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Homeopathy for Everyone March 2014

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Homeopathy for Everyone March 2014


 Steering the Patient – Alan V. Schmukler

Feedback to February issue

Homeopath in the Hot Seat

 Christophe Merville – Alan V. Schmukler

 Nick Hill Chats with Dr. Subrata K. Banerjea – Nick Hill


Online Homeopathy Course by George Vithoulkas

Lectures on Organon of Medicine by Dr. Manish Bhatia

Allen College of Homoeopathy Presentation

 Allen College – Classical & Traditional – It Offers Effective Practical Homoeopathy – S.K.Banerjea

 Allen College’s “Simple Classical Homoeopathy” – Donna Fox

 Striking Cases – Janet Robinson Banerjea

 Meeting Materia Medica Enroute – Calcutta to London – Saptarshi Banerjea

 A Case of Glaucoma – Olfat G. Ismail

 A Case of Tremor – Tagelbahaa Bahnassy

New Papers

 WHAW World Homeopathy Awareness Week April 10th – April 16th –

 Tidbits part 13: There Are Still a Few More Things You’re Doing Wrong – Elaine Lewis

 Platinum –Tri Miasmatic Materia Medica (Part-2) – V.T.Yekkirala

 A Glimpse into ‘The Psychiatry Series: Module 1’ – Mahesh Gandhi

 Understanding Acutes – Dinesh Chauhan

 Tips & Secrets – March 2014 – Alan V. Schmukler

 Can Homeopathy Cure My Disease? – Elaine Lewis

 Cancer Case-Management in Homeopathy – Elaine Lewis

 The Conversion of James Lillie, M.D – Iman Navab

 Ulcer of the Stomach – Wilhelm Karo

 Homeopathic Education in Romania – Ileana Rîndașu and Doina Pavlovschi

 Hahnemann in Coethen – Life Under the Patronage of Grand Duke Ferdinand – Thomas Lindsley Bradford

From The Clinic

 Homeopathic Rapid Cure of Patients with Acute Conditions – Seyedaghanoor Sadeghi

 A Case of ADHD – Kathrine Dehn

 Treating a Family with Psychiatric Disorders that Stem from Opium Addiction of the Father – Seyedaghanoor Sadeghi

 A Case of Alopecia Areata – Rahul Kolamkar

 Case of Acute Pharyngitis Treated with Homeopathy – Ranjini Venkatanathan

 A Case of Giant Cutaneous Horn Cured by Homeopathy – Rafiqul Hasan


 Research on Homeopathy Part 15 – Robert Medhurst

 Delocalization of Electrons Through Orientations of Water Molecules Helps Electrical Conduction In Water – Ruhul Amin and Biplab Chakraborty


 Dr. Deva Khalsa’s Veterinary Tips – Deva Khalsa


Crossword March 2014 – Alan Schmukler

Cartoons! 🙂

 Equations to Validate Homeopathy – Alan V. Schmukler


QUIZ – What Remedy Is Beethoven? – Elaine Lewis and Shana Lewis

 Revisiting: What Remedy Is Sheldon? – Elaine Lewis and Shana Lewis


 The Plant Doctors – March 2014 – Mark Moodie

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  • Dear Sir,

    In India, we are using Iodized salt since long time. Recently it is noticed that the cases of diseases of Thyroid(Hyper Thyroidism & Hypo Thyroidsm) increasing even in children and young adults.

    Continuous use of Iodized sault may be most probably the cause of the same which is to be researched and proved. Could HPathy may take initiative to conduct research on the said subject.
    As we have avoided Aluminum utensils for cooking due to its effect on human being, this Iodized salt might be causing thyroid dysfunction which is nowadays very common.

    Looking forward to valuble suggestions.


  • Yes Nandanan, I totally agree with your statement. Its like……..”what causes…also cures…”. We have seen when Hahnemann, administered Cinchona ( which cured malaria) caused malaria symptoms in him. So, too much Iodized salt is sure to cause thyroid dysfuntion. And to cure this thyroid dysfunction we need to used potentised Iodine, which is “IODUM” in homeopathy.
    Looking back our grandmother and forefathers used “rock salt” which was not iodised, and they never ever had any thyroid problems. Looks like we need to revert back to our age old traditions of using “rock salt”.

    Vamsi Sudha.

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