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Homeopathy for Everyone 2020 – Special Covid-19 Issue

Homeopathy for Covid
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Hpathy presents to you a large collection of articles and cases related to Cornovirus Covid-19 pandemic, which we published in 2020.


–– Corona Virus – Alan V. Schmukler

–– Corona Virus – II – Alan V. Schmukler

–– Smart Meters, 5G and Corona Virus – Alan V. Schmukler

–– Homeopaths Treating COVID-19 – Alan V. Schmukler

–– A Holistic Approach to COVID-19 – Alan V. Schmukler

–– Plan B for Covid-19Alan V. Schmukler

–– Solidarity – Alan V. Schmukler


–– The COVID-19 Pandemic and Its Homeopathic Approach – Interview with Dr. Ajit Kulkarni


–– Online Homeopathy Course by George Vithoulkas

–– 50% Discount on Homeopathy Foundation Course

–– Lectures on Organon of Medicine VOLUME 3 now available!!


–– Coronavirus Covid-19 – Analysis of symptoms from confirmed cases with an assessment of possible homeopathic remedies for treatment and prophylaxis – Dr. Manish Bhatia

–– Homeopathy for Coronavirus Covid-19 Infection – Rajan Sankaran and Drs. Aditya Kasariyans

–– Tackling Covid-19 with Homoeopathy – Saptarshi Banerjea

–– Preventing COVID19 – How Homeopathy Can Help – Isaac Golden

–– Homeopathy to Prevent and Treat Coronavirus Infection Amma Resonance Healing Foundation – Harry van der Zee

–– Speculative Thoughts on Coronavirus – Based on the Matrix MethodMirjana Zivanov

–– Tidbits 69: Coronavirus–Natural Cures? – Elaine Lewis

–– Reply of Prof. George Vithoulkas to the Article: Homeopathy For Coronavirus Covid-19 Infection – by George Vithoulkas
–– Three Remedies I Have Used for COVID-2019 – by Massimo Mangialavori

–– Homeopathic Reflection on Coronavirus – by László Bóna

–– Covid-19 and Homoeopathy – by Amarsinha Nikam

–– Case Management of the Influenza and Pneumonia Patient with Homeopathy During the COVID-19 Pandemic – by Andre Saine

–– Jeremy Sherr discusses the homeopathic treatment of coronavirus – by Edward Kondrot

–– Updated! – Coronavirus Covid-19 – Analysis of symptoms from confirmed cases with an assessment of possible homeopathic remedies for treatment and prophylaxis – by Manish Bhatia

–– Update of the prior study of Homeopathy for Coronavirus Covid-19 Infection in Iran by Dr. Aditya Kasariyans and Dr. Rajan Sankaran

–– The Novel 2019 Coronavirus – Ronald Whitmont

–– Some Observations on the Possible Genus Remedy of COVID-19 – Richard H. Pitcairn

–– Coronavirus Genus Epidemicus Analysis – Manish Agarwala

–– Tidbits 70: Coronavirus–natural cures? Part-2 – Elaine Lewis

–– Tuberculinum Aviare: The Avian Mycobacterium An integrated perspective and its scope in treatment of COVID 19 disease. – Jayesh Shah and Munjal Thakar

–– Perspectives in the Homeopathic approach to Covid-19 – Rajan Sankaran

–– Symptomatic COVID-19 positive and likely positive patients treated by homeopathic physicians – an Italian descriptive study – Andrea Valeri

–– Homeopathic Treatment of COVID-19 / SARS-Cov-2 – Filip Degroote

–– Corona Virus Disease (Covid-19) – a Homeopathic Perspective – Ajit Kulkarni

–– Corona Virus (Covid-19) – A Homeopathic Perspective Update II – Ajit Kulkarni

–– Homeopathy in the Covid-19 Pandemic: Opportunities, Challenges and the Road Ahead – R.K. Manchanda and Meeta Gupta

–– Post Covid Stress Disorders – Part-1: Anxiety & Depression – S.K.Banerjea

–– Corona Virus Disease (Covid-19) -A Homeopathic Perspective Update III – Ajit Kulkarni

–– Practical Advice to Users of Homeopathy During an Epidemic – László Bóna

–– COVID-19: Epidemic- Approach Of Homeopathy – Zilika Jain

–– Treating COVID 19 with Homoeopathy – Rajan Sankaran

–– Building Resilience in Critical Times – Elizabeth Adalian

–– How to Deal With Death and Mourning in Times of Coronavirus – Gonzalo Fernández-Quiroga

–– Homeopathic Survival Kit for Families Under Lockdown – Elizabeth Adalian

–– How We Can Fix This Pandemic in a Month – Damien Downing

–– Vitamin C for the Prevention and Treatment of CoronavirusPatrick Holford

–– Five Big Epistemological Errors About The CoronavirusGonzalo Fernández-Quiroga

–– Coronavirus A Homeopathic Perspective – Deborah Olenev

–– Clinical Study of Sars Cov-2019 Nosode Part II Post Covid Lung Damage Treated with Sars Cov-2019 Nosode in Conjunction with Indicated RemedyDr Chetna N shukla

–– Clinical Study of Sars Cov-2019 Nosode -Part III Clinical Trial of Sarscov-2019 Nosode (06 Ck) on Healthy Individuals – Dr Chetna N shukla

–– Trouble Getting Homeopathic Medicines? COVID-19 scrambles U.S. homeopathy supply chainRhonda Weiss

–– Homeopathy in Israel During the First Half Year of the COVID-19 Pandemic: Report of a Survey, Trends and Opportunities – Rakhel Shabi

–– Tidbits 74: Blatta…An Under-Used Remedy in Asthma (COVID Too?)– Elaine Lewis

–– In Search of Optimism Amidst the Chaos of Corona Virus – Gill Graham

–– Does the Novel Coronavirus Really Exist? – Diderik Finne

–– Tidbits 75: The COVID Vaccine: Safe? Effective? – Elaine Lewis


–– Free Homeopathy Books Online

–– Best Homeopathy Course for Beginners

–– The Best Book to Study Organon!


–– A COVID 19 Positive Case Treated with Classical Homeopathy – Maria Peppa

–– Two Cases of Febrile Respiratory Infection with High COVID-19 Probability Who Recovered Fully Following Classical Homeopathy Treatment – Vassilios Zinas

–– COVID-19 in a Woman of 44 – Prajakta &  Preety

–– A Case of Covid Pneumonia – Chanda Shah

–– Covid-19 in a Man of 45 – Erika Simonian

–– Suspected Covid Case – Elif Alin

–– COVID-19 in a 90 Year Old Russian Woman –  Molly Caliger

–– Hope, Heart and Homoeopathy: Clinical Experiences in the Pandemic of Covid 19 (Case Series Volume 1) – Gyandas Wadhwani

–– Clinical Study of SarsCov-2 19 Nosode Part 1: Sarscov-2 19 Nosode, 30CK Its Curative Effects in Patients with Covid 19 –  Chetna N shukla, Amitrai Shah

–– COVID-19 in a Girl of 13Sarah Smith

–– A Covid-19 Positive Case and Two Suspected Cases – Prajakta &  Preety

–– Two Diagnosed COVID-19 Cases – Shirin Akhavi

–– Covid-19 in a Man of 26 – Darshan Jayesh Shah

–– Constitutional Treatment in a Family with Covid-19 – Seyedaghanoor Sadeghi

–– Hope, Heart and Homoeopathy: Clinical Experiences in the Pandemic of Covid 19 (Case Series Volume 2)Gyandas Wadhwani

–– Covid-19 in a Man of 46 – Ramkrishna Valaki

–– Covid-19 in a Man of 44 – Vishal Sawant

–– COVID-19 in a Man of 50 – Sonal Patel

–– Hope, Heart and Homoeopathy: Clinical Experiences in the Pandemic of Covid 19 (Case Series Volume 3) – Gyandas Wadhwani

–– Covid-19 in a Woman of 65 – Martine Mercy

–– Ozonum – I Can’t Breathe Ozonum in COVID-19 – Petr Gajdos

–– Post-Covid Syndrome in a Woman in her 40’s – Grace DaSilva-Hill

–– A Case of Post Covid Syndrome – Pascal Dumas

–– COVID-19 in a Man of 58 – Chanda Shah

–– Sequelae in Suspected COVID-19 Woman of 47 – Dhriti Mehra

–– COVID 19 in a Man of 58 – Prashant Patil


–– Quercetin and Vitamin C: An Experimental, Synergistic Therapy for the Prevention and Treatment of SARS-CoV-2 Related Disease (COVID-19) – Ruben Manuel Luciano Colunga Biancatelli, Max Berrill, John D. Catravas and Paul E. Marik1


–– Corona Virus – Alan V. Schmukler

–– Change the Channel! – Alan V. Schmukler

–– Biblical Times! – Alan V. Schmukler

–– Dining during Corona – Alan V. Schmukler

–– Life During Corona – Alan V. Schmukler

–– The Vaccine – Alan V. Schmukler

–– The Mask – Alan V. Schmukler

–– Go to School! – Alan V. Schmukler

–– The Patient’s Plea – Alan V. Schmukler

––  Immunity – Alan V. Schmukler

–– The Paradox – Alan V. Schmukler

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