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Homeopathy for Everyone May 2007

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Homeopathy for Everyone May 2007

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 Moving Ahead! – Alan Schmukler

“When we started this project to explore the boundaries of homeopathy, we received some stern warnings.”

Letters to the Editor

Hot-Seat Interview
 Dr. Urvi Chauhan – interviewed by Elaine Lewis

“Dr.Sankaran proposed this Idea that different drugs falling under the same botanical family of a Plant kingdom shared a common vital sensation / experience ..and that if we have a patient with such a vital sensation and if we can find out the miasm of that patient, it is possible to find a remedy for that patient though this approach.”

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New Papers
  Exchange on Homeoprophylaxis

A Reply to George Vithoulkas – Isaac Golden
Reply to Isaac Golden– George Vithoulkas
A Second Reply to George Vithoulkas– Isaac Golden

“The Law of Similars is a principle of Natural Law that applies as much to prevention as to treatment, and we have evidence supporting its action in both forms.”

The Use of Pendulums in Homeopathy – Arlene Ronis VMD

“When opening a session you are connecting with a higher vibrational energy. If you do not disconnect, you may feel very drained later on.”

Point and Remedy Testing in the Homeopathic Practice – Carolyn L. Winsor

“You gain the ability to confirm your diagnosis (which organ system is affected), confirm positively which remedy is likely to work for each patient and then monitor their progress.”

Homeopathy: Understanding the Terminology -II – Rudi Verspoor

“The similar resonance of the medicinal wesen with the disease wesen results in the annihilation of the disease. Thus, the medicine does not support the efforts of the body to get rid of the disease, but instead, directly destroys it.”

Lectures on Organon of Medicine

Understanding ‘Aphorism Five’ – I [Audio mp4 (11.8mb)] – Dr. Manish Bhatia

“The fundamental cause of a protracted wasting sickness mostly rests upon a chronic miasm.”

Understanding ‘Aphorism Seventy-Three’ – Dr. Leela D’Souza

“A word of caution re: the term ‘constitutional remedy’. No clear definitions exist of what a constitutional remedy is.”

Eating Disorders (ppt-175kb) – Robin Murphy, ND

“Anorexia nervosa is a psychological eating disorder in which a person refuses to eat adequately, in spite of hunger and they lose enough weight to become emaciated.”

Tips and Secrets – Alan Schmukler

“When, using very clear and sure homeopathic symptoms and the repertorisation of your case puts a ‘small remedy’ (you may not know very well) in competition with a polychrest, it is likely that the small remedy will be very homeopathic for the patient.”

From the Clinic
  There Was Nothing I Could Do! – Dr. Urvi Chauhan

“There I fell ill, I got very high fever. They (teachers) used to beat us if we didn’t work. They used to give punishment and to avoid getting punished, I used to work in the camp even with the high fever.”

A Case of Arthritis – Natalie Russell

“She has never slept more than 3-4 hours in her life and can have bad dreams, no general theme, but awakes feeling very frightened.”

Anxiety and Depression – Robyn Williams

“Susan said that she had an almost constant feeling of anxiety in the chest and stomach. She felt tired and lethargic, slept poorly and struggles to wake in the morning.”

Some Short Cases – K. V. Natarajan

“Next morning he got stunned when the report showed Typhoid Positive! To be specially noted is even while typhoid virus was in him he had been cured fully.”

Uterine Fibroids – Dr. Jawahar Shah

“She was unmarried but had an affair with a married man from the film industry. He was nearly twice her age when the affair started.”

Materia Medica
 Palladium – George Vithoulkas

“When sitting in the company of many people, if nobody pays attention to them for some time, they have a strong sense that they are being neglected.”

You Try Living with Arsenicum! – Mati Fuller

“When he ran out of sicknesses, and he couldn’t create any other emergencies, he would often wake her up in the middle of the night, about 2 a.m., and tell her he was about to die.”

 Remedy as Catalyst for Change– Alan Schmukler

“Bella was very thin from the outset. In the next couple weeks she went downhill, becoming emaciated and very frail. Our homeopathic vet said Bella was near death and looked ‘ephemeral’.”

Marinello Coughs – Edward De Beaukelaer, DVM

“Every time I intend to sell him he starts to cough, I cannot sell him when he coughs.”

 Get on the Good Foot!– Kelly Young, Elaine Lewis

Find the right medicine ..and win exciting prizes!

Revisiting: “‘Dork’s Syndrome’ Strikes Quiz Audience!” –
Elaine Lewis

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