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Homeopathy for Everyone May 2016

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 Homeopathy and Cardiology – Alan V. Schmukler

Feedback from April 2016

Homeopath in the Hot Seat
 May 2016 Interview with Manfred Mueller – Alan V. Schmukler
Online Homeopathy Course by George Vithoulkas

Lectures on Organon of Medicine VOL 2 by Dr. BhatiaAVAILABLE NOW!

 New Papers
 Valvular Diseases Of The Heart – Thomas C. Duncan

 Cardiology: The Homeopathic Way – Leela D’Souza

 Angina Pectoris – A.L. Blackwood

 Structural Diseases of the Heart – Thomas C. Duncan

 Know the Remedy by “Heart” – Shrikant Talari and Heta Shah

 Hydropericardium – A.L. Blackwood

Nervous Palpitation of the Heart with Therapeutic Hints – C.G.Raue

Inflammatory Diseases of the Heart – Thomas C. Duncan

 CAD Prevention in Homeopathic Cardiology – Sajeev Ampadi

 Diseases of the Blood Vessels – Thomas C. Duncan

 Palpitation – A.L. Blackwood

 Heart Therapeutics – Thomas C. Duncan

Diseases of the Heart – George Heinrich Gottlieb Jahr

Homeopathic Remedies For Palpitations – Vikas Sharma

Bradycardia – A.L. Blackwood

May 2016 Tips – Alan V. Schmukler

Key to Successful Prescribing Using Boenninghausen’s Generalization and the Sensation Approach – Devang Shah

Health Australia Party: A necessary response to a serious threat to all natural medicine – Isaac Golden

Questions Patients Ask -18 – Elaine Lewis

From The Clinic
My First Case With a 200 D – Cardiac Arrhythmia – Andre Saine

 Cardiac Failure Due to Cardiomyopathy in a Patient of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia – Leela D’Souza

 A Stroke in Progress – Joe Rozencwajg

 A Case of Cardiac Arrhythmia – Paul Branch

Pericarditis And Endocarditis in a man of 17 – Edward Charles Chepmell

 A Case of Atrial Septal Defect (ASD) – Muhammad Afzal

  Four Cactus Cases – Temple S. Hoyne

 Spigelia and Digitalis Cases – Temple S. Hoyne

 Four Cardiac Cases with Clinical Observations – Thomas C. Duncan

 A Crataegus Heart Case – C.F. Barker, M.C. Jennings and Joseph Clements

 Restoring Health After Myocardial Infarction with Aurum Metallicum Using the Tetractys Model – Mirjana Zivanov

Homeopathy In Cardiac Arrhythmia – Larysa Hutsol, Mykola Hutsol and Irene Symbal

Comparative Study Between Veratrum Viride and Atenolol in Short Term Control of Blood Pressure Levels in Mild Hypertensives – Aadil Chimthanawala

 Book Reviews
 Homeopathy and Patterns in Mammals by Dr. Bhawish Joshi M.D. and Dr. Sachindra Joshi M.D. – Vatsala Sperling

 The New World Veterinary Repertory by Dr. Richard H. Pitcairn & Dr. Wendy F. Jensen – Will Falconer

Veterinary Homeopathy
Ask the Holistic Vet – Dr. Deva Khalsa – May 2016 – Deva Khalsa

 Silent Grief – Ronit Abuotboul

Crossword May 2016 – Alan Schmukler
Cartoons! :)
 Atrial Fibrillation – Alan V. Schmukler
Solve the Case Quiz
Revisiting: Paula McCartney Has Breast Problems! – Elaine Lewis and Shana Lewis

Fifi’s Flu – Elaine Lewis and Shana Lewis

The Plant Doctor – May 2016 – Radko Tichavsky – Radko Tichavsky, Pawan Singhania and Mark Moodie