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Homeopathy for Everyone August 2018

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The rich August 2018 issue of Homeopathy for Everyone – WORLD’S most popular homeopathy journal!

Editorial – Alan V. Schmukler

Feedback from July 2018 –

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  • It is an excellent information to the Homeopathy professionals and the Common man for imposing confidence in the practitioners and the people at large to depend on Homeopathy alone and avoid surgeries ,specially the Cancer and other Chronic diseases.

  • My True Story For all Homeopath in the world

    My name is Rana Aslam Khan Rajput. I am from Gujranwala, Pakistan. This is the story of 1990. It was winter season. Before I start my story,let me introduce my self. I am a retired Captain of Pakistan Army since 1985. After the Retirement I am doing my Homeopathic Practice. I am 6. 1.1/2 feet tall,fair colored man and had 85 kg weight those days. Means I was overall a Strong built Man. Now come to the story that is Completely True. It was 10 O’clock in the Morning. I was in the Clinic when I felt some urgency​ to urinate. Those days there was no washroom around my clinic, only a vacant area behind my Clinic like a backyard where the owner of the land grew different veges. Two days earlier he ploughed the land to cultivate seasonal vegetables. So I pissed out there and rose my hand towards a small rock to clean myself as there was no water at that moment. As soon as I picked up the stone, a snake came out from underneath. It bited me on my 4th finger of left hand (we were trained about snakes, their families and their first aid treatment when we were in the Army). When I saw the snake running away I recognized it well. It was a “viper” snake. Some people say it “Jalebi” in local language. This snake bites with a high jump of 4 to 5 Feet height approx. It bited me from some what 1 feet distance. My affected finger had been started bleeding immediately so I left the snake and ran fastly towards my Clinic.
    At that time there were four male and two female dispensers at my clinic. I was the most Richest person of my Town. I had my own Suzuki Jeep for traveling.
    I sent out all my patients and dispensers from the clinic and told them to wait and come inside only when I call. Then I first found something sharp to cut my finger, but as it was a clinic so I only found a paper knife. I did some cuts on my finger,though it was too difficult for a paper knife but I cut it Helter skelter,then I tied a tourniquet tightly on the pressure point and then finally cut the main vein of the arm at different places and let the blood flow. After wasting approximately two bottles of blood I applied potassium per manganate (PPM) on it. that pain of wound mixed with severe burning of PPM was so horrible and difficult to explain but I tolerated it for the sake of my life. After that first aid treatment I picked a helper boy and moved immediately towards DHQ Gujranwala. I told the whole incident to the medical superintendent Dr.Mian Sabir Sahab. There all doctors and para medical staff know me well. They immediately gave me two anti snake bite injections and discharged me after bandage.Then I returned Home and I still used to go to the Clinic for about a week. After one week a hell of fire had been started burning inside my body and then started itching at different parts of the body. within a second a blister formed at the site of itching and from where some sort of green fluid was started oozing. Now then my decline period had been started. I went to CMH and HM Army but in vain. All diagnosed me incurable and they started giving me morphine injections. I suffered two years in this severe pain but no one cured me. I had sent thirty two lacs on my treatment but no results. Even I did Dum” from some so called spiritual persons but nothing could work. When I was entirely empty handed, the Doctors of MEO hospital discharged me by calling me completely incurable.
    My family brought me back home to die. I had three kids at that time, one daughter and two sons. They were very young. When​ I looked at on their faces tears ran down from my eyes by thinking about their future without a father. Any ways women came and sat around my bed as I was dying and they started reciting “Surah Yaseen” so that my soul could depart easily. I was completely conscious and said that if Allah wanted me to do some good work I could not die. My friends and family members were crying to see me in such pain. All of my money had been ended, Jeep had been sold but I didn’t get cure from any where. Inspire these circumstances I didn’t loose hope and had strong belief in Allah and still have that when my time to leave this world will come I shall go right away, neither a minute earlier not a minute later
    As the day passed and the night came and I was alone, all the past events since my childhood began to come into my mind like a movie so I thought why not I yet tried to treat myself with Homeopathy? I recalled my teachers lectures about “like cures like” so I told one of my friends to bring me a viper snake from anywhere. He went to a ophiuchus (sapera) who agreed to give it at the cost of 5000 Rs. He then brought me a viper snake within two days. I asked the ophiuchus to give me it’s venom which he first refused and then agreed with another 1000 Rs. He extracted out the venom in a syringe which was probably 5 to 6 drops only. Then I started making my Remedy with one drop venom and 9 drops dilution at the ratio and went up by potentization and finally reached to 30C potency.
    Here I tell you that my condition was so worse that nobody could enter in my Room. The smell from my body was so horrible that it was like rotten meat, you can say it purely cadaveric. Anyways the Remedy which I prepared, I started using 10 drops TDs. You can not believe that within 15 days I was absolutely fine. All my eruptions healed up, the cadaveric smell vanished. But this snake bite have given me a disease, that is diabetes. For which I use my self prepared remedy “Syzo jubo lenium Q” from plums. I use it once daily, now some times my sugar level becomes low so I always have to keep some sweets in my pocket.
    I am the first Homeopath of Pakistan who treated himself by poison. Allah has Blessed me all the things which I had lost including my health and I am so happy in my life. Patients come to see me daily and get cure by the grace of Allah Almighty. My faith has become more strong that death has a set time. It can not come before it. I often thought to write my story but didn’t get time. Today I had time. The Group “Pakistan Homeopathy Group ” and the love of you people forced me so I wrote it. I have written it shortly , if I wrote the whole story it will make a book. Now I advised all doctors to treat their patients with “similia similimum curenter “. I pray for all of you to be a good Homeopath and I wish you all work with a great enthusiasm for the welfare of mankind.

    Captain (R) Homeopathic Dr. Al Haaj Rana Muhammad Aslam Khan
    Ratta Road Gujranwala Pakistan.

    [email protected]

    facebook ID.
    [email protected]

    Cell,Imo,Whats app.Botim,
    +92 300 6441365

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