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Americium Nitricum – The Last Journey

Written by Maja Letić

Homeopath Maja Letić explores the remedy Americium Nitricum, the proving of which was done by Jeremy Sherr. The remedy involves near death experiences and can be used in cases of acute life-threatening situations, among others.



In 2012, Jerremy Share did the proving of Americium nitricum. In the introduction he stated:

“At the time I was not aware of just how radioactive this element is. Certainly it seemed to develop some severe pathology… As a result of all this I became very anxious. I developed a fear that people from the group would sue me. I had never had this fear or thought before nor have I had it since, despite experiencing much worse provings. However as in every proving, we should be cautious of mere signature and embrace the unexpected. I have hardly touched or used this proving since, yet here it is, in the raw state and waiting to be discovered, unravelled and put to good use. It is my hope that the suffering of the provers will be of benefit to sick mankind”.

We will begin the analysis of Americium nitricum with the case of a covid patient.

Facebook status:

“That is the love, that’s how you fight for your parents!” – This was the Facebook status that caught my attention. The status was posted three days earlier, and messages of support and get well wishes were still pouring in. My friend’s husband got COVID.

The doctors did not consider it a serious case, so they did not admit him to the hospital. After several hours of waiting in the rain and cold, in the middle of the night, he was prescribed therapy and sent for home-treatment. His son kept arguing persistently with doctors and finally managed to convince the doctors to admit his father to the hospital.

“He was breathing through his mouth, like a fish” – his wife said.

His condition wasn’t improving despite hospital treatment. Although the doctor’s assessment was that he was not a serious case, he was getting worse hour by hour. He was immediately put on oxygen, and the next day he already was on NIV ventilation.

On the third day, in the evening, his wife called me and said that she had woken him up, and that he was in a good mood. He told her that he was finally feeling good, and that he had a wonderful dream, that she woke him from. In his dream, there was the sea, dolphins were swimming around him and he was riding on one of them.

Everything was in bright colours, the grass was purple, and the sky was green. The next morning, instead of good news, a surprise awaited her. Soon after they’ve finished talking, his condition worsened even more and they were preparing him to be connected to a ventilator. “But how?” – she whimpered. “He sounded happy last night! Oh, he’s so afraid of death!”

I decided and found the way to give him Americium nitricum. The following two days after taking the remedy, there was no significant improvement, but neither did his condition worsen.The destruction process was stopped.From the third day, a gradual improvement began, and it took seven days for the danger to life to end.

A slow and long recovery followed, during which the patient suffered several infections, he had to learn to walk again, and was discharged from the hospital a month later. After that he fully recovered and he went on with his life.

Analysis and rubrics

In the daily search for strange, rare and unusual symptoms, this situation was a challenge. With only three symptoms, I did the following repertorisation.

Only Iridium and Americium nitricum were covering all three symptoms. Although they belong to different series of the periodic table of elements, they had one thing in common – both elements are in stage 9.

“The series represent the general conditions, the development stage of the life situation where the patient’s chief problem arises. The stages are the form of reaction to this problem.” (The Uranium Series, Ulrich Welte).

Iridium is in the Gold series, at stage 9. The themes of the Gold series are leadership, management and power over other people. This is the phase of maturity, the age in which people traditionally assume some position of power. The area of action has been expanded, and the power extends to the whole country or even the whole world.

Americium is situated at the same stage, but in the Uranium series. The theme of that series is failure, decay, destruction, disintegration. There is no limited area on which they focus their power. They work with the whole world, but also with the whole universe. They rely on intuition, they are clairvoyant or they hear beyond the range of sound, they simply know what is going on.


An American genius is the first to find it shortly before publication. Americium was – following Neptunium, Plutonium and Curium – the fourth element that was artificially created after 1940.

So, Americium was discovered in the time of great disturbances and destruction on all levels, as well as in the era of corona. It is not a natural element, but was artificially created. A great part of the general public is of the opinion that covid-19 virus was created exactly in the same way – artificially.


Our understanding of the case and the remedy will depend on how we understand stage 10. In Scholten’s Theory of Elements, stage 10 marks the climax: the goal is achieved, everything is fine, and there is nothing to worry about, everything happens by itself, in the best possible way.

The stages that follow mark the decay and decline of what was the theme of the series. By that logic, stage 18 represents the end of everything. We can – and it would be correct to – understand that each series has two ends: the first is the end of the road leading to success, to the goal (stage 10) and the second one is the end, the end of the destructive phase until the moment when there is nothing left (stage 18).

We can say that each series has its polarities, stage 10 when the goal has been reached and a stage in complete contrast, as a reflection of failure and decay. So, stage 10 is also the end, the end of the road leading to the goal. All stages after the tenth are pathology, mismanagement of the situation, an attempt to maintain the unmaintainable. Instead of the beginning of a new cycle, there is decay and destruction.

The peak of life should be at stage 10, when we leave this world and journey towards God. In this way, we understand how the Uranium series works both on the level of the planet and the level of the universe. Here we have the theme of transition from one world to another.

Stage 9 means being one step away from a goal, almost there.

For Nitricum, enjoying the life has many meanings. In the first place, there is a huge desire for general happiness. They want an open space because it gives them a sense of unboundedness. Huge joy.

Dolphins – beliefs

Among other things, the COVID patient dreamed of dolphins. We can consider him as a personality between the Nitrogen as an element and the symbolism of the dolphins. Dolphins appear in the myths of many different cultures. The dolphin symbolizes the sea, the power of strength, safety and speed, freedom, nobility, love, pleasure.

In some cultures, it is believed that dolphins take the souls of people from this world to the other world. In myths, the dolphin is considered a divine being that possesses the gift of prophecy. It is believed that the dolphin is capable of reaching the sky and the constellation he belongs to with just one jump out of water.

In Christian symbolism, together with Jesus Christ, the dolphin symbolizes resurrection and salvation. Luc Besson’s movie “Big Blue” describes the yearning for the depths of the sea and for playing with dolphins. The yearning becomes stronger and stronger, and in the end so strong that not even a great love and a conceived child can keep the main character here, in this world. He descends into the depths, frees himself from the rope and leaves with the dolphins.

Now we can connect all the components of this remedy: Uranium series, stage 9 (Americium), second element Nitrate, feeling of the patient and meaning of the rubrics.

From the proving – Americium Mind Themes

Let’s take a look at the mind themes of Americium nitricum and statements from the proving.

Sea creatures / Water

Place – Confusion of

Time – Confusion of

Unfocused, Drifting, poor concentration



Fear of disease/Cancer/aging

Last Journey’s and connection to the dead

Real or Dream


Common Suffering

Connection with strangers



Outside observer


Sad & Lonely, Betrayed

Positive & Content



Being in control





As if intoxicated


Mistakes writing

Sea creatures / Water

 Sea creatures and especially dolphins seemed very appealing. Noticed pictures of dolphins everywhere I went. Bought a key ring with dolphins on it.

17, 30C, 07:03:XX

 Watched a program on TV about dolphins – normally I rarely watch nature programs. 17, 30C, 10:11:XX

I think I’m proving whale or dolphin’s milk – something watery.

20, 12C, XX:XX:XX

I woke rigid in my body. I was breathing through my nose with my mouth open like a fish. It was like rigor-mortis. I felt like a dead fish, with scales on my skin. My body was holding itself tense, I wasn’t relaxed. I was holding my body in tension, it wasn’t intentional. 20, 12C, 00:17:29

Felt as if I was looking at my bedroom underwater. Ripples on water surface changed the colour and focus constantly. The colours of the bedroom going dark/light. As I was lying there, I noticed a water leak from the balcony above; stained the ceiling dark.

Last Journey’s and connection to the dead

 My Dad died tonight. I was with him all the time. Had been reading a lot of The Prophet, Kahil Gibran to him over last few weeks. And ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation and Speak to us of Joy and Sorrow….. I had asked my Dad to give me a sign that he was ok and that he had met up with my mother and they were together.

On getting home I took a Medicine card and received the Hummingbird in reverse -If contrary Hummingbird is in your cards it speaks to you of matters of the heart. How or why has your heart center closed? The contrary Hummingbird may presage sorrow and the inability to see the many blessings we twoleggeds have been given and the primordial beauty that surrounds us.

If contrary Hummingbird sings its forlorn song, perhaps you should journey into your personal pain and know that your sorrow is your joy in another reflection. 29, 30C, 99:XX:XX

I feel it was a journey I had to take with my Father. I had been visiting him regularly since he went into hospital on 1st January, and then every day for nearly 3 weeks after he went into the Hospice. It was not a straightforward journey because when he went into the Hospice initially it was expected he would die within days, but after a few days he seemed to get better, and was bright and happy, and we were able to talk about many many things. I was able to tell him that he was dying. I was heartbroken as I realised his breath was changing and his breathing missed a breath, then another and another until he was still. I wanted to pull him back to me, just for a little longer, but this was not possible and I had to accept he was gone from me for ever on this life plane, he was such a lovely lovely man, full of human kindness and I will miss him, not just because he was my Dad but because he was my best friend. 29, 30C, XX:XX:XX

Common suffering

I say the Lord’s Prayer to myself, and at every phrase I feel a quiet internal anguish at all the immense sufferings of humanity, and am quite racked with this emotion (NS). A feeling of great, common suffering. On the trip I buy, on impulse, sausage and pork belly, unusual as I’m a pseudo-vegetarian (i.e., I never cook meat).

15, 30C, 07:XX:XX

Outside observer

I had a strange experience as if seeing myself from outside, feeling like somebody who was sick was in bed with me. That person felt so horrible, sick and I didn’t want it to be me, I didn’t want to be sick. I could not stand being ill any longer. This felt almost like out of body experience. 17, 30C, 10:14:XX Outside observer: detached, forcing myself to do the right thing it takes efforts to laugh with people or be civilized. (Outside observer feeling) 26, 30C, 11:XX:XX More clarity during therapy session (outside observer) 26, 30C, 48:XX:XX

Can’t reach destination/get in

I moved on to catch the plane (I don’t think I went through the hatch). I was racing in a big machine, like a combine harvester, through a warehouse stacked with goods. I ended up in a dark dead end. 23, 9C, 00:XX:XX

A few more words about COVID patients

In October 2021, at the meeting of the Association of Homeopaths of Serbia, experiences in the treatment of COVID-19 patients were shared. Dr Tatjana Kovačević, anaesthesiologist, who worked in the intensive care unit with the most seriously ill patients, told us this:

“There is a strange smell in those patient rooms. And heavy energy. Many patients come on foot, with bags full of things they need. They don’t seem to be in very serious condition. And then their condition worsens very quickly. For many of them we think they will get away, that they are just scared, but they know they are going to die. They make their phone calls, say goodbye to their relatives, tell their spouses to take good care of the children and just die.”

Mind; company; desire for; family of

Mind; tranquillity, serenity, calmness; sadness, with

Mind; reconciled to fate

Mind; relaxed feelings, letting go

Mind; tranquillity, serenity, calmness; reconciling; fate, to

Mind; psychological themes; harmony with self, coherence

Woman, 64 years old

A whole bunch of health problems. Taking tranquilizers and anti-depressants. She works beyond her limits and cannot bear to see anyone around her suffer. She is only happy when others are happy. Although her daughter married a man 33 years older than her, she saw the happiness on her face and supported that marriage.

“It all started 34 years ago.I was carrying three babies, but only two were delivered.They did not remove the third one and 15 days after giving birth, I got sepsis because of it.I had a high temperature all the time.When the body temperature dropped, they let me go home.

Then they brought me back under sepsis, they “cleaned” me without anaesthesia. I got an allergy to the transfusion and was in a comatose state. The last thing I remember is that I was bouncing on the bed. Afterwards, I’ve heard what was happening around me, but I could not react.

You know what it looks like when I’m above the bed? The nurse laid on top of me because I was shaking a lot, but I was floating above the bed.

I’ve heard the doctor when she said that they’ve lost me. I didn’t feel any pain. I felt fulfilled. It is not the feeling of being intangible. I still felt the fullness of myself, but the relief. Relief from everything. It’s like you’ve went somewhere where it’s nice, cosy and soft. There was no sense of fear. There was no pain. When I was going down, I felt the hard surface beneath and the moment when I came back. A sense of grounding.

When I came back, the pain was back too. As well as trembling through the body.

I didn’t want to come back. It was so nice there that I wasn’t thinking. I had no need to go back. But somewhere in my subconscious I knew I had children. They are the reason I came back.

When my son returned from America, he said that nowhere is like at home, the world is inhumane. Then the question of purpose of life arises, to earn money or to be with family. It’s nice when mom and dad take care of everything, and that was my feeling when I was in an above-myself-state. It was as if I gave him the feeling I had up there.”

After the Amer-n remedy, 1M, her general health improved to a great extent. She flushed out a lot of toxins, her energy level improved, her depression almost completely disappeared.

When we talk about Amer-n, at that moment we are mostly considering it as a remedy in conditions of near-death experiences. To die or to come back. That’s not the case here – the near-death experience happened 34 years ago, but she started her story with that, and we couldn’t ignore it.

We will refer to Organon:

  • 5

Useful to the physician in assisting him to cure are the particulars of the most probable exciting cause of the acute disease, as also the most significant points in the whole history of the chronic disease, to enable him to discover its fundamental cause, which is generally due to a chronic miasm. In these investigations, the ascertainable physical constitution of the patient (especially when the disease is chronic), his moral and intellectual character, his occupation, mode of living and habits, his social and domestic relations, his age, sexual function, etc., are to be taken into consideration.

The patient clearly states when and how it started. She wants to stay in that feeling she had during the near-death experience and invests enormous energy to also afford it to her loved ones.

Well-known journalist and music critic Petar Peca Popović, after two clinical deaths, revealed why in his opinion “it’s not such a bad feeling – to die”:

“I was lucky to die in hospital. If I had died somewhere else, they wouldn’t manage to save me! The first time it last for eleven minutes, and I have to tell you that it’s not a bad feeling – to die”, said the well-known journalist.

“I was lying there, everyone was moaning, and suddenly, that white ceiling turned purple, and suddenly the pain I had – I didn’t have it anymore! 11 of them jumped on me, from the third electric shock they got me back… However, from that one nice feeling, I went back to pain”, he said, adding that after that he stayed in the hospital for another two and a half months.

The following quote is from Anita Morjani’s book “Dying to be me”, where she describes her own dying:

I was in a state of pure joy and jubilation. Finally, I was free from the pain caused by the cancer that had ravaged my body. I wanted them to be happy for me. Why weren’t they happy that my struggle was finally over, that their struggle was over? Why weren’t they sharing my jubilation? Couldn’t they see the joy I was feeling?

 My husband held my limp hand tightly as I lay there, and I was aware of the combination of anguish and helplessness in his voice. I wanted more than anything to relieve him of his suffering. I wanted him to know how wonderful I was feeling, but I felt helpless in trying to convey it.

 I couldn’t understand why, but I experienced what everyone was going through—both my family members as well as the doctor. I could actually feel their fear, anxiety, helplessness, and despair. It was as though their emotions were mine. It was as though I became them.

 But as soon as I started to get emotionally attached to the drama taking place around me, I also felt myself being simultaneously pulled away, as though there were a bigger picture, a grander plan that was unfolding. I could feel my attachment to the scene receding as I began to realize that everything was perfect and going according to plan in the greater tapestry.

 It was then that the realization truly set in that I was actually dying. Ohh . . . I’m dying! Is this what it feels like? It’s nothing like I ever imagined. I feel so beautifully peaceful and calm . . . and I feel healed at last! I then understood that even if my physical body stopped, everything is still perfect in the greater tapestry of life, for we never truly die.

 I had finally come home.

Rubrics to be considered

 Mind; carefree

Mind; cheerfulness

Mind; cheerfulness; lightness, feeling of

Mind; sympathetic, compassionate, too; suffering of others, to

Mirilli’s themes; others

Mind; connection; feeling of; people, to

Mind; consciousness expanded

Mind; delusions, imaginations; energy, of; full of, he is

Mind; delusions, imaginations; division between himself and others

Mind; delusions, imaginations; outside of body; lying in bed

Mind; delusions, imaginations; outside of body; observe herself, can

Mind; detached

Mind; detached; problems, from his

Mind; dreams; lost, being

Mind; dreams; lost, being; place, in a strange

Mind; thoughts; clearness of

Mind; delusions, imaginations; space; home, is his, does not belong to earth

From all that has been said, we can draw several conclusions.

  • When it comes to Americium nitricum, the symptoms develop very quickly. That makes it a remedy for acute conditions.
  • We cannot expect immediate improvement. The first effect of the remedy is to stop further deterioration of health. Recovery from this condition is slow and long.
  • We can use the remedy in cases of acute life-threatening situations, and we expect good results there.
  • In chronic cases, where the vital force is irreversibly exhausted, the remedy can have a palliative effect and ease the suffering of the dying patient. Like Arsenicum, Amer-n is afraid of dying and death. When it comes to Amer-n, there is no despair about recovery, but acceptance, i.e. coming to terms with the situation. It can be a differential diagnosis.
  • The near-death experience can remain a symptom of great intensity even years after overcoming the crisis – as in the case of a woman who had that experience 34 years ago, but that experience still has a great impact on her life. We can apply Amer-n in such cases.
  • Sometimes the bond between the dying person and his loved one is so strong that the person who remains feels the situation intensely and it has a devastating effect on him/her and his/her future life. We should consider whether in that case we can apply Amer-n to those who remain.

Now we can say that the suffering of the provers was not purposeless. COVID-19 revealed the picture of this remedy clearly and in details. And since then, we’ve understood that Americium nitricum is not only a remedy for COVID-19, but also for many similar conditions, irrespective of whether the cause of a condition is a virus or something else.


Jan Scholten: “Homeopathy and Elements”

Ulrich Welte: “The Uranium Series”

Samuel Hahnemann: “Organon”

Jeremy Sherr – Americium nitricum proving

Anita Moorjani, Dying to be me

Translator: Ivana Andrić

Maja Letić – All rights reserved


About the author

Maja Letić

Maja Letić was born in 1970 in Belgrade. After studying sociology and law, she acquired knowledge of gestalt psychotherapy in the Gestalt Studio "Belgrade". She graduated from the Homeopathic School "Simillimum" in 2011 and continued her ongoing education at SAKH (Slovak Academy of Classical Homeopathy). She published 17 articles in her country and abroad. Her work has been translated into several languages. In 2022 she was presented with the "Award for excellence in homeopathy" for Accomplishment and Years of Contributing to Hpathy and to the Homeopathic community. She is the founder of the AUDE SAPERE association, focused on the education and training of homeopaths. She cooperates with the Slovak Academy of Classical Homeopathy.

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