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Homeopathy for Everyone – May 2012

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Katja Schütt
Neil D. Shere
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Edward De Beukelaer
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Pushing Against the Wind– Alan V. Schmukler

Letters to the Editor

Homeopath in the Hot Seat

Dr. Corey Weinstein– interviewed by Alan V. Schmukler

Liz Lalor – interviewed by Vatsala Sperling


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Centre for Homeopathic Education NY Presentation

Sue Anello– interviewed by Alan V. Schmukler

Centre for Homeopathic Education NY – Marcus Fernandez

Sat Nav for Homeopaths (Orienteering for Heroes: Mazes for Monsters)  – Mike Bridger

Step into the Unknown– Susie Spens

The Bush Homeopaths  – Danielle Abramov

The Gambia Project  – Marcus Fernandez

RESEARCH: A (Selective) Review of Homeopathic Outcome Studies  – Miranda Castro

Homeopathic Remedies for Summertime Ailments & Injuries  – Faythe Goldman

New Papers

Treating Lyme Disease Naturally and Effectively!– Cindee Gardner

Introductory Lecture on Homeopathic Materia Medica and Therapeutics– Dr. George Royal

An Overview of the Influence of Miasmatic Theory and Its Revitalization– Roger Morrison

Homeopathic First Aid for Infants and Children– Robert Medhurst

Understanding the Second Prescription– Amit Arora

Importance of the Right Potency– Marc Van Wijk

Tips and Secrets May 2012– Alan V. Schmukler

Remedies in Sciatica – W.A. Dewey

Mothers Around the World Always Support Homeopathy! – Iman Navab

The Threefold Approach to Therapeutic Intentions – Jeroen Holtkamp

From the Clinic

A Stroke of Luck– Alan V. Schmukler

Thygeson’s Disease Treated with Homeopathy– Ami Shah

A Case of Brain Tumour in a 23 Years Young Married Woman– S. K. Banerjea

Two Cancer Cases– Edmund Carleton & J.C. Burnett

Four Brief Cases from the Homoeopathic Recorder Volume XIII – 1898– Dr. William P. Wesselhoeft, Dr. J.R. Simson, Dr. A.P. Hanchett & Dr. C. Mohr

Four Lachesis Cases– Dr. Leonard Lambreght

Two Measles Cases– Edie Freeman

Homeopathic Cure of Three Children with Cesarian Delivery Trauma – Seyedaghanoor Sadeghi & Fahimeh Mahdavi


Treating cancer with amplitude-modulated electromagnetic fields: a potential paradigm shift, again?– Dr. C.F. Blackman

Untold Facts of Science – The Science Behind Homeopathy – Ruhul Amin & Biplab Chakraborty

Book Review

‘Facial Analysis and Homeopathy – Fulfilling Hahnemann’s Legacy’ by Grant Bentley– Rochelle Marsden

‘Case-taking: Best Practice and Creating Meaning in the Consulting Room’ by Alistair Gray – David Johnson


Vet Case: Daisy the Hen– Edward De Beukelaer

Vet Case: Black Demon – Edward De Beukelaer


Crossword May 2012 – Alan V. Schmukler

More Than Words!

Cartoon – The Actual Position – Alan V. Schmukler


QUIZ – The Odd Couple – Another Completely Different Quiz– Elaine Lewis, Shana Lewis

Revisiting: Driving Me to Despair; Thank You Very Much, Mrs. Mondarissi Gandhi! – Elaine Lewis, Shana Lewis


Ask The Plant Doctor – May 2012 – V.D.Kaviraj

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  • Dearest doctors,
    i just want to ask for help for our mama, shes 64 y/0 and has chronic kidney disease,in her kidney ultrasound its says renal parenchymal disease,and the nephro wants her to go on dialysis,but she dont want to go dialysis.her urine output is less on mornings, but frequently during nighttimes like 3-5 every night and she dont get complete rest at night bec. of that.She also takes epoetin beta recormon for rbc. Right now her legs are swelling/ fluid retention and her tummy is getting bigger( it started on her lower waist), pls help us what to do. We’re from Philippines and we dont know any homeopath doctor here.We only went to naturopathic doctor and shes taking herbal remedies,but we want to see more improvement so she dont have to go dialysis and she dont want
    to go on dialysis too…she also have osteoarthritis and suffer pain on her lower back, we just want her to live a little more better..,even if the neprologist say kidneys dont heal unlike the liver.
    Right now she is taking lasix 40mg for her swelling but we only give her once a day bec we know it will cause more damage to her kidneys but we dont know else what to give her aside from the herbals tablets she’s taking just to lessen her swelling..please i hope for your reply.. God Bless…

    By Murray Thompson (BAppSci Environmental Health 1998; Hons I Social Ecology 1999, University of Western Sydney), located at: , if you wish.

    Murray Thompson

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