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Homeopathy for Everyone March 2009


Homeopathy for Everyone March 2009

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 March, 2009
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Homeopathic Repertories
  The Power of Collective Effort!
 Manish Bhatia

“The mind is not producing something coherent so I’ll let
my heart speak today.”

Letters to the Editor

“I appreciate being informed, entertained, sometimes tickled
and occasionally challenged by that wonderful feast of homoeopathic
thought you spread before us regularly.”

 Homeopath in the Hot Seat
  Roger van Zandvoort– interviewed by Elaine Lewis

“Things have moved on in the last 110 years…information
has accumulated that you will not find in Kent’s repertory.”

 New Papers on Homeopathy Repertory
  Repertory Development– Roger van Zandvoort

“The homeopathic repertory emerged as a concept around 1817 when Hahnemann started cataloguing all the symptoms gathered from the growing number of provings he was by then conducting.”

Repertorisation – Ian Watson

“I find Phatak’s Repertory to be a wonderful time-saver
in practice, provided it is used appropriately.”

Repertorization – The Principles for its Use – Rudi Verspoor

“Hahnemann makes clear in Aphorism 40 that a patient can
have more than one disease.”

The Degree in the Repertory and Specificity of the Symptom

Edward De Beukelaer

“It is not uncommon to find remedies in the 1st degree,
to be very specific to the remedy nucleus.”

Repertorization Methods – Kent, Boenninghausen, Boger – an Overview–   Katja Schütt

“Boenninghausen has given precedence to modalities and concomitants as these are not so difficult to elicit.”

Use of Boenninghausen’s Repertory – D P Rastogi

“In Boenninghausen’s 482 small pages are 335 rubrics which are not to be found in Kent’s 1423 large pages.”

Apply Bayes’ theorem to update the Repertory – Lex Rutten

“Bayes’ theorem enables us to formulate an algorithm for

Archive for Homeopathy – Rob Willemse

“We invite everybody to take part in the development of
homeopathy, by sending in cases with changed or cured symptoms.”

Thinking in Repertorese – Alan V. Schmukler

“Another problem is translating the patient’s statements
into rubrics. It can feel overwhelming at first.”

Card Repertories – Sumit Goel

“It cuts down time needed in calculation of marks and analysis.”

Introduction to the Repertory – Todd Rowe

“You can assume that everything in the Repertory means ‘worse from’ unless ‘amel’ is notated.”

Mind Section of Kent’s Repertory – Todd Rowe

“When you are taking a case, when should you use the rubric jealousy and when should you use envy?”

Generalities Section of Kent’s Repertory – Todd Rowe

“‘Magnetism Ameliorates’ is about individuals who feel better
when they are hypnotized or placed in a trance state.”

Complete Repertory 2009 – Roger van Zandvoort

“In its latest 2009 edition it contains more than 1.9 million
remedy additions in over 178,000 rubrics.”

Repertory of Mental Qualities – Jeremy Sherr

“The reason there are so few rubrics is that this is a repertory of Quality and not Quantity.”

Organon 2001 Repertory – George Loukas

“The chromium compounds are recommended for individuals
who are hypersensitive and easily wounded.”

Homeopathic Clinical Repertory – Robin Murphy

“Using modern terminology is paramount to the study and
practice of homeopathy.”

Thematic Repertory – J. A. Mirilli

“The great themes, about 300, were created based on the
main issues repeatedly found in the symptoms.”

Thematic Repertory and Materia Medica of the Mind Symptoms

J. A. Mirilli

“I foresaw the possibility of organizing the homeopathic
symptoms of the Pure Materia Medica by themes.”

Thematic Repertory -Mind Chapter – J. A. Mirilli

“Download and browse the Mind chapter of Thematic Repertory.”

Adding Notes to the ReferenceWorks Library – David Warkentin

“Add information to your ReferenceWorks Library. For example, you can add any number of “books” and each book can have any number of remedies.”

MIND: Fear; information; lack of, cure is impossible

Fredrick Schroyens

“Synthesis is truly a worldwide project, designed to incorporate the efforts of homeopaths of all countries and all languages.”

 New Papers
  Spotlight on Vladimir Polony– Alan Schmukler

“OpenRep FREE features 7 homeopathic repertories, including Kent’s and Boenninghausen’s.”

A Dialogue with Mike Bridger – Rowena J. Ronson

“On Treating Aids: ‘It is like everything else – you treat
it in exactly the same way’. You treat the symptoms!”

Case Taking – B. S. Sahni

“The foremost step toward making a good prescription is
a well taken case.”

Tips and Secrets 23 – Alan Schmukler

“Cataracts in cats that are ten years or older, require
Silicea 12, twice a day.”

 Materia Medica
  Repertorial Materia Medica of Mind Symptoms– J A. Mirilli

Thematic materia medica for all remedies starting with letter

 More Than Words!
  March 09 Cartoon – Kent’s Dream– Alan Schmukler

Look for a new cartoon every month in this new section of the ezine!

 From the Clinic
  Cases Solved with Thematic Repertory Approach- J. A. Mirilli

“Takes for herself the pain of others, very sensitive to
others, likes to help people. Nostalgic for relatives, misses
people too much, sadness when people she is close with are far away from her.”

  Epigenetics – A New Way of Understanding Homeopathy?-Dr. Gabriele Hickmann

Invitation to homeopaths for a discussion on relationship of
homeopathy with epigenetics.

  The Terrible Tooth– Elaine Lewis, Shana Lewis

Find the right medicine ..and win exciting prizes!

Repertory Case Exercise for March 09 – Tijana Ruzic

Solve the repertory quiz and win great prizes!

Revisiting “Migraines and Eye Problems” – Louise Barton

Answer to the last month’s case quiz.

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