Materia Medica

A Capsule of Materia Medica

Written by Muhammad Rafeeque

An excerpt from ‘A Capsule of Materia Medica’. The drug pictures of three antimiasmatic drugs along with the corresponding nosodes are given for your reference.

An ebook Materia Medica of 130 Homoeopathic Drugs (Abrotanum to Zincum met)

Dr Muhammed Rafeeque, BHMS.


There are a number of Materia Medicas which provide lots of information. But an e book that deals with the capsular form of Materia Medica is the need of the hour. Here, a lot of information has been collected from various authentic sources and arranged systematically in a capsule form for an easy reference. It is true that no modern books can replace the classical books written by our great masters, but this e book can definitely strengthen the knowledge of Materia medica we got from those classical books.

Here the symptoms are arranged under the headings like Mind, Causation, Location, Sensation, Aggravation, Amelioration and Concomitants. Under each heading, the symptoms are arranged according to the Hahnemannian schema. Here, maximum attempt is made to use the exact words used in the various source books. Dreams are given under the Mind section. The Sensation contains delusions, general sensations and sensations of different body parts. The Aggravation and Amelioration section contains particular modalities followed by general modalities. Generals are included under the Concomitants. The miasmatic indication is given under each drug, which is taken from books on miasms by Dr S K Banergea, Dr Harimohan Choudhary and Dr S k Dubey. The thermal modality is taken Dr P V Siju’s Evaluation of Remedy’s Thermal State. The Relationship of drugs are given under each drug, which are taken from Gibson Millers remedy relationship and some drug relations given by pioneers like Hering, Clark and W.Boericke.

Here I am sharing an excerpt from ‘A Capsule of Materia Medica’. The drug pictures of three antimiasmatic drugs along with the corresponding nosodes are given for your reference.
  • Sulphur  – Psorinum
  • Mercurious – Syphillinum
  • Thuja – Medorrhinum


Structure of This Materia Medica

  • Mind
  • Causation
  • Location
  • Sensation
  • Modalities
  • Concomitants
  • Thermal modality
  • Miasmatic intensity
  • Drug relationship




Mind: Selfish; Contemptuous; Impatience; Irritable; Eccentric; Critical; Carefulness; Audacity; Rudeness; Anger with quick repentance; Abrupt; Lazy; Philosophical; Ragged philosopher; Everything looks pretty; Theorizing; Religious affections; Makes many plans; Apathy to personal appearance & welfare of others; Dirtiness; Childish in old age; Aversion to bathing; Alcoholism; Laugh in sleep; Forgetful; Difficult thinking; Happy dreams; Dreams of unfortunate event.

Causation: Ailments from egotism, suppressed eruptions, alcoholism; Every little injury suppurates; Induration of tissues from pressure.

Location: Orifices red; Congestion of single parts; Cortical cataract.

Sensation: Delusion of he has superhuman power, she is black; Burning everywhere; Sensation of something alive in abdomen, vertebra glided over each other; Empty all gone feeling in epigastrium at 11am; Nipples burn like fire; Mouse running up the back.

Agg: Involuntary stools on laughing; Itching &burning < scratching.

General<rest, warmth, touching warm things, standing, warmth of bed, washing, alcohol, 11am, periodically, winter.

Amel: Dyspnoea at midnight> sitting; Cough>sugar; Joint pains> cold application.

General>dry warm weather, lying on right side, drawing up affected limbs, cold drinks.

Concomitant: Stoop shouldered; Standing is the worst position; Offensive discharges; Complaints that relapse; Sick headache with hot vertex &cold feet; Craving for sweets, alcohol; Cant wait for lunch; Sour putrid eructations; Painless morning diarrhea drives him out of bed; Stool hard, knotty, child afraid to pass it; Involuntary stools on sneezing; Anus red excoriated; Bedwetting in untidy children; Profuse colorless urine; Late scanty menses; Wants windows open; Increased pulse in morning; Bleeding from nipples when nursing; Violent ebullitions of heat allover; Profuse offensive perspiration; Kick off clothes at night; Burning in palms and soles at night, wants to find a cool place; Gouty joint pains alt/w asthma; Voluptuous itching; Boils in crops.

Thermal: Chilly ++   Hot +++

Miasm: Psora: ■ ■ ■ Syphilis: ■ ■Sycosis: ■ ■Tubercular: ■ ■

Drug relation: Cmpl: Acon, ars, aloe, bad, nux, psor. Flsw: Ac.nitric, aesc, acon, alum, apis, ars, bell, bry, bar.c, berb, borax, calc, carb.v, euphm, graph, guaiac, kali.c, merc, nux, phos, puls, podo, rhus, sars, sep, samb. Inmcl: Sulph follows lyc but lyc doesn’t follow sulph (kent), ran.b Antd: Acon, camph, ars, cham, chin, con, caust, nux, merc, puls, rhus, sep, sil.





Mind: Fear of business failure, poverty; Abandoned; Depressed; Hopeless; Suicidal thoughts; Poor self confidence; Dirty appearance; Religious melancholy; Obstinate, annoy those around; Irritable & sleepless day &night; Day time play with night cries; Absurd in horrible thoughts.

Causation: Ailments from anticipation, suppressed eruptions; Despair/sleepless from itching; Sensitive to cold air; Weakness after acute diseases; Nausea from fetal movements; Enuresis with history of eczema; Cough from suppressed eruptions, returning every winter; Urticaria after every exertion.

Location: Edges of eyelids red; Eczema around ear; Eruptions around nails, bends of joints.

Sensation: Sensation of ulceration under sternum.

Agg: Headache<exposing head, fasting, suppressed eruptions; Asthma< sitting, open air; Intolerable itching<warmth of bed, night, heat.

General< fasting, before storm, coffee, change of weather, hot sunshine, cold, draft, night, wool, open air, cold air, suppressed eruptions/discharges.

Amel: Headache> epistaxis, eating; Asthma>lying down &arms spread wide apart; Intolerable itching> cold water.

General> heat, warm clothing.

Concomitant: Unusually well before getting sick; Filthy smelling secretions; Fetid pus; Acrid discharges, with carrion like odor; Scalp eruptions with sticky offensive fluid with matting of hairs; Hay fever return irregularly every year; Moist offensive pus from ear; Cracking in ear with deafness; Quinsy with pain extending to ear on swallowing; Hawking up of pea like balls of disgusting smell& taste; Eructation like bad eggs; Increased appetite with emaciation; Must eat even at midnight; Aversion to pork; Diarrhea with carrion like stool; Constipation with bad breath; Offensive leucorrhoea with itching, debility &backache; Aversion to sex; Wants warm clothing even in summer; Profuse sweating; Humid eruptions; Oozing scabs; Eruptions disappear in summer, return in winter.

Thermal: Chilly +++   Hot ++

Miasm: Psora: ■ ■ ■        Syphilis:  ■        Sycosis: ■ ■ ■        Tubercular: ■

Drug relation: Cmpl: Sulph, tuberc. Flsw: Alum, borax, bar.c, carb.v, chin, sulph. Inmcl: Sep Antd: Coffea





Mind: Sensitive to everything; Aversion to family members; Frivolous; Homesick; Reserved; Boredom feeling; Impolite; Slow answering; Disobedience; Squanders money; Suicidal disposition by starving; Impulse to strike, smash, kill loved one; Spits on floor& licks it up; Fear of own impulses, insanity, people, thunderstorm, being attacked from behind, syphilis; Precocious; Loss of will power; Weary of life; Weak memory.

Causation: Intolerance to heat &cold; Headache from suppressed discharges; Eye pain from glare of fire; Throat complaints at every change of weather.

Location: Right sided; Ulcerated nostrils; Tongue large flabby, shows imprint of teeth, with lengthwise furrow; Crown of teeth decay, root remain; Irregular ulcers with undefined edges.

Sensation: Delusion as if a criminal, everyone is enemy, body made of sweets; Sensation of cold water running out of ears; Creeping chilliness.

Agg: Pains<night; Vertigo on lying on back; Blindness<warm room; Coryza<warm room; Earache<warmth of bed; Toothache<damp weather, warmth of bed, cold/warm things; Putrid sore throat<right side; Cough <night, warmth of bed, lying on rt side; Tremors <writing, holding objects; Itching<sweating, heat.

General< night, warmth of bed, warm room, damp cold rainy weather, during sweating, suppressed discharges, lying on right side.

Amel: Sneezing>lying; Toothache >rubbing cheeks; Uterine prolapse>coition. General>moderate temperature, coition, rest.

Concomitant: Acrid foul discharges; Greenish putrid pus with streaks of blood; Burning acrid tears; Coryza with sneezing; Offensive otorrhea; Increased salivation with metallic taste; Bad breath can be felt all over room; Spongy bleeding gums; Great thirst for cold water with moist mouth; Appetite increased with weak digestion; Craving for bread& butter; Aversion to sweets; Bloody stools at night, with tenesmus during &after stool, not ameliorated by stool; Bloody emissions; Breast full of milk at menses; Green leucorrhoea with itching& burning, at night; Bony pains &necrosis; Moist skin; Profuse sweating doesn’t ameliorate;  Hand tremors; Weakness &trembling from least exertion.

Thermal: Chilly ++   Hot ++

Miasm: Psora: ■ ■        Syphilis: ■ ■ ■        Sycosis: ■ ■

Drug relation: Cmpl: Bad. Flsw: Ac.mur, ac.nitric, ars, asaf, bell, calc,, carb.v, chin, dulc, guaiac, hep, iod, lach, lyc, phos, puls, rhus, sep, sulph, thuja. Inmcl: Ac.acet, sil disagrees before or after. Antd: Ac.nitric, ars, aur, aranea, asaf, bell, bry, calad, carb.v, calc, chin, cupr, con, cor.r, clem, dphn, dulc, ferr, guaia, hep, iod, kali.i, kali.chl, kali.b, lach, mez, nux.m, op, podo, phyt, rata, sars, staph, sep, still, spig, sulph, stram, valer.




Mind: Anxiety about health; Fear of infection, disease, catching cold; Aversion to dirt; Always washing hands; Check things 10 times over; Superstitious; Indifference to loved ones; Depression at sea; Despair of recovery; Loose confidence; Forgets names; Weak memory for faces; Calculation difficult.

Causation: History of syphilitic taint; Deafness without obvious cause; Alcoholism from suppressed syphilis.

Location: Pain follows sutures; Teeth decay at gums; Deep longitudinal crack on tongue; Pain from base of heart to apex; Enlarged glands; Shoulder rheumatism at insertion of deltoid.

Sensation: Fear of going insane, being paralyzed; Sensation of hot water in veins, cold air blowing on eyes; Diplopia, one image below other; Rectum feels tied up with strictures; Knife like pain in ovaries.

Agg: Eye pain<night, 2to5am; Asthma<night, warm wet weather, thunderstorm; Bone pains<night, warmth of bed; Shoulder pain <raising arm laterally; Backaches <night, after urination. General<consolation, night, seashore, 2 to 4 am, sundown to sunrise, summer.

Amel: Eye pain>cold bathing; Bone pains> cold application; Sciatica> about daybreak. General>slow motion, mountain, day time, inland.

Concomitant: Irritable during headache; Hereditary alcoholism; Pains from darkness to daylight; Congenital deformities; Dwarfish; Pains slowly increasing and decreasing; Linear pain from temple across; Hair falling; Recurrent eye inflammation; Increased salivation, runs out in sleep; Loss of appetite for months; Craving for alcohol; Obstinate constipation for years; Anal fissures &prolapse; Profuse acrid offensive leucorrhoea, soaking through napkins & running to heels; Caries & perforations; Shifting rheumatic pains; Reddish brown eruptions with disagreeable odor; Indolent ulcers; Succession of abscesses; Prostration in morning.

Thermal: Thermal: Chilly +   Hot +

Miasm: Psora: ■    Syphilis: ■ ■ ■    Sycosis: ■    Tubercular: ■





Mind: Fixed ideas; Conscientious; Deceitful; Dishonest; Manipulative; Secretiveness; Reserved; Closed themselves; Desire to please others; Weep from music; Feeling of worthlessness; Feels nobody could love her; Fear of wind; Aversion to mother; Forgets while speaking; Dreams of falling.

Causation: Ailments from suppressed gonorrhea/warts, vaccination, moonlight, tea, onion; Toothache from tea; Rancid eructations from fatty food.

Location: Left sided; Headache over left eye extending to occiput; Styes/tarsal tumors; Ranula; Teeth decay next to gums; Anal fissures/condylomata; Recto vaginal fistula; Chill begins in thigh; Perspiration of uncovered parts; Eruptions on covered parts; Nails deformed, brittle; Warts on buttocks.

Sensation: Delusion of soul &body separated, separated from people, living animal in bed, animal in abdomen, is pregnant, under superhuman power, body is very thin, convex button on head, limbs are made of wood/glass & break easily; Headache as if pierced by nail; Fullness in rectum alt/w emptiness.

Agg: Headache<sexual excess, overheating, tea; Toothache<sneezing; Heartburn on stooping; Diarrhea <breakfast, coffee, fat, onion, vaccination; Painful piles<sitting; Asthma<cold, damp weather; Rheumatic pain<cold, damp weather; Eruptions<after scratching. General<cold, damp weather, afternoon, 3am &3pm, fat, breakfast.

Amel: Eye complaints>warmth, covering; Chronic complaints>during coryza; Perspiration>after stool. General>while drawing up limbs, warm, wrapping, free secretions, motion, presence of strangers.

Concomitant: Purulent discharges; Vertigo when closing eyes; Dry hair with white scaly dandruff; Ophthalmia neonatorum; Eyelids agglutinated with scales in edges; Coldness in painful eye; Running nose during stool; Purulent ear discharge like putrid meat; Greasy skin of face; Aversion fresh meat, potato; Gurgling in abdomen; Stool expelled forcibly; In constipation stool recedes after partially expelled; Cutting pain at close of urination; Frequent urge with pain in neck of bladder; Urinary stream split; Left sided oophoritis at every menses; Increased perspiration before menses, during sleep, stops when wakes; Profuse sweating allover except head; Sweat smells like honey; Pedunculated warts, polyps, cysts.

Thermal: Chilly ++   Hot ++

Miasm: Psora: ■    Syphilis: ■    Sycosis: ■ ■ ■    Tubercular: ■

Drug relation: Cmpl: Ars, natr.s, sabina, sil, medor. Flsw: Ac.nitric, asaf, calc, ign, kali.c, lyc, merc, puls, sabin, sil, sulph. Antd: Camph, cham, cocc, merc, puls, sulph, staph.





Mind: Hyperactive; Sense of hurriedness; Erratic; Impatience; Obsessive; Extremes of expressions, behaviors &desires; Passionate; Wildness; Vivacious; Cant speak without weeping; Talking something again & again; Melancholy; Fear of going insane, death, something creeping out of every corner; Superstitious; Prophesying disagreeable events; Forgets own name; Dm/o drinking water.

Causation: Ailments from anticipation, suppressed gonorrhea; Headache from jarring, exhaustion; Weakness after emissions; Nocturnal enuresis with history of sycosis; Urticaria from pressure of clothes.

Location: Enlarged painful prostate; Left sided ovarian pains; Nipples cold to touch, rest of body warm; Shoulder pain extending to fingers; Rheumatism of both shoulders; Soles of feet sensitive; Chills up & down back; Tumors, warts &cysts.

Sensation: Delusion of someone walks behind; Time passes slowly; Heaviness of legs, feel like lead.

Agg: Diarrhea from jarring of cars; Pain in legs only when walking; Itching<thinking of it. General< thinking of complaints, daylight to sunset, heat, stretching, thunderstorm.

Amel: Protruding tongue>other complaints; Stomach pain> knee-elbow position; Asthma>knee-chest position, lying on face &protruding tongue; Cough>lying on abdomen; Shoulder pain>motion; Backache>urination. General>evening, damp weather, seashore, sea bathing, lying on abdomen, knee elbow position, profuse discharges.

Conco: Dwarfed; Chronic catarrh with thick discharges; Eyes agglutinated in morning; Very thirsty; Craving for ice, sour fruits, alcohol, salt, sweets, fat, cold drinks; Aversion to slimy food, beans, peas; Ravenous hunger soon after eating; Passes stool only by bending far back; Nocturnal enuresis; Urethritis with soreness; Increased sexual desire; Early masturbation; Menstrual stains difficult to wash out; Leucorrhea with fishy odor; Coldness in chest on coughing; Cant exhale; Cant keep legs still; Chronic rheumatism; Sleep on knee-chest position; Skin cold yet throws off covers; Wants to be fanned; Itching & fiery red rash about anus; Small boils during menses; Burning hands& feet, uncovers them; Eczema with respiratory complaints; Trembling.

Thermal: Chilly ++   Hot ++

Miasm: Psora: ■       Syphilis: ■ ■      Sycosis: ■ ■ ■

Drug relation: Flsw: Sulph, thuja. Antd: Ipecac.


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Dr Muhammed Rafeeque is Medical officer, Dept. Of Homoeopathy, Govt. of Kerala. He is the author of Be a Master of Materia Medica, Rapid prescribing, Drug Addiction and Its Side effects- A Homoeopathic Approach, and A Capsule of Materia Medica. He has authored over 100 articles and/or cured cases on Homeopathy. Dr. Rafeeque has presented papers at various National and International seminars, including the LIGA Conference at New Delhi, PPHM Seminar at Malaysia and Skoura International seminar, Morocco. He was the IRB member of the American Medical College of Homeopathy, and the advisor of ARHFC, Canada.


  • Dear sir,
    I a bangladeshi, How can I buy the book A capsul of Materia mediaca?Do you have any representative in Bangladesh?
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    Md.Toiab Ali

  • Medhorinum
    Mind: Hyperactive; Sense of hurriedness; Erratic; Impatience; Obsessive; Extremes of expressions, behaviors &desires; Passionate; Wildness; Vivacious; Cant speak without weeping; Talking something again & again; Melancholy; Fear of going insane, death, something creeping out of every corner; Superstitious; Prophesying disagreeable events; Forgets own name; Dm/o drinking water.

    DR. HERING .
    MIND. [1] [Med.]
    Great weakness of memory.
    Dulness of memory and desire to procrastinate, because business seemed so long lasting, or as if it never could be accomplished. θ Gonorrhœa.
    Entirely forgot what she had read, even previous line.
    Forgetfulness of names, later of words and initial letters.
    Cannot remember names ; has to ask name of her most intimate friend ; forgets her own.
    Cannot spell right ; wonders how the word “how” is spelled.
    Reads a letter and thinks the words look queer and are spelled wrong.
    I am Dr. Nafees Iqbal, from Multan Pakistan. Thank you you have written a book on Materia Medica and it will extend the knowledge of Homeopaths who are interested. I have taken the Mind symptoms of Medhorinum from your book and trying to compare with Dr. Hering Materia Medica same Mind sysmptoms. Both are giving different view. However, Please let us know what we will learn from your materia medica.

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