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Anhalonium Lewinii

Anhalonium Lewinii materia medica and complete drug picture of homeopathy remedy Anhalonium Lewinii. Learn all the signs and symptoms of homeopathic Anhalonium Lewinii by George loukas.

Mescal is a strong intoxicating spirit distilled from PULQUE FUERTE. Pulque is made from the Agave Americana of Mexico, locally known as Maguey and is the national beverage of Mexico.  Indians call it Peyote.

It weakens the heart, produces insanity, and causes a form of intoxication accompanied by wonderful visions, remarkably beautiful and varied kaleidoscopic changes, and a sensation of increased physical ability.  Also visions of monsters and various gruesome forms.

The symptoms are:

Awareness, of body heightened.

Confusion of mind, as to his identify, depersonalisation, loss of self-knowledge and self-control, dissocation from or self identification with environment, personal disruption.

Confusion of mind, of situations.

Decomposition, of shape.

Decomposition, of space.

Deformation, of all objects.

Delusions, body is immaterial.

Delusions, objects are enlarged and diminished.

Delusions, letter are enlarged.

Delusions, everything is transparent.

Delusions, has visions colourful.

Delusions, beautiful.

Dream, escape in a world of dreams.

Light, sees full of.

Merging of self with one’s environment.

Mistakes in time, present merged with eternity.

Music, sensation of being carried by.

Delusions, of being double.

Delusions, he himself was dead.

Delusions, sees faces mask-like.

Delusions, floating in air.

Delusions, of immortality.

Delusions, he hears music.

Delusions, from bright objects.

Delusions, everything is strange.

Delusions, exaggeration of, passes too slowly.

Delusions, everything seems unreal.

The above symptoms help us to understand the mental picture of Anhalonium. The feature which predominates is the lack of their ego-limits and the intense hallucinational experiences. The person has lost his limits in reference to place and time. He feels that there is no barrier between him and the environment. He feels that he is invisible, that he is like a spirit, without a material substance. He has lost his shape.

The space’s substance reality is lost. The substance of time is lost too. The present is mixed with the past, some seconds look like centuries, or a period of an hour seems like a second. The objects change in reference to shape and size. Everything is out of reality, everything exists in an another dimension. He sees objects shining.

Magic sounds overflow the room. He sees sounds as waves of creation which carry him into space. He is immortal. He lives the charm of the universe without the limits of the sensations, he is light and music. His feelings could be pleasant like the union with God, or panic could predominate, like being lost in a black hole.

These symptoms could occur to people who use L.S.D. Anhalonium contains mescaline, which belongs to the same group of substances with LSD.

Anhalonium is a nice remedy for schizophrenia.

These people have ambivalence. They may have two wills. At the same time they may have lack of self confidence but  the most characteristic is an abolition of the limits so it is easy to differentiate with other remedies.



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George Loukas


  • The person who wrote this is exceedingly misguided, and judging from this entry, nothing he writes should be considered accurate. Anhalonium has nothing whatsoever to do with mescal. Punto.

  • Ok. This article is, as Samuel wrote, garbage. The author is confusing Peyotl active psychoactive principle (Mescaline) with another plant and substances. Anhalonium-Lewinni is, indeed, Peyotl, and that is all. In fact, Lophophora williamsii and Anhalonium-Lewinni are synnonyms. “Pulque” is a fermented beverage with no conecction whatsoever with Anhalonium-Lewinni.

    Manuel Gerardo Monasterio MD PD (Botanic Medicine)

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