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Beautiful homeopathic poem on Aurum by Jeremy Sherr with a clear exposition of Aurum synthesis and themes.

From the Dynamic Materia Medica of Syphilis New edition with commentary to be published by Saltire this year

Syphilinum climbs
eagle soars
mountain summits
I’ll achieve more;

Up, up, up to the sun
striving to climb one more stair
top of the ladder
career and fame
another deep sigh
I’m almost there.

Perfect women
love Platinum men
the essence of falling
is climbing again,

for the kick that I get
at the peak of success
is nothing compared
with the sweet taste of death,

and the time tested way
to sink into pleasure
undertake much
succeed never,

jump from high windows
into dark nights
hitting rock bottom
through fear of heights,

love of dejection
savoring pain
resuming the journey
I’m climbing again,

which way up
what path down
top of Mount Sinai?
Golden calf’s crown?

Icarus gliding
too close to the sun
is the pleasure in flying
or taking the plunge,

of duty and burden
which pull to the ground
uplifting music
heart breaking sound,

sweetly forsaken
by lovers long gone
stock market highs
intentions gone wrong,

raising hopes
that let me down
business disasters
mental decline,

condemning myself
above from below
excellent failures
seeking new lows,

excitement of travel
boredom of fun
sniffing more coke
wielding a gun,

aimed at my head
that hangs from a tree
as my body free falls
I’m down on my knees,

praying to god
salvation and doom
scorn of conceit
glory of gloom,

teachers gold star
romantic abortion
idealist theories
out of proportion;

Is mother a daughter?
Does hope live in lungs?
Are questions your answers?
Is hatred my love?

Are my eyes hemiopic?
Does vision divide?
Darkness ascending
setting sun rise,

sexual excitement
no rush of blood
testes retract
refuse to make love,

falling upwards
rising down
reversal of fortune
heart turns around,

abdominal pain
better from rising
uterus descending
blood pressure climbing,

rushing my crown
or surging to legs
joy of despair
dreams of the dead,

while deep below
worthless men mine
for the riches of element
seventy nine.

And all the Kings horses
and all the Queens men
couldn’t put
the right way again.

But a single dose high
on the tip of the tongue
will turn life side up
and death side down.

Aurum Themes

Syphilinum – Follows well after/similar action: Aurum (C)
Eagle  – Similar action: Aurum, Syphilinum

Desires to jump from a height. (Hering)
Pain makes her desperate so that she would like to jump out of window, or dash herself down.
Fear: falling, of: heights, from
Dreams, falling from high places (C)
Mountain  sickness.  (Schmidt P.)
Motion: ascending: aggravation (Knerr)
Motion: descending: amelioration (Knerr)
Suicidal disposition; by hanging (C)
praying (C)

Mind; suicidal disposition; love, from disappointed
Succeeds, never (C)
He feels discouraged and despondent; he imagines he does everything wrong and cannot succeed in anything. (A)
Joy:  death, when thinking of (C)
Melancholy, unfit for world longs for death, which he contemplates with intense delight. (A)

Ambition; much, ambitious (C)
Workaholic, industrious; ambition (Vermeulen)
Haughty(C) Audacity (C)
A perfect confusion of ideas. (A)

Constant rapid questioning without waiting for reply. (Boericke)

The child slept till 3 A.M., then it became wide awake, and spoke in bold tones deliriously, with rapid utterance and red face: “Mother, thou art my gold daughter!” “What kind of dog is that?” “What head is that on the wall?” “What is that running about the room?” and her raving always of questions. (Hahnemann)

And all the people took off the golden ear rings which were in their ears, and brought them to Aaron…And he received them from their hand, and fashioned with a graving tool a molten calf; and they said, these are your gods, O Israel, which brought you up out of the land of Egypt. (Exodus 32,3-4)

The first trituration of Gold was made by Moses out of the remains of the golden calf of the Israelites, and he made the children of Israel drink it in water (Exodus, chap. xxxii. v. 20). Hence it is also the first Aurum potable on record. (Burnett)

“Notice then that peculiar relation between the lungs and the understanding, and between the heart and the will. With every little trouble located in the heart there comes hopelessness, but when the manifestation of disease is in the lungs there is hopefulness.” (A general observation in Kent’s Aurum lecture, erroneously ascribed to Aurum-JS)

Head:  vertigo when stooping, it goes off on raising the head. (A)
Suicidal with prolapsed uterus (C)
Throat: ascending into: sensations. (Boenninghausen)
Rush of blood to the head. (A)
Pain: general: heart: ascending stairs agg. (C)
Coldness of feet seems to ascend to legs. (Medical Advance)) (C)

Suicidal disposition: abortion, with (C)
Object as if divided horizontally so that he can only see lower objects with the inferior half; upper objects remain invisible.  (Ward)
Sexual desire: increased:  erections, without (C)
Retraction testes. (C) Undescended testes. (Borland)
Urging in the right abdominal ring … passes off on rising. (Hahnemann)


Aurum synthesis


Too high, too low.
Heart turns around –
down is up. up is down.


Must climb up to fall down.
Striving to fail.

About the author

Jeremy Sherr

Jeremy Sherr was born in South Africa and grew up in Israel. He founded the Dynamis School for Advanced Homeopathic Studies in 1986. He maintains busy practices in London, Tel Aviv, and New York and Africa.
He is a member of the North American Society of Homeopaths and the Israeli Society for Classical Homoeopathy. Jeremy is an honorary professor at Yunan Medical College, Kunming, China and an Associate Professor at University Candegabe for Homoeopathy, Argentina.
Jeremy is the author of ten homoeopathic books and many published articles and research papers and has proved (a process of shamanic and academic research) and published 38 new homeopathic remedies. He authored the Dynamics and Methodology of Homoeopathic Provings and Dynamic Materia Medica: Syphilis., 'Helium' ‘Neon’ and ‘Argon.’
He is the author of the Repertory of Mental Qualities and of ‘Homoeopathy for Africa’, a free teaching course for African homoeopaths. He has published three extensive (over 40 hours) online video courses which he edited by himself, including the ‘The homeopathic Treatment of epidemics and of AIDS in Africa.’
During the last 11 years Jeremy has been living and working in Tanzania with his wife Camilla, also a homeopath, on their voluntary project ‘Homeopathy for Health in Africa’ treating AIDS patients for no charge and researching remedies for AIDS.

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