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Homeopathy for Everyone July 2022

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Read the amazing Homeopathy for Everyone, Seventh issue of 2022. Rich collection of articles, cases, research, book reviews, veterinary and agrohomeopathy, and much more!


–– Another Kind of Drug Ad – Alan V. Schmukler

–– Letters to the Editor – Feedback from June 2022 –


–– Petr Hoffman interviewed by Alan V. Schmukler

SPECIAL PRESENTATION:  Cases by Petr Hoffman

–– Autism in a Girl of 2.5 Years

–– Sudden Blindness in a Woman of Nineteen

–– Ulcerative Colitis n a Woman of 41

–– Anxieties in a Woman of 46

–– Asthma in Boy of 6

–– Hydronephrosis in a 3.5 Month Old Boy


–– Polarity Analysis Training

–– 50% Discount on Homeopathy Foundation Course

–– Lectures on Organon of Medicine VOLUME 3 now available!!


–– Allergies—Challenge for Twenty First Century Homeopathy – Manfred Mueller

–– The Relationship of Remedies – Sue Young

–– “Causticum” – from Absolute Materia Medica – P I Tarkas & Ajit Kulkarni

–– The Soul of Remedies – Lilium tigrinum – Rajan Sankaran

–– Medorrhinum In Children’s Disorders – Julia Loos

–– Re-Connecting with Oneself – Wiet van Helmond

–– Constipation in Children and its Homoeopathic Management – Shubhanshi Bhasin

–– Reforms in homoeopathy education – Tarkeshwar Jain

–– Tidbits 92: Wasp Sting! (Another Picture Case) – Elaine Lewis

–– Homeopathy Tips – July 2022 – Alan V. Schmukler

––Founder of the Institution – Dr. Yudhvir Singh – R. K. Manchanda


–– Free Homeopathy Books Online

–– Best Homeopathy Course for Beginners

–– The Best Book to Study Organon!


–– Trauma and Triumph in the Pandemic – A Homeopathic Perspective -Part II – Sunil Anand

–– Post-COVID Fatigue and Headache Resolved with Polarity Analysis – Karen Allen

–– A Covid Case Using Polarity Analysis – Like My Spirit had Clicked Back into my Body – Jo Harper

–– A Lichen Sclerosis Case Solved with Polarity Analysis – Michele Brookhaus

–– Polarity Analysis and Adult ADD Treatment – Tim Shannon

–– Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 with Advanced Mononeuritic Multiplexa with Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy – Sunil Thumar and Jagdish Thebar

–– Suspected Enteric Fever in a Man of 65 – Rakesh Gupta, Tarul Jadhav, Yarish Sadri and Angel Darwin

–– Frequent Burning Urination in a Man of 62 – Vipul Shastri


–– Analysis of Homeopathc Clinical Practice from Community Clinics in Kwale County, Kenya – Richard Pitt


–– Healing Women with Homeopathy by Dr Kavita Chandak – Reviewed by Dr Firuzi Mehta.

–– Gentle Medicine -The True Causes of Disease, Healing, and Health by Dr Joachim-F. Grätz – Reviewed by Dr. David Levy

–– Experimental Homeopathy by Dr. Girish Gupta -Reviewed by Kavitha Kukunoor


–– Ask The Holistic Vet – July 2022 – Deva Khalsa

–– Canine Astraphobia in an Eleven-Year-Old Border Collie – Sarah Penrose

–– The Power of Tinctures – Gautam Unny


–– The Plant Doctor – July 2022 – Radko Tichavsky


–– Cell Tower Radiation – Alan V. Schmukler


–– Homeopathy Crossword July 2022


–– QUIZ: –  The Worst Case In The World! – Elaine Lewis

––  Revisiting: Polio Party! – Elaine Lewis

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