Amarsinha Nikam

“My father died of a heart attack 3 years ago. I thought it was a turning point in my life. I took  the responsibility of my mother and family for their well being.”

A Case of Spindle Cell Tumor – Amarsinha Nikam

“He likes to bite everything which is within his reach. He likes to be taken for a round in the open air and also likes to watch T.V. a lot. He is happy when fast music is on!”

A Case of an Astrocytoma – A. U. Ramakrishnan

“The boy was lactose intolerant, and whenever he drank milk he vomited almost to the point of fainting.”

  Homeopathy – How It Works and How It Is Done
– Cyril W. Smith

Part III – Potentisation and Potencies

“It is particularly important to be accurate in diluting for D-potencies, as a 1+10 dilution instead of a 1+9 will not potentise.”

  Does Jeff, the Ex-racehorse Think That He Has Been (Ab)used? –  Edward De Beukelaer

“He injures himself and doesn’t care. He is
insensitive to pain.”

  Homepathy in the Middle of the Night-Elaine Lewis, Shana Lewis

Find the right medicine ..and win exciting prizes!

Revisiting: “Much Prettier Than Kelly (But Don’t Say Anything!)” – Elaine Lewis

Answer to the last month’s case quiz.

Book Reviews
Homeopathic Hospitals? Yes!– Amarsinha D. Nikam | Reviewed by: Manish Bhatia

“If every homeopath documents his/her cases so systematically and presents them in such fashion, nobody would ever be able to raise any questions about the efficacy of homeopathy.”

A Homeopathic Approach to Cancer – Coulter, Ramakrishnan
| Reviewed by: Karin Mont

“Many of the principles described in the book could readily be adapted to the treatment of a range of other chronic diseases…”

A Journey into the Human Core – Dinesh Chauhan | Reviewed by: Manish Bhatia

“One focus of the book is to show how hand-gestures can help reach the vital sensation of a patient.”

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