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A Homoeopathic Treatise on Homoeopathic Help, Research and Allied Work – Part V

The 5th in a series of excerpts from Dr. P.S. Rawat’s book. Here he discusses the materia medica of Calcarea Carbonica and Calcarea Phosphorica

Dedicated to my late parents and other family members who reared me and the teachers who taught me to help mankind.

This book is the outcome of my association with the Homoeopathic System of Medicine as a teacher, practitioner, and researcher for nearly 25 years. Although most of the text of the book has already been published in the past in various journals and dailies, it was imperative to compile all the published and unpublished work in book form. I am therefore pleased in presenting the same to you. The contents have been bifurcated into two parts. Part I deals with the description of 30 drugs. Part II contains mainly research and other Allied work.

In the end I am grateful to Mr.Upendra, Ravindra, and Mrs. Shashi Kala who are my son, daughter and wife for helping me directly and indirectly in bringing out this small contribution of mine for Homoeopathy.

Calcarea Carbonica

Calcarea carb is the common Calcium carbonate. This homoeopathic medicine is prepared by triturating the middle layer of the oyster shell (the Pearl Sipi) with sugar of milk.

It is generally prescribed for delayed development and maturation of bones. Infants and growing children are late learning to stand and walk. At times bones are nourished irregularly and unevenly leading to rickets (crooked bones). Knock knees, bowing of the legs, spinal curvature, delayed dentition, exostosis, osteomalacia (adult rickets) and laryngomalacia (poor development of the voice owing to weak voice box) are also found. It is useful when fontanelles and sutures take a long time to close up. The head seems enlarged in relation to the size of the body and at times the child is unable to hold the head up. The enlargement may be due to hydrocephalus.

Calcarea carb is an excellent medicine for obese children and adults owing to accumulation of undue and disproportionate fat making them weak, fragile and unable to sustain exertion. Also, for women who become corpulent after parturition.

Such persons may be fair skinned and blond, are flabby and sweat profusely all over the body, more pronounced over the head, nape of the neck, chest, axillae and sexual organs. The sweat rolls down the head and face wetting pillows. It may have a sour odour.

It is useful for those who have great liability to take cold and where there is a feeling of coldness in general or in particular parts, subjective or objective, particularly in head, abdomen, feet and legs since the patient is also sensitive to cold damp air. The body gets swollen after bathing and clothes feel tight on account of swelling. The feet too are cold at night as if had on cold damp stocking. When walking in cold air or in very cold weather the feet become warm and burn. He puts them out of bed at night. At times, he may experience burning in vertex too.

Calcarea carb removes great intolerance of milk in breastfed babies. As soon as the milk is taken, it is either vomited out in sour curds or passed out in stool as white curded lumps.

It is a good medicine for children who long for eggs and are better after eating them. Very often the children crave indigestible things like chalk, charcoal, slate pencils, earth, clay, etc. They may have fermentation which favors worms. The abdomen may thus be much distended like an inverted saucer and painful to pressure owing to accumulation of wind or from hard and swollen mesentery with tubercular deposits. The rest of the body may be seen emaciated with the glands of the neck and lower jaw swollen, sometime as big as a hen’s egg.

Calcarea carb is useful in difficult dentition of children. They feel dread in dreams, screech out at night and may have fever, convulsions and pain in the belly.

It is also good medicine for polyps of the nose, ears, vagina, uterus, and bladder, cystic growth and papillomata (an abnormal benign epithelial tumor). At times, there is bleeding from these orifices owing to polyps.

Calcarea carb removes cramps of calves, fingers and toes, etc. while stretching limbs in bed, especially when the bed is cold.

It is an excellent medicine for deafness, fever, painful limbs, and paralysis, etc. from working in water as occurs with potters, brick makers, gardeners, fruit growers and those whose occupation in life makes exposure a matter of every day’s necessity. It is useful in so called asthmatic problems of persons who are devoid of sunlight owing to the shady location of their houses in the winter.

They may look healthy but in fact feel so tired in the legs and chest that they faint and suffocate from going upstairs. They may also get dizziness when climbing to high places. Women who are anaemic, chlorotic or pernicious, have late menses or no menses at all, thus are rendered sterile. Calcarea carb removes not only the anaemic condition, but also corrects delayed menses and favours conception.

Calcarea carb acts like a panacea in all such disorders arising out of excessive or deficient secretion of milk. It checks galactorrhea (continuous discharge of milk from the breast even after nursing the child), as well as helps to remove scanty flow of the milk owing to want of vitality to secrete milk.

It is effective for males where there are involuntary nocturnal emissions. It also removes the ill-effects of masturbations and too frequent sexual indulgence, where coition is followed by weakness, lassitude, irritability, frequent and profuse urination.

Calcarea carb is beneficial in ulceration and opacity of the cornea. It is also an excellent medicine for kidney and gallstone troubles, where there occurs profuse perspiration on the hands and feet during pain. Calcarea carb is the chronic of Belladonna i.e. when Belladonna has again and again helped the acute trouble, Calcarea carb will be curative and prevent recurrences.

Calcarea Phosphorica

Calcarea phos is calcium phosphate. This homoeopathic remedy is often prescribed to children who are slow to grow despite being well-fed owing to defective assimilation. Normally they are pot bellied and slow in learning to walk due to weak legs to support the body.

Calcarea phos is specially recommended for emaciated infants with or without sweat over the head where the bones generally remain soft and thin as they take a long time to close. Such children manifest pigeon chest (rickets), bow legs, bifid spine, spinal curvature or Pott’s disease, etc. in due course of time.

It is a good medicine when teeth start decaying soon after erupting. It is also given to infants and young children during the first and second dentition for cutting the teeth in time and without any simultaneous complaint like persistent vomiting of milk, whether the infant is breastfed or brought up on artificial food. Young children sometimes experience pain in stomach while attempting to take food. Thus they may restrain themselves and remain hungry all the time.

At times, these children suffer from diarrhoea, particularly during summer months, owing to gastroenteritis or enterocolitis. The stool may be green, watery, offensive, slimy or contain undigested food particles, but is always profuse, hot and spluttering owing to emission of much flatus during evacuation. Generally worse after eating fruits, ice-cream, cold drinks.

It is a good medicine for long-standing loose motions of moribund children when persistent purging leads to enlargement of head. Thus it becomes a curative as well as preventive medicine for well-established cases of hydrocephalus or the hydrocephaloid.

Calcarea phos is an effective medicine for anaemia of children who are peevish, flabby with cold extremities and with weak digestion. Their neck is so thin and weak that it cannot support the head. Despite strong appetite where infants want to be nursed all the times, they look old and wrinkled. At times, they have a strong desire for smoked and saltish meat.

It is a useful medicine when rapidly growing young married males and females are weakened by night pollutions (seminal emission). Also for weakness from rapid child bearing, prolonged suckling, excessive menstruation or leucorrhoeal discharge respectively. Such problems if not checked may lead to tuberculosis.

Calcarea phos is an excellent medicine for the headache of school children who may be in their second teething. The child holds the head with her hands and screams out from pain felt at the region of joints (sutures) of head bones. Generally these children are dull and feeble minded and cannot sustain mental exertion. Thus, there is dread of going to school or shirk at study whether at school or the home.

It is particularly helpful in relieving menstrual pain of slow maturing girls at puberty, which otherwise may continue throughout reproductive life. Such pains are mostly violent, crampy and unbearable, commonly felt in the small of the back and the groins several hours before the flow starts, making the patient cry out. Relief is obtained when flow starts.

This medicine should be given to those who are still lactating but get menstruation well in advance. The result may be spoiled or bad milk (saltish and bluish milk) which the child refuses to take. Also, for women who become debilitated and develop weak voice, cough, and pain between shoulders owing to prolonged feeding.

Calcarea phos is considered an effective medicine in the Biochemic system for closing foramen ovale (the patent interventricular or interatrial septum) of the heart in new born babies. It also stops oozing of bloody discharge from the navel of infants.

It is a useful medicine for involuntary urination (incontinence and enuresis) in old people and young debilitated children. It has been found effective in diabetes mellitus when lungs also get involved.

Calcarea phos is a curative medicine in fistula of anus when acute symptoms like the fistulous discharge alternates with chest problems, particularly observed in rheumatic patients who may at other times suffer from faceache, headache or earache in cold weather (especially during autumn or the fall but feels better during spring).

This is an effective medicine for congenital dim eyesight of Rachitic or the Tubercular children. At times, the vision is weak after the inflammation of the eye is over.

About the author

P.S. Rawat

Dr. P.S. Rawat B.Sc., B.M.S.,(Lkw.), B.H.M.S. (JPR.) is Assistant Professor and former Principal, Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital, Sector-26, Chandigarh
Professor Chandola Medical College and Hospital, Rudrapur


  • Articles on Cal.Carb & Cal.Phos are very good and thorough.Expected was some discussion on some miraculous applications of these remedies experienced in his life time.

    • Calcarea Carb was given to a lady who was suffering from asthma but could not be cured by allopathic drugs from a small town to the PGIMER, Chandigarh. Although she was a beautiful middle-aged of Calcarea constitution, the main problem was, she was unable to get sunlight in her residence in some town of Chamoli Garhwal. She was given Calcarea Carb 1M and advised to change the place of her residence. She did not need another dose/a repetition and was okayed forever.

      Another case of a boy of 18-19 years but seemed obese, was given Calcarea Carb CM dose which aggravated his asthmatic problem on that night for which he had to go in some allopathic hospital in emergency but thereafter he was found normal on OPD next day. The boy did not get another attack thereafter. The mother reported about the boy. She was advised and instructed in this regard.

  • Hello. I was wondering if you knew if Calcarea Carb can remove a 2.6 centimeter polyp in a gall bladder. ‘Thank you for your time.

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