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Homeopathy for Everyone October 2018

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The rich October 2018 issue of Homeopathy for Everyone – WORLD’S most popular homeopathy journal!


–– Live and Let Live – Alan V. Schmukler

–– Feedback from September 2018 –


–– Dr. Janice Block interviewed by Linda V. Nurra. 

–– Vaccines, Pet Food and Your Dog: Elaine Lewis talks to Catherine O’Driscoll


Online Homeopathy Course by George Vithoulkas

Lectures on Organon of Medicine VOL 2 by Dr. BhatiaAVAILABLE NOW!


–– How One Homeopath Helped 100 Students –Salmonella OutbreakFrancis Treuherz

–– How I Became a Homeopath – Niki Galiano, Lynne Shrubb, Dr. Sujata Naik, Tracy Ferriss,  Francis Treuherz

–– Homeopathic Approach in Dengue FeverDr. NavinPawaskar / Dr. J. Skrianth

––Switching on the Lights with Lithium CarbonicumElizabeth Adalian

–– A Rethink of Psora Alastair Yarrow

–– Soul of Remedies – Strontium Carbonicum  –Dr. Rajan Sankaran

–– Report on a Lac Seminar – Lacs for Human MaladiesDr. Alifiya Dedanwala

–– A Solution for the Wikipedia  Problem  – Joerg Wichman

–– Homeopathy for ZIKA VIRUSDr. Manish Bhatia

–– Hoarding Disorder – Lynn Amara

–– Tips and Secrets – Hpathy Oct 2018–  Dr. Sneha Thakkar


–– Depression – Palliation Case  –Dr. Maurizio Paolella

–– Acute TonsillitisPetr Zacharias

–– The Girl Who Would Not Throw Anything AwayLynn Amara

–– Hay Fever in a Man of 22Radka Ševčíková

–– Herpetic Eruption in a Girl of 10Dr. Pravin Pente

–– Anxiety Neurosis in a Man of 24  –Dr. Ramakrishna Valaki

–– Caffey’s Disease in a Baby Dr. Mini Mehta

–– Hemiplegia in a Girl of 4Dr. Sheetal Bidri

–– Difficulty Swallowing in a Man of 55Dr. Azizur Rahman

–– A Suspected ADHD Case  – Tatiana Savciuc

–– Renal Calculi in a Woman of 45 –  Dr.Vitan Gosain

–– Alveolar Osteitis in a Man of 60  – Palma Cicco


–– The Real Epidemic – Preventing and Treating Allergies and Autoimmune Diseases in Your Dog by Catherine O’Driscoll  –– is reviewed by Rochelle Marsden.

–– Principles and Practice by Dr. by Dr. M.L. Dhawale, is reviewed by Dr. Bogesh D. Niturkar MD.


–– October 2018 – Ask the Holistic Vet– Dr. Deva Khalsa


–– Crossword October 2018 – Alan V. Schmukler


Phase out – Alan V. Schmukler


–– Angry and Hateful – Elaine  Lewis, Shana Lewis

–– Revisiting: “Miss Lascivious” Has Left The Building! Elaine  Lewis, Shana Lewis


–– Prophylactic Management of Post Parturient Reproductive Disorders in Dairy Animals with Homoeopathic Uterine Tonic- Uterogen  –– Drs. H.R. Parsani and B.S. Chandel

–– Homeopathic Research in Contemporary Culture Part II – Understanding Research –– Loretta Butehorn


The Plant Doctor – October 2018Radko Tichavsky

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