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Homeopathy for Everyone June 2024

Read the exciting June 2024 issue of Homeopathy for Everyone. The homeopathic journal that everyone loves to read!

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–– Hpathy Needs Your Support! – Dr Manish Bhatia

 –– Surgery – Dirty Secrets About Getting Clean – Alan V. Schmukler

 –– Letters to The Editor

–– Homeopath Ellen V. Kire is interviewed by Alan V. Schmukler

– Ellen discusses Homeopathic Facial Analysis (HFA), her experience using Autopathy, and much more!

–– Learn Effective Homeopathy by Prof. George Vithoulkas

–– Using Oxytocin and Vasopressin in Homeopathy – Take the Masterclass!

–– Mastering Delusion Rubrics – Course by Dr Bhatia

–– A Clinical Snapshot of Pilonidal Sinus Disease Dr. Gyandas G. Wadhwani

–– How We Diagnosed and Treated Intestinal TB with HomeopathyJesiah Anto Poovendan / Amirtha Rashmi

–– Two Cases of Autism Spectrum Disorder – Vanita Rajiv Johari

–– Acute Lung Infection in a Paediatric Patient – Rakesh Gupta, Yarish Sadri,  Angel Darwin, Sayli Shinde, Israa Junsani

–– Cystic Acne After COVID mRNA Injection – Jennifer Doan

–– Twenty Years on Autopathy – Jiri Cehovsky

–– Psychogenic Polydypsia, Hypertension, Addiction – Man of 36Arindam Maity

–– Palmo-Plantar Psoriasis in a Man of 42 – Darshan J. Shah

–– The Role of Homeopathy in PCOS – Three Cases to Illustrate – Anju & Bipin Jethani

–– Lectures on Organon of Medicine by Dr Bhatia Now on Kindle – Get Vol 1  |  Vol 2  |  Vol 3

–– The Fireside Book of Homeopathy Tales Now on Kindle

– Get the best homeopathic storybook ever written… includes 16 award-winning stories from the first International Homeopathic Story Competition.

–– Free Homeopathy Books Online

–– Dementia: A Homeopathic Perspective – Sue Smith

–– How Generative Artificial Intelligence Might Transform Homeopathic Practice – V. Gurucharan

–– The Spiritual Journey – Sacred Lotus (Nelumbo nucifera) – Mirjana Zivanov

–– Sanguinaria Canadensis: The King Root, The Jack of All Trades – Shailendra R. Vaishampayan

–– Homeopathy and Self-fulfillment using Systemic Therapy, Coherent Breathing and QigongKenneth Silvestri

–– Head Injuries in Rugby – Conventional and Homeopathic Approaches – Shaz Ridler

–– Homeopathy’s Role in Vasomotor Rhinitis – Dussa Vamshikrishna

–– The Case for More Generalist Homeopaths – Tiago Amorim

–– TIDBITS 107: Remedy Reactions – Elaine Lewis

 –– Tips and Secrets June 2024 – Alan V. Schmukler

–– I Was Dying / Then I Changed My Mind by Güngör Buzot is reviewed by Thomas Hartman and Elizabeth Hamilton.
–– Ultra-high dilutions analysis: Exploring the effects of potentization by electron microscopy, Raman spectroscopy and deep learning – C.  Grosan, S. Isik, A. Porav, I. Dag, K. Osman Ay, G. Vithoulkas
–– Ask the Holistic Vet – June 2024 – Dr. Deva Khalsa
–– Ask the Plant Doctor – June 2024 – Radko Tichavsky
–– Body Wash –  Alan V. Schmukler
–– Quiz – Sinusitis Sayonara! – Elaine Lewis, Shana Lewis

–– Revisiting: What Remedy is Columbo – Elaine Lewis

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