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Homeopathy for Everyone September 2008

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Homeopathy for Everyone September 2008

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David Johnson
Elaine Lewis
Katja Schütt
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Dr. Leela D’Souza
Rochelle Marsden

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— Many Dialogues —
  Up Through the Cracks Alan Schmukler

“Well sir, there’s still the homeopathy problem.
More people are using it all the time.”

Letters to the Editor

“If one chooses the simple cases, the simple remedies will give high rates of success. The complicated cases need other modalities to attain a better rate of cure.”

in the Hot Seat
Dr. Bernardo Merizalde– interviewed by Alan Schmukler

“A broad acceptance of homeopathy would probably destabilize the pharmaceutical industry.”

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New Papers
Homeopathy and the New Fundamentalism: A Critique of the Critics
– Lionel Milgrom

“Though in use for over 200 years, and still benefiting millions of  people worldwide today,  homeopathy is currently under continuous attacks for being ‘unscientific’.”

Dana Ullman – in conversation with               Louise Mclean

“I look forward to the time when homeopathy is attacked in America because that will mean that homeopathy is achieving some degree of integration that is threatening.”

A Dialogue with Peter Chappell –             Rowena J. Ronson

“The spiritual realm is the only solid reality; the rest of it is rolled out by our mind and is not  grounded in reality.”

Homeopathy, Health & Humanity –              George Vithoulkas

“It remains my contention nonetheless that our health is being compromised to a great extent by the widespread allopathic drugging, in effect.”

Classical Miasmatic Prescribing – Dr. Subrata K. Banerjea

“Sycosis – Occupation: Accountant, chief executive officer, dictator (successful).”

Removing the Guesswork from Potency Selection –             Dr. Joe Rozencwajg

“I present a new approach to the use of C potencies that is based on a mathematical concept found everywhere in Nature.”

Surgery and Homeopathy – Katja Schütt

“Ferrum protoxalate 1X 2 grains t.d.s. serves the purpose of blood transfusions without the ill effects of foreign blood or subcutaneous or intravenous saline.”

Homeopathy in Ireland – Clodagh Sheehy

“There are colleges of Homeopathy in Dublin, Cork, Kerry and Galway where students undertake four year long, part-time, professional courses.”

Natural Immunity: Part II – Pat McKay

“When viruses are “killed” before use as a vaccine this is actually a process of adding a chemical, usually formalin.”

Tips and Secrets – 17 – Alan Schmukler

“Veratrum for terrific unbearable pains in the head that change the face, almost induce insanity, with that icy sensation on vertex.”

Ask George Vithoulkas!
September 08 Questions and Answers

“It is true that in my experience there is no difference between a dry and a liquid dose of a remedy (and Kent writes the same).”

Now you can ask George Vithoulkas homeopathy questions every month!

More Than Words!
September 08 Cartoons – Alan Schmukler – A must watch!!

Look for a new cartoon every month in this new section of the ezine!

From the Clinic
Case of Seronegative Arthritis– Urvi Chauhan

“The pain is intolerable, but he keeps quiet, silently tolerates.”

A Tired Girl – Bernardo A Merizalde

“She has intense skin sensitivity, particularly to
touch, fabrics, tags and her scalp is sensitive to hair brushing.”

Research Survey on Potency Simulators
– Jacquie Cotter

“I plan to measure the effects of the potency simulator produced remedy against an equivalent hand succussed remedy.”

A Variety of Studies About Gynecological Complaints
– Alan Schmukler

“In a prospective study 82 % of 102 patients reported improvement of menopause symptoms after homeopathic treatment.”

World’s First Complementary & Alternative Medicine Encyclopedia edited by the CAM community! Check now!!


Quiet!!!!– Elaine Lewis, Shana Lewis

Find the right medicine ..and win exciting prizes!

Revisiting: “Kids!!!!” – Elaine Lewis

Answer to the last month’s case quiz.

Bovine Love Story –  Edward De Beukelaer

“This first bull didn’t stay and was replaced
by another one. He was a real gentleman and Mum adored him and they were always together.”

Hompath launches its Hindi Version.
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